Aug 26

What is this dieting thing you speak of?




What is this dieting thing you speak of?   

You may think I’m joking, but I swore I would never use the ‘D’ word.  Having said that there are times when a woman has to break her own rules.   People are always asking me what ‘diet’ am I on, and I reply:


“What is this dieting thing you speak of? Eating is about lifestyle not dieting.”


After weeks, of strict or unrealistic dieting many people find themselves reverting back to their old eating habits. This usually results with the loss kilos piling back on.  Then have you noticed that a few extra kilos have find their way onto your hips or tummy?

When it comes to losing the fat slow and steady wins; dieting is dead.


I don’t know about you my friend, but that’s what use to happen to me.  As soon as I stopped starving myself, on which ever diet that promised the fat would melt away I’d soon fall back into the bad habits.  To be entirely honest, dieting is what made me fat.



There are three lifestyle rules I adhere to when it comes to food:


  1. Eating is about healthy food;

  2. Eating is about a lifestyle;

  3. Lifestyle is not about dieting.


Eating and preparing food is simply part of my lifestyle.  Yes, I love food.  Yes, I love cooking.  Yes, I do want to lose at least another 30 kilos.  No, I don’t want to diet.

fat be gone

I want… I am living a lifestyle that may not see me consistently count calories, or starve myself of foods I love.  I have chosen to build a life for myself that is healthy and sustainable.

Yes, I know if I decided to eat following a strict regime more than likely the extra weight would come off quicker.

At what cost?

Your body misses out on basic nutrients and vitamins.  Low calorie dieting slows your metabolism, which can lead to your body thinking it is being starved.  In extreme cases all that dieting can lead to heart damage.

The choice I’ve made maybe slower, however I know the weight loss is more likely to be long term.


I’m not making excuses by any means.  I just don’t want to starve myself, or count every single calorie that I consume.  If I want to go out for dinner with friends, I want to say yes without worrying what foods I can eat.


When it comes to losing the fat slow and steady wins; dieting is dead.   So next time someone asks you about your diet, look them in the eye and say;

“What is this dieting thing you speak of? Dieting is dead.”


How many times have you tried some diet that promised you would lose all the fat, only to find yourself back where you started?


Keep sharing the love my friend,




Aug 19

Taking the confusion out of finding a Personal Trainer


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that finding a Personal Trainer can be just as stressing (and expensive) as finding a damn good hairdresser!  And we all know how stressing that can be.  Based on my experience and research here are a few tips on taking the confusion out of finding a Personal Trainer that suits your needs.




 8 Tips to help take the confusion out of finding a  Personal Trainer

  1. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be afraid to ask questions.  Remember, you are the client.
  2. Do not become overwhelmed of confused by what they are saying.  If you don’t understand – ask.
  3. Be confident in what you want to achieve. Actually I should have made this the number one point really – before meeting with trainer have at least 3 or 4 goals you want to achieve.  For example 3 of my goals are: lose another 30 kilos, have a strong core so I can do standing paddle boarding, and rock climb when I ‘m 55 years young.   Having the goals ready also shows them you are serious about training.
  4. Ask the PT is they have ever trained someone who was obese or extremely unfit? What steps did they take to start their journey?  The reason I would ask those questions tells me is they are aware of some potential issues a very over-weight person may struggle with in the beginning.
  5. NEVER, EVER, EVER be afraid to talk money.  Ask if they give a discount for paying upfront, or direct debiting, or training two people at the same time.  But remember, you get what you pay for.   Maybe think of it this way – would you pay someone who has spent four to six years studying exercise physiology, gaining a Masters degree $70-$100 an hour, versus someone who has completed a one year Certificate course $70-$100 an hour?  I know which I would choose.
  6. At the end of the day,  if you are not happy with the quality of training you are receiving. Change trainers.  This is your journey, not theirs.
  7. Referrals – ask your friends, families, work colleagues who they recommend.
  8. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER be afraid to ask questions.  Remember, you are the client.  I’m sure there are times I annoy the hell out of my trainers as I’m always asking questions.Finding a personal trainer


I hope this helps take some of the confusion and stress out of finding a great Personal Trainer.  This link may help you find a trainer in Australia: Personal Trainer Directory.


If you are living in Perth or Melbourne, Australia I have a few trainers I can recommend.  Short me an email at if you want to know more.


Keep sharing the love,



Aug 18

This awesome Spiral Slicer almost changed my life



 It’s true… This awesome Spiral Slicer almost changed my life.


I’ve had people ask me how I make my spiral vegie noodles.  I have to tell you that my spiral slicer has been one of the best buys of my cooking life.  This awesome Spiral Slicer almost changed my life.


Big statement I know, but if you are looking for gluten or wheat free options when it comes to noodles then a spiral slicer is perfect for you.  I paid under $50(AUS) in a home-wares shop in Melbourne, but I know you can buy it online.

fat be gone


You can whip up raw carrot noodles perfect for a salad.  Zucchini noodles instead of spaghetti, or sweet potato spiral noodles instead of those over processed instant noodles.


I’ve tried a couple of different slicers before discovering this 3-in-1 slicer.


One of my favourite recipes is:

spiral slicer

Cucumber and Carrot Spiral Salad


2 x medium Lebanese cucumbers

2 x medium peeled carrots

2 x spring onions – sliced thinly

2 x celery sticks – sliced thinly

½ cup grated raw beetroot

1 x lime – Zest and juice

1 x teaspoon flaxseed oil

1 x teaspoon fresh chilli – chopped finely

½ avocado

Salt and pepper to taste




Using the spiral slicer – slice up the cucumber.  Sprinkle with a little rock salt, and place in colander to drain.    Using the slicer – slice the carrots, and add to large bowl with spring onions, celery, chilli, flaxseed oil, lime zest and juice.


Squeeze excess water from cucumber noodles, then add to carrot mix.  Using your hands, mix cucumber through.   Add salt and pepper to taste. Just before serving, using teaspoon – scoop dollops of avocado on top of salad.


Top with grated raw beetroot.


Serving options:   Top with tuna or sliced chicken; also great to use in a wrap with some chicken or tofu.

zucchini tomato

Another favourite:

Zucchini Noodles with Tomato Sugo

This Tomato Sugo is a fabulous easy sauce to keep on hand for pizza toppings, noodle and pasta dishes.  I make a large pot of sugo and then store in jars in the fridge ready to use.


3 x 400 gm tins diced Organic Tomatoes

1 x 140 gms tomato paste

1 x teaspoon of Olive Oil

1 x red onion – diced

1 x teaspoon cinnamon

2 or 3 cloves crushed garlic (depending on personal preference)

1 x vegetable stock cube

3 x cups water

½ bunch fresh Basil

Salt and pepper to taste

1 x large zucchini

Optional – 1 x teaspoon Chilli  flakes


In a large pot heat the olive oil over a medium heat, and add the diced onion. Keep stirring in the pot till the onion is nearly transparent.

Add the garlic, cinnamon, and tomato paste. Keep stirring and cook for another two minutes.

Add tomatoes, vegie stock, water and the fresh basil, along with the salt and pepper.  Allow to simmer for at least 30 minutes.  I personally simmer for 1 hour.

While the sauce is cooking, wash the zucchini.  Using the spiral slicer make the spiral noodles.  Add to a colander and let drain.

To serve – add serving size of zucchini to bowl, and pour over desired amount of tomato sugo.

Optional: Top with grated or crumbled feta or goat cheese.


Let me know what other creations you come up with using the spiral slicer.

Keep sharing the love,



Previous post about the Spiral Slicer:

The Spiral Slicer that makes awesome spirals




Aug 12

Don’t you hate that feeling of loss, even if you never met?


This morning I was in the gym when the news came up that Robin Williams had died.  Still so young, (yes 63 is still young) and so much to offer the world.   My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Even though we’ve never met, I hate that feeling of loss his passing conjures up. Technically we never met, though I do remember laughing my butt off when seeing him do stand-up when I was visiting LA way back in 1988.


Don’t you hate that feeling of loss, even if you never met?


As I walked back to my office I reflected on how I can recall exact moments in time when certain people died.  When it was reported that Princess Diana had died I was making a chicken and avocado sandwich in the cafe I worked on weekends.  In years to come I will be able to say I was on the seated row machine when I heard to Robin Williams had died.


Robin Williams

Photo credit

Since first laughing my butt off when he invaded my T.V. as Mork, and crying with him in Dead Poets Society, then having him weird me out in One Hour Photo, I’ve been in love with Robin Williams.  Some of my favourite memories of Williams will be his interviews with Sir Michael Parkinson.

