Happy birthday to me

In the Fat Be Gone home December is so much more than the traditional festive season – it conjures celebrations of my birth and the birth of Fat Be Gone. Thanks to all of you and your fabulous support Fat Be Gone celebrated turning 4! As I was head down, butt up finishing my studies I totally missed commemorating with you all. However, there is one celebration I want to share – my 56th birthday. Woo hoo! Happy birthday to me.

fat be gone

When I began, Fat Be Gone I never envisaged the journey it would take me on and the amazing people it would bring into my life.

Over the last few days I’ve reviewed some of the initial blog posts I shared with you during the last 4 years.

4 years gaining wisdom​

Reading back through the posts I'm reminded how fear consumed me – fear of making the changes to create a healthy life. If I didn’t make healthy changes I wouldn't see my 60th birthday.

I knew as a morbidly obese woman I needed to get my fat body moving. Being seen in public in my gym clothes made me anxious, let alone in a pair of bathers.

At 52 I was afraid of being taunted at the pool​

After losing the first 10-kilos I began noticing changes with my body. The main one being I started to walk rather than waddle.

With more hard work and a few more challenges I finally lost 20-kilos and others were noticing the changes with my body.

Road-blocks and other obstacles  tested me before I finally hit the 30-kilo loss.

Until the middle of this year I’d managed to maintain the loss. Then like many of us I began walking full time and studying at night. Life got hectic. Pretty soon I wasn’t going to the gym as regular as I had been. Meal preparation was soon erratic. Combine that with all the sitting it was inevitable I’d put on weight – 8-kilos. The irony is I was studying my Certificate 3 in Fitness.

H​ere are my original 5 reasons for losing the fat:

  • I wanted a healthy lifestyle
  • I didn't want to be the FAT lady anymore
  • I believed losing weight would help with my depression
  • I wanted to go to the gym or pool without fear
  • I didn't want to die before 80-years-old, let alone 60​!

Those reasons haven't changed a lot.

My lifestyle is a lot healthier.

happy birthday to me

I'm not as FAT as I used to be.

The exercising and the healthy eating definitely help with my depression.

I am NOT afraid to go to the gym or pool.

Living to at least 80-years-young is looking good.

Here are some more fabulous changes:

  • I love working out at the gym and deep water running.
  • I love that I decided to pursue my passion in fitness and health.
  • I love that I passed my Certificate 3 in Fitness
  • I love that I'm able to start my Certificate 4 in Fitness.
  • I love there are lots of exciting adventures awaiting me when I move back to Perth.

As I kick start my 56th year I want to wish you a fabulous coming year filled with love, hugs, laughter, and fabulous success.

Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone
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