Are you looking for a simple, healthy way of eating that tastes amazing and will lead to weight loss?

Are you looking for a way to improve planning your meals?

This healthy digital cookbook is filled with recipes and weight loss tips that helped me lose the first 25 kilos.

Fat Be Gone Cookbook

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How will the cookbook help you?

Easy and Fabulous Salad recipe

Easy recipes to help you lose weight

Healthy breakfast recipes

Meals the whole family will love

Beetroot dip recipe

No searching for hard to find ingredients

Chicken burger recipe

7 day kick start plan

My name is CaAtherine, and I'm the woman behind Fat Be Gone.

Here are what others are saying...​

I love the way you get right into it.   The recipes are easy and aren't complicated to make, plus give us plenty of variety in the recipes.  I also love how you share your story throughout the book, even in the recipe section. My favourite recipe (so far) is the Stuffed Chicken. Even the kids loved it! I'd definitely recommend the cookbook to anyone looking for healthy recipes and wanting to live a healthier life.

Skincare Specialist, Perth WA

​While CaAtherine was in Hobart I hosted her Your Healthy Habits session and (yet again) got to sample some of her food.  I loved the flavours of the Chicken Keftas that were served with the Fat Be Gone Style Tzatziki. What's more important is the success I've seen CaAtherine achieve over the past couple of years.  As a friend and fan of Fat Be Gone it has been wonderful to see the transformation in CaAtherine.  When you buy you copy of the book you get more than the recipes and healthy tips. You get a real insight in to CaAtherine and her journey.

Fat Be Gone fan, Hobart Tas

Recently, I was in Victoria for several tennis tournaments and during that time I stayed with CaAtherine. During the 6 weeks CaAtherine prepared over 80% of my meals. As an athlete it’s important to eat really healthy and clean meals. I can’t tell you how much I loved the meals that she served each day. Two of my favourites are definitely the Persian Chicken, and the Stuffed Chicken. I almost forgot her meatballs - you have to try the meatballs. CaAtherine definitely knows how to cook healthy tasty meals.

Upcoming Tennis Champ, Perth WA

CaAtherine is a very health conscious person who is very knowledgeable about health-foods and healthy eating in general. If you are able to have dinner made by her (which I highly suggest btw) your taste-buds will be dancing for joy and your body will thank you for treating it right. Otherwise you can buy her healthy cookbook and learn to make her fabulous recipes.

Fat Be Gone fan visiting Melbourne, Estonia

I thought I always ate well, but going to the grocery store with CaAtherine and interpreting food ingredient labels, there was so much I didn't know that I didn't know. What till you taste the beetroot dip - you will love it.   

Dionne, Melbourne Vic

If you are looking for someone who is living the experience and knows how to spur you on to become healthier and happier, then CaAtherine is right for you.  CaAtherine has spent many hours experimenting in the kitchen creating the tasty recipes that have gone into this book.  The results are there for you to try for yourself.    

Group Fitness Manager, Melbourne Vic

More of what you will get from the digital cookbook...

  • You will discover how to use  simple spices to enhance your meals.
  • How to prepare meals that will help you lose weight.
  • Make meal choices that don't leave you feeling guilty.
  • Learn to prepare tasty healthy meals that don't have you worrying about calories.
  • You will learn to create weight loss meals the family will love.
  • ​Meal templates to help you plan your weight loss.
  • ​Detailed shopping list to make your weekly planning easier
  • You will receive lots of healthy weight loss tips to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey.
Fat Be Gone Cookbook

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