It won’t be the same as missing Pia, or my Mum and Dad, and I know it’s strange to say, but I will miss Robin Williams, even though we have never met.


To Mr Williams – I say – “nanu, nanu”


Before signing off remember depression sucks.  I’m not the only person to lose those they love because the ‘black dog’ took hold and didn’t let go.  Depression is an illness.  You don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed.  It took me a long time to be brave enough to admit I had to be treated for depression.  Be kind to yourself, and to others who suffer.

If you are not sure who to talk to try:

Lifeline 131114 (Australia)

Black Dog Institute

Beyond Blue

Aug 06

Sitting all day may be dangerous for your health!

A few months ago I wrote a post how getting out of the chair and moving my body helped shed the kilos.   Sitting all day may be dangerous for your health!
This week on the Today Show, Professor Leon Straker shared that Doctors should be encouraging their patients to stand at work.


As a blogger I spend many hours sitting on my butt in front of the computer.  Couple all that sitting with my ‘day-time’ job, where  I also spend many hours either in front of computer screens, or attending meetings.  Throughout the day that adds up to a lot of sitting on the butt time.

It’s no wonder with all that sitting that many of us have big butts; we are sitting on them 7 – 10 hours a day. And that’s just at work.  What about at home; in front of the TV, eating meals, playing computer games, and reading?


When I decided to research what all this sitting is doing to our bodies I was amazed at some of the findings.


One of my favourite articles is on by Melanie Pinola: “How Many Hours You Should Limit Your Sitting To, To Avoid An Early Death.”   You can well imagine, an article with a title like that certainly pinged my interest.



Are we really ‘sitting ourselves to death’?


Pinola cites an Australian study published in the American Heart Association journal that says;

‘… prolonged television viewing was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease…’

In addition researchers from Louisiana State University and Harvard Medical School reported;

‘…results indicate that US life expectancy drops by 2 years when people sit for more than 3 hours a day…’

Three hours a day! Seriously, if that’s the case my friends we need to get off our butts and get moving people.


How many of you sit longer than three hours a day?  I know I do.  Be honest – how many hours a day do you sit at work, school, watching TV, playing games, reading?


Make the following part of your healthy sustainable life –

7 Tips to Get Your Butt Moving

At work:

  • Set the alarm on your computer or phone to go off every 55 minutes – then stand, stretch, and walk of the spot for two minutes.
  • Grab your walking shoes and have a ‘walk and talk’ meeting with colleagues or lunch time catch up.

At home:

  • During the commercial breaks stand, stretch or just shake your butt till the program resumes.
  • While playing computer games – stand and walk on the spot at the end of each game, or while the program is loading.
  • When you are reading – stand up and walk on the spot at the end of each chapter.

Set you daily goal:

  • Join the Fat Be Gone LIFT group and set up daily walking and exercise goals – on your iPhone or web browser – you will receive support from other community members.
  • Use a pedometer to track your goal of walking 10,000 steps per day.  All the mini walking breaks will soon add up.

No more excuses  – all of these tips have helped me lose 18 kilos to date.   You can do this!

Sitting is Killing YOU

Photo credit – Medical Billing & Coding

I challenge you to join me and get your body moving.

keep sharing the love,





Jul 31

Shock of discovering I was morbidly obese – action was needed!




At the time of launching Fat Be Gone I was days away from my 52nd birthday. Not only was I unhappy, but I was morbidly obese.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would let my body get to that state. But I did, and needed to not only take action, but stand-up and take ownership.


It’s amazing how you can rationalize any situation in your life.  During busy work periods, that saw me working later than usual I would call one of the many restaurants close to home and have a trans-fat laden meal delivered to my door; just because I wasn’t organised or too lazy to prepare a healthier alternative.  How many busy people can relate to that?


Then there were the times I would detour through one of the plethora of drive-thru fast food outlets, justifying it all because it was ‘too late’ to whip up a healthy meal.  Let me tell you something that’s even sadder. I would often be too embarrassed to order for one; I didn’t come across as a ‘fat single woman’, so I would order two meals. Two.  No wonder I became so unhealthy, and fat.   I would convince myself it was okay if I saved the ‘extra’ meal for lunch next day. What an idiot.  The only person I was fooling was me.

fat be gone

During one of my lowest points I invited a couple of my best friends around for a self-imposed intervention. KB and Danielle have known me for years, and themselves have struggled with weight issues. Even though they could empathize with me their honesty, love, and support wasn’t enough to sustain a healthier approach to life.


At many points through my life, I’d decide to tackle my weight issues head on – I’d hit the gym, or take on the latest fad diet for a few weeks. And really, I’ve tried every single trick and diet out there;


      • shakes,
      • no carbs,
      • low carbs,
      • fasting,
      • group programs,
      • soup diets,
      • high protein, low fat,
      • diets targeting thighs, tummy and butt,
      • high fat, no carbs,
      • gym memberships,
      • aerobic classes,
      • yoga classes,
      • acupuncture – yes, acupuncture.


The straw that broke the camel’s back came when I flew cross-country to spend time with my family later that month.

I was at the funeral of a very close  family member,  and while chatting with people I saw ‘that’ look flash across their faces.  You know that look; a flicker of disbelief and horror at how much weight you have stacked on.  It only takes a nanosecond, but it’s there and when you are ready to see it, you will see it everywhere.

After I flew home I looked at some photos that had been taken during the trip. I cried. I knew at that moment I needed to do something or I wasn’t going to see 60. Lying to myself and the self-sabotage had to stop!

I realised the key issue for me was accountability – over the years I had become an expert at fooling myself. I also convinced myself; just because someone else had achieved their weight loss goal didn’t necessarily mean I could too.  Can you believe I cut myself off at the knees like that?

But I needed to find a way to keep myself accountable that wasn’t able to be faked.

The other realisation I had was that I did NOT want to take the fast track. I’ve tried that before and I knew it didn’t work. I didn’t want to go on any crazy diets, and I didn’t want to have any surgical intervention.   I know people who have had Gastric lap banding and it’s worked for them. To those people I say congrats! I also know people who have gone through the surgery and had no results.  It is an extremely personal choice to have such major surgery.  If you are considering Gastric lap banding, please make sure you thoroughly research all your options.

For me, this had to be about a healthy lifestyle.

This wasn’t going to be easy – there are no short cuts;

There are a lot of other people out there going through similar problems as me

This had to be sustainable.


Welcome to Fat Be Gone.


If you are reading my story and thinking I can’t do that – STOP RIGHT THERE!  You can.  It’s such a cliché, but you just start small, build your confidence, and keep pushing yourself.


Here are the TOP SEVEN TIPS to kick start your healthy lifestyle:

  1. Ask your family and friends to support you for two weeks.  Setting a short term goal makes it easier.  You will need their support – especially those you live with.
  2. Clean out the pantry – get rid of anything, and everything that is junk, highly refined or processed.  If the loved ones in the home really what those trans-fat treats ask them to hide them in an opaque container or somewhere out of sight, so you won’t be tempted.
  3. Clean out the fridge – do exactly what you did with the pantry.  Get rid of the junk.
  4. Make an appointment to see your GP.  If you are obese you will need to be weight and get your blood pressure done in the very least.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  If your doctor isn’t supportive – find a new one.  You must have a doctor that is 100% supportive of this journey.
  5. Yes, it’s been said in every healthy magazine, but DRINK WATER.  At least 8 to 10 glasses a day.
  6. MOVE IT!  Just begin moving your body even for 15 minutes a day.  Get used to the different feelings.  You don’t need to go out and hit the running track, or sign up for a one hour Body Combat class.  Walk.  Even if it’s on the spot in your lounge room.  When I started I was too embarrassed to walk, so I played WII Tennis twice a day – 20 minutes each arm.
  7. Forgive yourself. Don’t worry about the past.  I get it – believe me I do.  I cannot encourage you enough to each day be kind to yourself and leave all the crap behind you.   This journey is about putting you and your needs first.  The kids, friends, family and your partner need to support you.

fat be gone


Make sure you let me know how you go over the next two weeks.  Message me here or on Google+ or Facebook.  Ask as many questions as you wish.


Keep sharing the love,




Jul 17

Seven reasons to eat breakfast everyday


Breakfast – we all know it is the most important meal of the day.  Yet how many of us run out the door without nothing in our belly, often going hours before eating.


