Salmon patties and a tough week

I’m just going to come straight out and say it – the past couple of weeks have been damn hard. In fact, they’ve been really hard. Hands up if you have become an expert at putting on the “everything is okay” mask when everything is far from okay? I thought I’d gotten past that.  I was having a tough week - and I craved salmon patties.

But with all the stuff that’s happening in my life at the moment I had to look in the mirror and be honest.   Living the healthy lifestyle was tough.

Actually the mirror I looked into is one of my beautiful friends. You know the friend that can look at you and in an instance know you’ve had a shit week and all you need is a hug and someone to just listen. Empathy. Empathy goes a long way. This beautiful friend – Dani – is the one that can walk into the room and even if I’ve fooled a hundred people I’m okay, she sees the truth. We joke that as soon as I see her I’m going to cry. Bless the Dani.

We all need a Dani.

Someone who doesn’t give two hoots what you look like when you pop over for brunch or coffee. Someone who doesn’t care if you sit crying at her kitchen table snotting up all her tissues. Someone who is honest with you because they only want the best for you and they can see you’re having a tough time. Not only do they love you – they really like you. They just get you.

Building a business is damn hard and when you are the only person paying the bills it gets stressful. So, to take the financial pressure off I decided to temp – I have to tell you – it’s hard. I have to tell you in all my years I’ve never felt so stressed about earning an income. I have never not had work. This sounds so clichéd but times have changed. Finding work is bloody hard.

I know people who had to take part-time jobs till their businesses became sustainable. A couple of them told me they never wanted their clients to know they supplemented their income by temping. Being transparent – I don’t mind who knows. It’s all part of my journey. I just wish it wasn’t so bloody hard right now.

On top of that the, black dog started biting me on the butt and I couldn’t shake it.  I've been living with the black dog for years.  Usually the 'dog' sits in the corner leaving well enough alone.   This time it got bad enough that I cancelled catching up with friends. I had no energy. I had nothing to give. So I laid on the sofa, watching Netflix and drooling out of the side of my mouth with the doona pulled up. Okay, maybe there wasn’t any drooling – at least while I was awake.  

It got bad enough I booked in to see my counsellor. (Everyone should have a counsellor!) I hated not having any energy and just wanting to sleep – bless her – she told me to sleep.

“Listen to your body CaAtherine – it knows what it needs.”

So I slept. Cried. Felt sad, worried and frustrated. Didn’t go to the gym. Didn’t eat as well as I should have. Watched movies, and slept.

In the big scheme of things my life is pretty terrific – it’s just that stuff gets tough – it’s life. It’s part of who I am. It’s all part of my journey.

I’ve managed to shake off the black dog, started picking up the pieces and got moving. 

I’m still frustrated. I’m still looking for more temp work. (Just so you know I’ve had a couple of great temping gigs) I’m still working hard on my business, and occasionally I still feel a little sad. But I’m okay. I even made salmon patties.

Today I got back into my food preparation for the week. Went for a short walk and did Pilate stretches on the lounge floor – and the week is looking pretty good without the need of the “everything is okay” mask.  Definitely working towards a non-tough week.

Before I go – here is the recipe of the Salmon Patties I cooked today.


400 grams tinned salmon – drain and remove the bones

1 x large free range egg

½ red onion - diced

¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

2 tablespoons diced red capsicum

½ teaspoon Lemon Myrtle powder (I buy this from The Source Bulk Foods)

2 tablespoons almond meal

Extra almond meal for coating


Drain the salmon while preparing the red onion.

Sautee the red onion – add some rock salt for taste. I use a little coconut oil in the pan. Cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the red capsicum to the onion and continue stirring in the pan for another two minutes. Turn off the heat and set aside to cool.

In a bowl add the drained salmon and smash with a fork. Add the lemon myrtle, almond meal and lightly beaten egg. Mix together. Then add the onion mixture and the parsley. Mix together and evenly divide the mixture into pattie sized portions. Shape the patties. Allow them to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before cooking.

You can lightly coat them in the additional almond meal. I use coconut oil in a large pan. Cook for two minutes either side.

fat be gone

Serve with a big green salad or as a salmon burger. Yummo!

​Well my darlinks - here's to a great week.

​Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone
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