How many of you are prepared to admit they eat breakfast out of a napkin in the car on the way to work, or grab a bowl of cereal at your desk?  I admit it, I used to eat breakfast at my desk, or grab some toast based meal from a café on the way.


Not anymore.  Now I make sure I have something substantial before leaving the house – everyday.


For those of you that follow Fat Be Gone on Instagram of Google+ will be familiar with my regular breakfast creation postings.

avocado toast

fat be gonefat be gone








Here are my top seven tips for eating breakfast:

  1. More energy to stay productive till lunch
  2. Less likely to snack on junk food
  3. Less likely to over-eat at lunch time
  4. Eating brekkie helps your attention span
  5. Eating a healthy brekkie means you are getting part of your daily minerals and vitamins
  6. Helps increase your metabolism
  7. Eating brekkie can increase your energy levels


I cannot tell you have much happier I feel in the mornings. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  That eating breakfast makes me happy. It seems to be a big contributor.  Plus I always have the energy to workout, as well as focus on work – all before lunch.    When I used to miss brekkie or eat something that was loaded with sugar more often than not I would go in search of a muffin or something similar around 9am.


These days I usually take a healthy snack that I’ve made at home to eat mid-morning instead of heading down to the local cafe.


When it comes to making breakfast you don’t need to spend hours creating a three course meal.  It’s about being prepared.


For example: most week day mornings I make an omelette with an assortment of toppings – usually in under 15 minutes.

The night before I:

  • Dice any toppings that I will be using,
  • Have the eggs and coconut oil next to the stove ready to go,
  • Set the pan out the night before.


I know it may sound simple, but often it’s the best and easiest way to start a new habit.


Start first thing in the morning – try a week of eating a healthy breakfast and see just what a difference it makes.

Here are some of my favourite breakfast suggestions:                             breakfast

  • Omelette topped with spinach
  • Poached egg on toast with avocado and smoked salmon
  • Poached egg on toast with smashed sweet potato
  • Omelette with red capsicum, chilli and goat cheese
  • Sliced mushroom, and spinach on toast


Go on, try it for a week.  Let me know what differences you notice.


Keep sharing the love,








Jul 12

CaAtherine sharing the Fat Be Gone love via video


Curled up this afternoon on the lounge with the winter sun streaming in through the window I thought I would answer one of my reader’s question via video….


“Why have you lightened your hair?”

I also remind you to share the love.






Keep sharing the love,






Jul 10

I have an addiction


I have an addiction

It’s true. I have an addiction. It’s not drugs, or drinking, but just as damaging to my health.

To develop and become the best you can be I’ve always believed that seeking out a mentor to support your particular journey can make an enormous difference. In business I’ve always had a mentor, so I decided that to work on ‘CaAtherine’ I needed a mentor; enter Deborah into my life.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working with her. Of course that has involved reflecting on, and understanding why I do, have done, certain things in my life.
After one particular confronting session I had an epiphany about my eating.

I have a food addiction. There I said it. I’m addicted to food.

I love food. What I love has changed – these days it’s not the junk food that was easily picked up in a drive-thru. No, it usually is something that’s been created by me, in my kitchen.
Every day I have to plan my food, because if I don’t I fall off the rails. Often it’s not what I’m eating that worries me; it’s the amount of food. I realised it was the act of eating that was giving me the fix. There is something seriously comforting about spooning mouthfuls of zucchini pasta, brown rice with chilli, or turkey meatballs into your mouth.zucchini tomato

There are three things I know for certain:
• Only I control my thoughts.
• Only I control my actions.
• Happiness needs to come from within.


What happens now? They say that admitting you have a problem means you are half-way there. Okay, I admit it.

Now I need to focus on:
• My portion sizes.
• My actions.
• My attitude towards food.
• And more importantly I need to focus on loving me.


I refuse to beat myself up over this. That is one habit I’m breaking NOW. I’m going to win.

If you over-eat don’t be afraid. There are plenty of places to get help. Either see your Dr, or try Overeaters Anonymous.


Keep sharing the love





Jun 23

Top Seven Tips to Ease Inflammation




Do you find yourself blowing up like a balloon after eating certain foods?    I know there are some that make me feel like the side of a house.  It feels as if the fat cells have gorged themselves, and doubled, even tripled in size.  There were times when my knees were so swollen that it hurt to walk.  Being overweight more often than not can exasperate the pain.

How many of you are like me and ignored the continued swelling writing it off as part of being over-weight?  The fitness course I’m studying has me thinking a lot more about the body; how it works, and how it talks to us.  I mean the signals it sends to let us know that something isn’t quite right.   It’s too easy to reach out and pop a pill to reduce the swelling or pain, which in turn can make us lazy so we don’t ask ourselves;

…’what is my body trying to tell me?’

Remember I’m not a doctor or medical practitioner of any kind.  The information here has been found through my own online research.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is our body’s way of protecting itself. Inflammation happens as a reaction to injuries, damaged cells or irritation.  Think about what happens when we sprain our ankle, or eat something that doesn’t agree with us?  This sort of pain tends to disappear once the body is on the road to recovery.  Movement is limited due to the swelling requiring you to rest and take care of your body.

Ignoring ongoing inflammation can mean your immune system is stuck causing the inflammation to become chronic.

Chronic Inflammation

Pic by

What about food?

Over the past few months I’ve being paying attention to which and how foods affect my body.  It’s interesting really, considering I used to eat so much junk food.  Now if I break out and indulge in one of my old favourites I usually pay for it the next day; either with a food hang-over, inflammation, and/or sore joints.  I’m living proof you can make healthy changes, and see positive results – even in your 50’s.

Some of you may have already discovered which foods you are allergic to, or cause you discomfort.   Over the last month I’ve reduced the intake of the following and have noticed a considerable difference:

  • Wheat – including bread, pasta
  • Gluten
  • Rice – white and brown
  • Potatoes – not sweet potatoes

As well as reducing the above foods, I’ve been living by the seven tips as much as I can, and I’ve noticed my body is moving so much easier, especially at the gym.  I haven’t taken an anti-inflammatory for over a month; and I’m sleeping better.

Remember what I said – I’m not a doctor, or diet specialist. I am someone who has just done a lot of reading and experimented with her own body.

Before I share my Top Seven Tips to ease inflammation I implore you to listen to your own body, go and see your Doctor if you have had continuous pain.  I don’t suggest going ‘cold turkey’; just ease one or two items in or out of your eating plan.  Listen to your body – it REALLY will tell you how it feels.

At the end of the tips I’ve included a couple of links for further reading.


Top Seven Tips to Ease Inflammation

  1. Water: I know every eating plan you read goes on about drinking plenty of water, but it honestly does make a difference. Ensure you are drinking at least two litres a day.  This doesn’t include what you drink in your tea or coffee. Your body needs plain H2O to flush the toxins out.
  2. Omega-3: These essential fats are great for our body.  They can be found in wild salmon, and tuna, anchovies, flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts.
  3. Olive Oil: use Extra Virgin for both cooking, and on your salads.
  4. Exercise: That’s right – exercise.  Don’t overdo it, but keep the body moving.  Try yoga, Pilates, tai chi, walking, or swimming. Listen to your body.
  5. Sugar Free: again I suggest not going cold turkey, but slowly reduce the sugar in your meal plan.  Definitely work on getting rid of any processed sugar as soon as possible.  If you need a sweet fix try eating an apple, blueberries, plums, pears, or strawberries.  The anti-oxidants are awesome.
  6. Carotene: include this in your meals by way of eating carrots, pumpkin, rockmelon, sweet potato, kale and spinach.
  7. Spices: Fresh is always best – garlic, turmeric, basil, fennel, coriander, cumin, and spirulina.


Next post I’ll share how my exercise has changed and seems to be working.
Read more:

Mark’s Daily Apple

Dr Weil

Joy Bauer

 Keep sharing the love,




Jun 19

What I really weighed


It’s true, and  there is no denying it – I was fat, unhealthy, and morbidly obese.  Let’s not get me started on how high my blood pressure was.

Now, I may not be at my goal weight, but I’m certainly a lot healthier than I was when I started.  Yesterday I smashed out 26 minutes on the x-trainer. Can you believe it – 26 minutes straight.   I remember when it was a struggle to last two minutes, let alone 26 minutes.


As there are quite a few new people following me I thought you may like to read what was happening back at the end of 2012, and what I actually weighed when I started.


“What the %$#&!  I weigh how much?”

I thought that’s what I would screech at Dr V during my weigh in.  Although, I believe I could have be forgiven if an expletive had escaped my lips. However, you will all be pleased to know it didn’t.

As I walked over to the scales I was wondering if they would start flashing an error message and moaning in agony.  I breathed a quiet sigh of relief when they didn’t.

Without further ado, here are my statistics as of 10 December 2012:

  • Height 172 cms
  • BMI 54.4 (Body mass index)
  • Weight 160.09 kilos 
  • Chest  144cm
  • Waist 138cm
  • Hips 160cm

That’s it.  All out there for the blogosphere to see forever. Big step forward on this adventure.

Now to wait for blood tests results to make sure my cholesterol level is acceptable, and check if diabetes has reared it’s ugly head – the results will be revealed next Wednesday.  Stay tuned.

Dr V was perturbed more by the fact that I had put on 18 kilos since the beginning of August.  Bloody hell!


Even I was a little surprised about that.   I know there is no excuse – BUT – over the past few months I know I’ve taken comfort in food.   I know, I know, we all have stress in our lives.  I’m not going to try and justify it.

Though I will  tell you I know why I did it.  Isn’t  that part of the journey of recognizing the triggers, and then deflecting them?

Enough is enough.



So, what happens now? Follow the sensible eating plan, and  get moving.  Don’t go all out and start hitting the pavement hard as if  preparing for the next  Honolulu Marathon.


Just do something.

fat be gone

So I got moving; I played 30 minutes of WII tennis, 15 minutes of exercise bike.  Please don’t suggest I use WII Fit. I can’t.  Want to know why?  The ‘WII fit board’ says I’m too fat. Go figure.


It doesn’t matter if you have 50 or 5 kilos to lose; it’s all relative.  Share your experience here and help inspire others.







Jun 18

The right way to eat



Did you know that it’s one of my goals to have someone cook dinner for me five nights a week? Wouldn’t it be lovely? Even for a few nights a week not to have to think about what to cook for dinner, let alone do the dishes.


The reality is that it’s not going to happen in the next few months, and the reality is that I know I need to be organised to keep life moving along.

On a recent flight back from Sydney I listened in on a conversation between three young women about which is the best eating plan to get their bodies ready for summer. My first thought was, ‘bloody hell girls, it’s only June’.

Summer is a little way off. (Australian summer that is). When I got home I did some reading on three of the plans they chatted about; 5:2 Plan, Paleo, and Dukan. I was curious to see how the plans differ, and whether or not that are sustainable.

I thought rather than just read about it, why not put my money where my mouth is and follow each of the plans  for a couple of weeks to see how I go. All in the name of science right?

So off I went and spent hours researching what it is to follow Paleo.


What is Paleo?

It is sometimes called the “Cave Man Diet” – as it’s based on what our hunter-gathering ancestors ate.

After a couple of hours of scrolling web sites I came across “Living Paleo For Dummies Cheat Sheet”.  I LOVE a good cheat sheet.

Here is an extract that you may find as useful as I:

These guidelines will get you started on making the transition to eating Paleo:

  • Build your meals around animal protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and naturally occurring, high-quality fat sources.

  • As much as possible, eat grass-fed, organic, pasture-raised meat and poultry and wild-caught fish and seafood.

  • Eat a wide variety of vegetables (including starchy vegetables, like sweet potatoes and winter squash) and fruits (especially berries).

  • Enjoy a wide range of naturally occurring fats, including coconut products (milk, flakes, butter, and oil), avocados, olives, and olive oil.

  • Avoid all gluten and grains, including wheat, rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, barley, spelt, and oats.

  • Avoid all seed and industrial oils, including canola, soy, and corn.

  • Avoid dairy, including milk, cream, half-and-half, cheese, and yogurt.

  • Avoid all processed and packaged foods.

  • Avoid all added sugars and artificial sweeteners. (The naturally occurring sugar in fruit is okay.)

  • Eat protein, vegetables, fruits, and fats to satisfaction, rather than to the state of being “full” or “stuffed.”


Easy really.  For the past few days I’ve had no bread, and greatly reduced my wheat intake.  The only milk I have is in my coffee; and any cheese I’ve been adding to salad is goat’s cheese.  I have already noticed less bloating around my belly.


The Caesar Salad I whipped up this week was almost Paleo and a great start.   If you missed it, here is the link – Caesar Salad.

caesar salad


Have you tried Paleo? I’d love to hear what you think.  Do you have a favourite Paleo recipe you would love to share?


Keep sharing the love.



Jun 16

Realising the Lifestyle



Back in April I shared with you the struggles I’d been facing.  Not long after that I had a light bulb moment; my head hadn’t caught up with the weight loss. My head was still beating me up, and not accepting the 20 kilo lighter me.

My friends, I cannot tell you how liberating the realisation has been. Could this be why I had so many failures in the past?  Who knows, and to be honest it doesn’t matter now, as I’m moving forward in a healthy way. To help with the adjustment I worked on getting rid of the negativity in, and around my life with love. When you ‘push’ out love people start noticing a change in you. More importantly I’m noticing a change in me – and I like it!

It’s been a long time since I felt grounded, and confident. I explained it as if I feel I have four feet on the ground. Is this ground shattering news, or a story of how I’ve lost another ten kilos? No. What it is about is the sustainable lifestyle I promised myself. Fat Be Gone is exactly that – creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle – and that’s not just weight in kilos.


Meeting a real life inspiration

Last week while volunteering at an international conference I met this amazing man, Bent, from Canada who is lively 87 years young. When he turned 70, he sky-dived. Bent is a push-bike rider and for his 80th Birthday, he decided he would ride 80 MILES – when he got home, his wife had put on a surprise party for him! At 90, he hopes to tandem sky-dive. What an inspirational man. Everything he spoke about – was fun!


I challenge you for a week to not take on any negativity, or accept negative behaviour in your life. If it is around you, do not judge or become involved. Be in the moment with YOU.


Keep sharing the love,


Jun 13

Wheat and Dairy Free – Caesar Salad


Wheat and Dairy Free – Caesar Salad


As a way of cutting back on my wheat and dairy intake I’ve been experimenting with traditional recipes.  Last Wednesday night I made this meal for our little family – even the mayo! The dinner table response was one of sheer delight.

Let me know what you think.

Serves two people.


1 x large skin free chicken breast – slice into large bite sized pieces – give them a bash with your hand to slightly flatten

½ x red onion – sliced finely

1 x teaspoon of nutmeg

1 x teaspoon of paprika

1 x large teaspoon of coconut oil

4 – 6 large cos lettuce leaves – thoroughly washed and dried

¼ red capsicum – diced

1 x Lebanese cucumber – deseeded, halved, and sliced

1 x avocado

2 x anchovies

Handful of mixed mint and coriander leaves – washed and dried

2 x teaspoons of soft goat cheese

2 x free range eggs


Homemade Mayo

2 x egg yolks

¾ – 1 x cup of oil – I mixed virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil

Salt and pepper to taste

1 x teaspoon of mustard

Zest of half a lemon

1 x tablespoon of lemon juice

Optional – mint or coriander leaves finely chopped



I prepare the Mayo first so the flavours can intensify.


VERY IMPORTANT – make sure the ingredients are at room temperature, as well as the bowl, before you start.

You will need a large to medium-sized flat bottom bowl and an electric hand-mixer.  If you prefer you can use your food processor, but I like to have more control over the mixing speed.

Add the two egg yolks to the bowl and begin beating until they start to thicken and  silky – approx. 1 -2 minutes.

Slowly begin adding a few drops of oil.  The secret to making the mayo is  – slowly, slowly.  Keep adding the oil – slowly – and add salt, pepper, and the mustard.

Once you have added approx. half the oil you can begin a slow, continuous pour.  After adding ¾ cup of oil, stop – then add the lemon juice – slowly.


Taste check.  Is there enough salt and pepper for your personal taste?


Continue adding the remainder of the oil.  The consistency of the mayo should be creamy.

At this point I add the lemon zest and approx. 1 tablespoon of finely chopped mint or coriander leaves.

Spoon the mayo into a sterilized glass jar – seal tightly, and place in fridge while you prepare the salad.



Add the coconut oil to the pan over a medium heat – then add the finely sliced onions, along with the nutmeg and paprika.  Keep stirring around pan.  After about two minutes add the chicken pieces, and keep moving around the pan.


Cover the pan with a lid for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes take off the lid, turn up the heat and turn over the chicken.  After two minutes turn off the heat; set the chicken aside.  Make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through.  Remember it will continue cooking for a few minutes after you remove it from the pan.



Make sure the cos lettuce, mint, and coriander leaves are thoroughly washed and dried.  Tear lettuce into bite sized pieces, as well as the mint and coriander.  Divide between two plates.


Then evenly divide the diced and sliced cucumber, and capsicum.  Break up the anchovies and share between the plates.  Do the same with the goat’s cheese, and avocado.


To poach the eggs – bring some water to the boil in a medium pot.  When the water is just on the boil – before adding the eggs – create a mini whirlpool in the pot – add the eggs.  The swirling water will help keep the eggs together, and look just like the ones you are served at your local café.

Scoop out the eggs and allow to drain.  Add chicken to the salad plates, then place the egg centre; – finish up by dolloping your amazing homemade mayo around the salad.


Serve and enjoy

caesar salad










Jun 11

The walking versus running conundrum



When I started moving my body after years of dormancy I knew I would need some kick-ass shoes to give my feet, and legs excellent support.   Like many of you I researched online, and it wasn’t too long before I started pulling my hair out with frustration.  I became overwhelmed, and it didn’t take long to discover a whole lot of information that began confusing the pants off me.  So I did what every sensible person does – I went with what I knew, which was the advice the podiatrist gave me a few years ago.


“CaAtherine, you have a wide foot, so buy a wide fitting shoe. Make sure you try it on, walk around in the shop for a good ten minutes before buying them.  If you can afford them, and they feel good, buy them.”

Over the last year people who are rediscovering their physical lifestyle have asked me what type of shoes I wear for when I’m exercising.  I’m no expert, so before sharing what I wear I did a little research and found a couple of good recommendations online that may demystify which shoe to buy.

Firstly I have to reveal that my favourite brand is New Balance.   Why?  They tend to have a generous, wider fitting, and as well as being comfortable they are supportive.  They have various designs and styles; with their walking shoes ranging in price from $50A to approx. $120A.  The running shoe seems to start around $50A, and up to approx. $160A.  You get what you pay for; having said that I’ve found I’ve managed to pick up a good deal and have never paid more than $70A.


Which shoe do you need?

I’m going to quote Sally from Women’s Walking Shoe Review to help clear up the quandary of which shoe you need:

“…running is different from walking.

Consequently, there are different mechanics on our body moves when we are walking or running.

Hence, what this means is that the built, features and designs of the shoes should be matched to how they are going to be used or according to their purpose.

On the one hand, when we are walking our weight is rolling from our heels. This is through the ball and it continues to our toe. Aside from that, there are some points that both of our feet are on the ground when we are walking.

Hence, this makes our weight divided into two. On the other hand, however, running puts 2-3 times our body weight to one foot. There are also times when both of our feet are not on the ground.

So, when one foot gets contact to the ground, the pressure will be greater.

With the foregoing, you cannot just use walking shoes when you are running. However, since walking activity is less intense than running, it is somehow alright to use some of the running shoes out there for walking.”

Just click the following link to read Sally’s review of the top three walking shoes for women.


What shoe am I currently wearing?

My very comfortable New Balance Walking shoes.  They make my feet feel happy while giving me lots of support when I ‘m at the gym, or out walking.



Since I’ve started increasing my workouts again I am considering buying a second pair of NB to alternate between the days.  More than likely I’ll buy NB running shoes, not because I’m taking up running (not with my knees!), but for a little extra support when I’m on the treadmill, or power walking around the neighbourhood.

I hope that’s help demystify which shoes you need to buy as you begin moving your body.  I’d love you to share your shoes pics on the Instagram of Face Book pages.  Simply tag #teamfatbegone # fbgexercise


Before anyone asks – no this is not a paid posting.  It’s all about sharing the love.

Keep sharing the love…x





May 14

Today I met ‘The Boob Lady’



I really did.  Well that’s what the technician called her.

Like many woman who have a history of breast cancer in their family I’m vigilant when it comes to checking my boobs each month.

A couple of months ago I discovered a lump in my right breast. So I did the right thing and immediately went to the infamous Dr V and arranged to get it checked out.  I’m happy to report I got the all clear.

Last week I happen to notice a small lump in my left boob.  So once again, off I trotted to Dr V’s office to arrange some tests.   I had to have another scan today, and as Leo (not his real name), the lovely technician was navigating his way around my ample bosom he announced that ‘the Boob Lady’ was in, and would be coming to have a chat with me.

Now if any of you have seen the Simpson Movie you will know that Homer meets ‘the Boob Lady’ in the wilds of Alaska. Needless to say my over active imagination kicked in and I asked if Homer would be joining her?  Leo looked me in the eye, and told me ‘no Homer works here’.  Bless.

national breast cancer foundation

The Boob Lady emerged from where ever it is that Boob ladies hang out and told me they weren’t too concerned, but I need to have more tests.  Better to be safe than sorry.

I wanted to share this to remind you ALL, no matter your history, or age, make sure you self-examine each month, and if you have any doubts what so ever go and visit your own Boob Lady.

If you don’t have a regular doctor you should contact the Breast Cancer Foundation (Australia only). In other countries you should be able to Google Breast Cancer Foundation in your area.


fat be gone

Apr 23



There are a thousand clichés I could use for nearly a month passing and not writing a post. This morning when I sat down to write the only thing that seemed appropriate was the truth.

And the truth is – each time I began writing I found myself filled with loss, sadness, and bullshit.  The sadness and loss was coming from a place within me that I hadn’t visited since who knows when – my heart.  The bullshit was coming from my head.  The words I would write were truthful, but emotionless. For those of you who have come to know me through this blog, and those of you that know me in the flesh will know that I’m full of emotion, passion, adventure, and love.

As I was busy living life I blamed the busyness for my writers block, and distracting me from sharing.  Each time I sat at my computer to write a huge lump would swell in my throat, and not wanting to allow it to flow from me I would do what most of us do – choke back the emotion.

How many of you, like me, do that each and every day just to get through?  How many of you like me lie to ourselves?

fat be gone

Over the long weekend I’ve had lots of time to meditate, to reflect, and to have truthful conversations with myself. During this time the realisation of enough was enough hit home – I cried, I allowed the thoughts, the love, the passion, the lump in my throat to spew forth and purge.  I meditated on what I would share with you, and remembered the commitment I made when I launched this blog: I would only share the truth – warts and all.

In December 2012 I made the decision to create a lifestyle that was sustainable, while moving through a journey of self-discovery, all the while focusing on losing weight.  Let’s face it I was morbidly obese and needed to change; and I have.  During that time I have experienced euphoric moments of happiness, sadness so deep that it ripped out my core, yet the whole time I kept moving forward on my journey – this journey with you.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve celebrated birthdays with family, survival with those I love unconditionally, I’ve watched a dear friend bury her brother who chose to take his own life at only 20 years old, I’ve experienced joy at cuddling for hours on end the twins of my best friend, and I made a commitment to gain detailed knowledge about fitness.  Most of this I have shared, but what I haven’t share is the deep struggle I’ve had keeping on track.

Yes, I’ve kept exercising in the gym, swimming in the pool, and creating healthy recipes to share with you all.  But I didn’t share the battle I was facing each day.  I was scared if I told you all the truth you would think me a fraud, even worse a failure.  That was something I felt I couldn’t risk. Denial was easier, or so I thought.

It’s amazing how the moments of clarity hit at the most unexpected times.  For me, it happened after a second night of insomnia around 3:30 in the morning.  I wasn’t, and I am not a failure.  I am successful. I have, and continue to create an amazing life.  Just because I diverted from the plan, doesn’t mean I fucked up, and should throw all my success away.

I needed to do something that I constantly tell others to do:

Stop, breathe, forgive yourself, and move on.

Throughout the past few months I had forgotten to do exactly that.  I kept holding on to the past, instead of allowing the echoes to fade and live in the moment.

Over the past couple of days I’ve cried like a baby, I’ve prayed, I’ve cuddled my cats,  I’ve purged, and I’ve cried some more.  I cried for who I was.  It sounds so bloody clichéd but I forgot to love me.

So what happens now?

I will take a couple of days to reflect.  I will spend time with people I love.  I will simply pick up the pieces and start afresh.  Each day is new, and so should be my thoughts, my attitude, my approach to creating a sustainable healthy, bloody amazing, life.


fat be gone


Mar 30

I followed my WHY



I did it! I followed my WHY –  I signed up to study fitness.

Last week I commenced my course in Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness.  In six months I will be a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor.

What does all this mean? It means I have to work my butt off studying and learning all about the skeletal and muscular systems, nutrition, and lots more.Skeletal 1

Why did I decide to do this?  I want to reach out and help people; empower and educate people in creating healthy sustainable lifestyles.

That’s my why.

Stay tuned my gorgeous friends for lots of updates.

Have you thought you would love to know more about fitness? Don’t wait – sign up at your local TAFE, online course, community college – or anywhere that you can find a course that suits your needs, and more importability your why.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone





Mar 16

Spiral slicer that makes awesome spirals


You may have noticed lately I’ve been creating quite a few meals  using my new spiral slicer.  To be honest, I’m becoming addicted to the slicer.  As a result some of you have asked which brand I’m using. I’ve discovered a spiral slicer that makes awesome spirals.


There are many out there available, and after purchasing three different spiral slicers  I’ve finally found one that works for me.  The first two just didn’t deliver what they promised.  This latest slicer comes with three assorted blades, and retails for under $50 AUS.

 spiral slicer



Zucchini noodles can be whipped up, and are a fabulous substitute for vegans, or anyone looking to reduce their wheat and carb pasta intake.

zucchini tomato

I’ve been creating cucumber salads using the slicer.  You just need to remember to allow the cucumber to drain for a good five minutes before mixing the salad.


Here is a simple, but favourite salad you can whip up using the spiral slicer.


Cucumber and Carrot Spiral Salad



2 x medium Lebanese cucumbers

2 x medium peeled carrots

2 x spring onions – sliced thinly

2 x celery sticks – sliced thinly

½ cup grated raw beetroot

1 x lime – Zest and juice

1 x teaspoon fresh chilli – chopped finely

½ avocado

Salt and pepper to taste



Slice the cucumber using the spiral slicer.  Place in colander to drain.


Slice carrots using spiral slicer and place in large bowl.  Add spring onions, celery, chilli, lime zest and juice. Squeeze excess water from cucumber noodles, then add to carrot mix.  Using your hands, mix cucumber through.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Just before serving, using teaspoon – scoop dollops of avocado on top of salad.  Top with grated beetroot.

spiral slicer


The above pic shows the salad along side the chicken I poached in coconut water, 1 x fresh chilli sliced, and 2 x gloves of diced garlic.

If you would like a ‘creamy’ topping try mixing lemon juice, grated beetroot, and Greek yoghurt with a pinch of paprika.


Happy eating!


Remember to love yourself each day,

fat be gone









Mar 12

Zucchini Noodles with Tomato & Mushroom Sauce



I love visiting the family.  And the latest visit to Perth was extra special as we celebrated my sister’s birthday.  It is always fabulous having all the family, and friends together.  Lots of laughs are guaranteed.


As much as I love being away there is nothing like coming home, and whipping up healthy meal in my own kitchen.


Tonight’s meal was;

Zucchini noodles in tomato and mushroom sauce


You can add poached chicken if you want some more protein.

I created the zucchini noodles using a spiral slicer


2 x zucchini for noodles

Set aside to drain.


12 x cherry Roma tomatoes

3 x medium truss tomatoes

3 x celery sticks

2 x tablespoon tomato paste

1 x carrot

3 x spring onions

1 x teaspoon Massel vegie stock in 1/2 cup water

2 x tablespoons of chia seeds

6 x Brown mushrooms

12 x fresh basil leaves

2 x teaspoons coconut oil

1 x finely sliced red chilli


Finely slice chilli and spring onions. Add coconut oil to saucepan over medium heat. Then add chilli, spring onions, roughly chopped cherry Roma tomatoes, and tomato paste  to saucepan. Stir. Leave tomato skins on.


Add truss tomatoes to processor and pulse for two minutes or until roughly chopped. Finely chop carrot and celery. Add carrot, celery and truss tomato mix to saucepan. Also add chicken stock and chia seeds.


Allow to simmer for five minutes. Add torn basil leaves, and sliced mushrooms. Stir and simmer for another five minutes.


Pour boiling water over noodles to warm.  Drain well.


Serve noodles in bowls topped with sauce.


zucchini tomato

Keep sharing the love,


fat be gone


Mar 02

Primed in 30 Days OPEN for registrations


Primed in 30 Days program is open for stage one Early Bird registrations!


P30D commences Friday, 21 March 2014.      The full cost of Primed in 30 Days is $200.

Anyone who registers for the program by Friday 7  March will pay only $100!


Stage one EarlyBird registrations will then close on Friday 7 March at 9:00 pm AEST.


Complete the registration form below to secure your place today


fat be gone

Start creating your sustainable healthy lifestyle today


[contact-form to='' subject='P30D register'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Age' type='text' required='1'/][contact-field label='Why are you interested in P30D' type='textarea' required='1'/][contact-field label='Street Address' type='text'/][contact-field label='Suburb/City' type='text' required='1'/][contact-field label='Country' type='text' required='1'/][contact-field label='Post code/ Zip code' type='text' required='1'/][/contact-form]


Feb 27

Let’s talk about creating your own sustainable healthy lifestyle


Would you love to catch up face-to-face, and talk about creating your own sustainable healthy lifestyle?


It’s entirely possible.  I am offering, not one, but two opportunities for us to meet.


The first opportunity is happening this Sunday,  at the NEW ENERGY FESTIVAL, whereby  I will be MCing and presenting  “How I Lost the First 18 Kilos: and kept my sanity”, in the Boardroom at 11:00 am.  Organizers, Amanda Heane and Julie St Clair have invited me to participate in their marvellous mind, body, spirit event.

The NEW ENERGY FESTIVAL runs for one day only, this Sunday 2 March, from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the   Beau Monde International934 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster.  That’s right gorgeous people, it’s happening right here in Melbourne.   I am presenting

 fat be gone

If you are one of the amazing people who live interstate or overseas I have a fabulous opportunity for you.

  • How would you love to be mentored by me for four weeks?
  • How would you love to really kick start your very own sustainable healthy lifestyle?
  • How would you love to talk with me one-on-one on a weekly basis?


You can.  I’m so excited I can’t type this fast enough.  This Sunday I will be launching a program that will give you the opportunity to do all those things, and more!


All I’m going to say now is – check out and Face Book Sunday for all the details.


In the meantime I look forward to seeing all you gorgeous Melbourne people this Sunday.


fat be gone

Feb 23

Another loss




Yesterday I realised that February ends next Friday, and that means it’s almost a year ago that my precious Pia took her life at 32 years too young. Pia was the daughter I was never able to have; a beautiful soul who really had so much to offer the world.

fat be gone






Yesterday while sipping my coffee I discovered through the world of Twitter that Charlotte Dawson had taken her own life at 47 years young.  Who is Charlotte Dawson?


At 16 she landed a modelling contract with the famous Ford agency in New York.  In recent years many Australian’s got to know her as the tough love judge on Australia’s Next Top Model.  In 2012 she waged an online war with Twitter trolls which lead to a break down.  There are many other facets to Charlotte’s life; too numerous to share, that made people love or dislike her.  I loved her spirit.  Never having had the pleasure of meeting her I was never given the opportunity to sit down and chat about her anti-bullying campaign, or her compassionate drive for LGBT equal rights.  I loved the way she was so transparent and open about her life.  Even the depression.  You can read more at Mama Mia

fat be gone

Charlotte Dawson


That black dog is a demon that 1 in 5 Australian adults lives with; usually in secret.  Many live in fear of being found out, especially when it comes to their anti-depressants, or anxiety medication.  If they had asthma we wouldn’t bat an eye.


One of my close friends text me today to check in on me after seeing I had commented on social media about Charlotte’s death. My friend had also read that Charlotte Dawson had hung herself, like Pia.  Yes, I cried. I cried because neither Charlotte nor Pia will ever again experience the warm hug from someone who loves them unconditionally.  I cried because I can never tell Pia how much I love her.


Fortunately for me I met an awesome doctor who diagnosed my depression and has worked with me over the last 12 years to keep it in check.  Since blogging Fat Be Gone I’ve shared the struggle with the black dog, and how it has in the past contributed to the over eating.


Everyone has an opinion when someone decides to end their life – for whatever the reason.


As I sit here writing this post there are a few things I feel strongly about:

  • I wish I had a time machine so I could go back a year and hug Pia so tight that I never want to let her go;
  • I will never be afraid to ask for help, or share with my support system that I need them because life has become too tough;
  • I learnt (the hard way) to always make time to nurture myself;
  • The healthy eating and exercise is making a positive difference to my life;

I have no right to judge Pia or Charlotte’s decision – I only have the right to say – I will miss you.


There are so many places you can turn to – you are not alone: Black Dog Institute; Life Line – 131114 (Australia); Beyond Blue.

Keep believing in you,

fat be gone

Feb 18

Chicken Burger in your belly!



These Chicken Burgers are one of my favourite meals.


I buy free range skin-less chicken breast meat and mince myself in the food processor.



500 grams free range skin-less chicken breast meat – mince it in your food processor – (or ask the butcher to mince it for you)

½ x cup grated carrot

1 x cup grated finely grated zucchini

1 x teaspoon finely diced garlic

1 x teaspoon ground cumin

1 x teaspoon paprika (you can use chilli flakes if you prefer)

1 x tablespoon coconut flour

2 x large free range eggs – beaten

½ x cup quinoa flakes

1 x tablespoon coconut oil

Salt and pepperchicken burger



To mince the chicken breasts in the food processor cut into large chunks using the ‘S’ blade.  Process on high till all the meat is minced.


Before removing from processor bowl add garlic, cumin, and paprika – process on high for 1 minute.


Add chicken mixture to a large mixing bowl.  Add grated carrot, zucchini and quinoa flakes.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Using your hands mix thoroughly.


In a separate bowl add coconut flour and eggs – whisk together until you have a smooth mixture.   Add to chicken mixture. Using your hands again thoroughly mix together.


Allow the mixture to sit in the fridge for 15 minutes before rolling into large balls, and place on a large plate.


Give the chicken mixture time to come back to room temperature before cooking.


Add coconut oil to large pan 1 teaspoon at a time – don’t over crowd the pan.


Add three chicken balls to frying pan and flatten with back of spatula to form burger pattie.  Cook over  medium heat for five minutes, then turn burger over to cook for (approx.) another 3-5 minutes.

As the burger patties are thick make sure they are cooked all the way through.


Burger patties can be frozen – wrap each individually so you can use them as you need.

fat be gone

Serving suggestions:

Add burger pattie to the top of a large green salad of lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, coriander leaves.  Top with beetroot dip topping.


You can use this mixture to make smaller meatballs – them toss them in with some gluten free pasta or zucchini noodles, topped with tomato sauce mix. (see the Recipe tab)


Keep sharing the love, and believing in YOU.


fat be gone



Feb 13

Second Breakfast with Spinach with Macadamia Pesto/Spread/Salad Topping




I love toast with a tasty topping.  It is one of my favourite morning meals.  Gluten free has become my preferred choice, but I’m open to tasting various types.  More often than not toast with a topping is my Monday to Friday second meal choice.  To ensure I was eating something that was healthy and nutritious I have taken to creating a spinach with macadamia pesto/spread/salad topping, and carrying it with me in a small serving container.

One of the beautiful things about this recipe is its multiple uses;

  • Toast topping
  • Sandwich filler
  • Salad topping
  • Salad dressing – add water or Greek yoghurt
  • Pasta pesto
  • Topping for boiled potatoes….. plus lots more.


The café at work is accommodating of my preferred toast topping.  So much so that Disha, the manager has asked me for the recipe.

Disha – this is for you!


Spinach with Macadamia Pesto/Spread/Salad Topping

fat be gone


3 x cups of spinach leaves – thoroughly washed

1 x cup raw macadamia nuts

1 x large lemon – juice & zest

1 x teaspoon of harrisa (you can use dried chilli flakes – you will need to add garlic)

1 x teaspoon of ground cumin

3 x tablespoons of flaxseed oil

Salt and pepper to taste



Use the food processor –  on high, process the macadamia nuts for one minute.

You may need to loosen the nut mixture from the edge of the bowl before adding the first handful of spinach.

Add half the spinach one handful at a time and pulse for 30 seconds. Then add the flaxseed oil, garlic, lemon juice, cumin and harissa.  Add remaining spinach leaves.

If you prefer a creamier consistency add a couple of tablespoons of water at a time till you get the consistency you like.

 fat be gone

Add salt and pepper to taste.    Sometimes I’ll add a handful of either fresh basil or coriander leaves for that little extra something.

spinach pesto

This recipe continues to be one of my all-time favourites, filled with lots of goodness.


Here are a few more combination meal ideas;

  •  Mix with a small tin of tuna and use in lettuce cups;
  • For breakfast, smear on toast (no butter needed);
  • Chop up two hard boiled eggs, add a tablespoon of Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of the mixture – great for lunch;
  • Add as topping to cooked tofu
  • Add a little extra water and use as a substitute salsa topping on homemade chicken parmigiana.
  • Add as topping on baked fish.


Let me know if you come up with any other meal uses for this versatile dish.


Keep believing in the magic of YOU.

fat be gone








Feb 10

Pool side and the full body shot




Reflecting back on why I started blogging about my journey – I knew it was to help keep me accountable, honest, and possibly help connect with a ‘couple of people’ who were just maybe going through the same experience.  Never in a million years did I foresee how many people would follow and offer unconditional support.  It continues to be priceless.


Once I started this blog I never envisaged posting a pic of myself in my bathers, in the pool before hitting my goal weight.  Last week something in me decided to change that.  It was you.  I know I keep going on about the support you and the other readers of Fat Be Gone give me – but it’s true.


You all know how much I love exercising in the pool.  Many people I chat with who also use the pool as an exercise playground often say it’s the weightlessness of being in the water that keeps bringing them back.


When you are lugging around all that excess weight, being in the water is often the one place that you don’t feel the aches and pains of carting those extra kilos.  You can start gentle by simply walking in the water, and then build up to water aerobics, and deep water running (my favourite).


Those early days of using the pool were some of the toughest – why?  I was embarrassed how I looked. I knew that once I was in the pool I would be fine, but it was that negative voice in my head telling me that people would stare or laugh at me because I was so fat.  Friends, I had to tell that voice to bugger off, and push past that.


Without a doubt the deep water running has helped strengthen my core, and given me confidence.


So after measuring myself last week I decided to ask my friend to take a full body pic of me in my bathers, and exercising in the pool.  You know what?  I’m damn proud of how I look – nearly half way towards my goal.


You too CAN DO IT!  Slowly, slowly is the way to move forward.  Remember the famous Aesop’s Fable, The Tortoise and The Hare – slow and steady wins the race.

 fat be gone


Keep believing in you,

fat be gone


Feb 06

Would the extended tape measure be required this month?



Not sure if you remember that Dr V and I decided I would miss January, and weigh in at the end of February?  I was happy to follow her advice.


After being able to slip into a couple items of clothing that haven’t seen the light of day for several years, I decided to whip out the tape measure and check the progress.

The stats from my last measurement on 28 November 2013, were;

 Chest   138 cm            54.3 in

Waist   130 m              51.2 in

Hips     150 cm            59.1 in

 tape measure

Results for 6 February 2014;

Chest   136 cm            53.5 in

Waist   124 cm            48.7 in

Hips     147 cm            58 in


Since I started Fat Be Gone at the end of 2012, I have lost a total of:

Chest   8 cm                3.25 in

Waist   14 cm               5.51 in

Hips     13 cm               5.11 in



For the first time in a very long time, I can use a regular tape measure with a maximum length of 150 cm to measure my body.

Persistence and sustainable lifestyle win!

fat be gone

My three tips to measuring yourself:

  1. Do it wearing only your underwear
  2. Measure yourself at the same time of day  each time – I prefer first thing in the morning
  3. Use the same tape measure – I have my ‘fat be gone’ tape measure tucked away where only I can get my hands on it


When was the last time you measured yourself?

If you are planning on creating your own healthy lifestyle, grab the tape measure and do it now!    Those brown fat cells will be melting away sooner than you think.


Keep believing in yourself!

fat be gone


Feb 02

A Saucey Pants Story



One of my favourite things to do is cook.  Especially when I have guests coming to visit, or when I’m experimenting with ways to prepare healthy food.


On Sunday’s l love to prep food to cover meals for the next couple of days – takes the pressure off.


Today I made, and jarred a Tomato Sauce charged with Chia Seeds and Spinach; as well as Harissa, Corn and Carrot Pan Fritter, and Greek Yoghurt mayo.


Before I share the Tomato Sauce recipe I have to share a funny story.


On Thursday I grabbed a pair of my favourite palazzo pants to wear to work.  It’s been sometime since I’ve worn them, so I half expected them to be a little lose.

As I powered down the street to the train station I became very aware of my pants heading south.  No time to turn around and change, I hitched them up high (as lady like as I could manage) and continued on my way to work.

By the time I arrived at the office it was apparent the pants were now three sizes too big and seriously needed to be hitched higher.  The only thing I could turn was pull the waist band up OVER my boobies and turn my pants into and instant onesie.   When I went to the gym I attempted to take a ‘tasteful’ photo to show you.

fat be gone

Needless to say, my favourite palazzo pants have joined some other items in the charity donation bag.  All I can now say is thank goodness they didn’t fall all the way down and expose my bum!


Tomato Sauce charged with Chia Seeds and Spinach

I created this sauce to be used in creating fast, healthy meals, such as nachos, beans with tomato sauce, topping on fritters, or stirred through pasta.


2 x teaspoons of coconut oil

½ x red capsicum – diced

4 x spring onions – sliced

1 x fresh green chilli – sliced

4 x fresh roma tomatoes – diced

1 x 700 gram jar of passata

1 x teaspoon finely chopped garlic

¾ x cup of spinach – finely sliced

3 x tablespoons of chia seeds

1 x teaspoon dried oregano

10 x fresh basil leaves – torn

1 x teaspoon ground sweet paprika

Rock salt and pepper to taste


Add the coconut oil to a medium sauce pan over medium heat.

Add capsicum, spring onions, and chilli – stir for two minutes.   After two more minutes add fresh tomatoes, oregano, paprika, salt and pepper.  Stir over medium heat for approx. two minutes.

Add passata, fresh basil, chia seeds, spinach, and garlic.  Turn heat down to a simmer – allow to simmer for approx. 10 minutes.

Turn heat off and allow to cool.    fat be gone

I used two 370 ml jars – filled them and allowed to finish cooling in jar before sealing.  Remaining sauce was added to container as I used it straight away as a topping on the Corn and Carrot Fritter Tart.


Remember to keep believing in yourself!


fat be gone





Jan 27

Vastly Deliciously Vegan




It’s been a long weekend across Australia – lots of people soaking up the summer and chillaxing with family and friends.


With the festive season only just behind us I wanted to take this opportunity to chill out and catch up with friends.  As well as being blessed with the opportunity of seeing Li Na win the Women’s Finals at the Australian Open, I spent a wonderful Sunday with my gorgeous friend Dionne, who I hadn’t seen for nearly a year.  That’s pretty sad really, when we both live in the same city.


As often happens when spending time with friends’ food was involved.  Dionne shared she was only eating vegan foods – so I set about preparing us a yummy vegan lunch.


If you are not familiar with a vegan diet – essentially, a vegan is someone who doesn’t eat meat or use any animal products.


I love fresh vegies, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to create a vegan meal.  Our yummy lunch menu consisted of;


Field mushrooms stuffed with broccoli macadamia rice, served on a bed of brown rice, w/  green salad and beetroot dressing.


Field Mushrooms Stuffed with Broccoli Macadamia Rice, served on Brown Rice



1 x cup of brown rice

6 x medium field mushrooms – stalks removed

1 x small broccoli

½ x cup macadamia nuts

1 x spring onion

½ x red capsicum

1 x green chilli

1 x teaspoon cumin powder

2 x teaspoon of coconut oil

Zest and juice of ½ lime



Boil brown rice as per packet instructions – once cooked, set aside and allow to drain and cool.

Using the food processor with the ‘S’ blade, add the macadamia nuts and process to ground.  Add to a mixing bowl.    Wash and dry broccoli. Chop stalk and head into large pieces, add to food processor.  Process till fine like rice.  Add to mixing bowl with nuts.


Dice capsicum.  Slice spring onion and green chilli.


At this stage, turn oven on to 180C.


Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in to frying pan – over medium heat.  Add capsicum, and cook for two minutes.  Keep moving around pan.  Add broccoli mix, spring onion, chilli, and cumin powder.  Slightly turn up heat – keep moving mixture around pan for about three minutes.  Turn heat off.  Allow mixture to sit in mixing bowl.

Using a shallow oven proof dish, approx. 20cm x 20cm (8 x 8 inch) – Using remaining coconut oil, smear base lightly.   Spread the cooked brown rice to form bed in the oven proof dish.

 fat be gone

Fill the field mushroom cups with the broccoli mixture – firmly place on bed of rice.


Once you have filled all the mushrooms, place dish in oven, Cook for 20 minutes – or until the mushrooms become tender, not soggy.   Remove from oven – allow to sit for a couple of minutes.  Before serving, sprinkle with lime zest and juice.


Serve with salad of choice.  This is enough to serve four adults, with a little left over for lunches.

fat be gone



Next posting I’ll share the beetroot dressing made with no diary or eggs.


In the meantime, keep believing in yourself!

fat be gone







Jan 23

It’s not a Fritter, it’s a FRITTER TART!


fat be gone



How often have you come home and stood in front of the fridge, with the door wide open, waiting for inspiration to jump out at you?

Or you are convinced you left chicken defrosting in the fridge, only to come home and discover that you must have dreamt it?

How many nights do you think, “I really can’t be bothered cooking?”

Last night was one of those nights for me.  I had been up since 5:00 am and the last thing I felt like doing was creating a healthy meal.

After the fridge offered no inspiration, I turned my attention to the pantry, and there it was.  Inspiration in a can; tuna in spring-water.

I decided I would turn the fritter recipe into a Fritter Tart, with tuna.



400 grams of corn kernels – rinsed and drained

200 grams of tuna in spring water – well drained

1 x cup of grated zucchini – drained well

½ x cup of grated carrot

2 x tablespoons of coconut flour

½ x cup of thinly sliced spring onion

4 x eggs 700g (you can use 3 eggs whites, 1 whole egg)

Salt and pepper to taste

2 x teaspoons fresh grated ginger

Handful of fresh Basil leaves torn

1 x teaspoon Cumin powder

Rinse and set aside the corn to drain well.  Using paper towel, soak up the extra water.

Wash and dry the zucchini before grating.  Once zucchini is grated, set aside to drain well in colander. Using your hands, squeeze as much of the excess water from zucchini as you can.

In a large mixing bowl add corn, zucchini, carrot, sliced spring onions, basil, and cumin.

In a smaller bowl add the eggs and the coconut flour.  Grab a whisk, and work it till there are no lumps. Pour into the larger bowl and mix through using your hands.   Add salt and pepper.

Use a medium sized frying pan that is oven proof.  Turn oven to 180 C degrees.     Over a low heat, melt 1 x teaspoon of coconut oil in frying pan.  Coat the edges well.

Add the entire mixture to the frying pan – like you are making one enormous fritter.  Pat down firmly.    Cook on top of stove, over low heat for approx. 8 minutes.

Then transfer pan to oven and cook for a further 10 – 15 minutes, or until the top starts to turn golden.

Remove from oven and allow to sit for 5 – 10 minutes.   Serve with your favourite salad or super green vegies.


Serve with lemon wedges.

Serve with Greek yoghurt mixed with lemon juice and harissa.


keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


Jan 22

Telling FAT the truth


fat be gone

It is without a doubt that the written word is, and has always been one of the most powerful tools we have in our lives.

Think about how many people who are employed writing policies and procedures? Think about the great works of art that have been passed down through the ages.  Written words.

Reflecting on this, today I decided to write an open letter to my FAT.  Without any further ado, here it is.

Dear Fat,

I’m not sure if you will read this, let alone acknowledge the affect you have had on my life.  I truly hope you take on what I am about to tell you.

I certainly know you, and how you have come to exist. Furthermore, I have spent (I believe) too many years sharing the vessel, “my body” with you, and to be perfectly honest I am over it.

You are well aware how over the past year a considerable amount of your mass has been overthrown in our tug of war. I can assure you sweetheart, I’ve got more bad news for you; a whole lot more of your yellow mass is destined to be obliterated.

I know that you are thinking that it’s my fault because I’ve not taken responsibility for the rancid foods that were shovelled down my throat, under the guise of being good foods.

Enough is enough, and you know that from the action I took 12 months ago.  As a result look at the success I have achieved so far. I’m winning this war.

Trust me when I say I’m not going to make it easy for you by any means; there will be no short cuts, or looking for an easy way out.

So FAT, here is my pledge;

“I am, without hesitation, going to continue building my sustainable healthy lifestyle by making smart, informed, healthy choices. I will build a sustainable lifestyle that is exactly that – sustainable.

Throughout this there will be times whereby I will shock you, cajole you, and maybe even feel a little sorry for you, because without a doubt I am winning this war.

I will melt each and every obese yellow FAT cell as I execute and make good on healthy food and exercise choices.

More importantly I will nurture and love myself unconditionally as I advance on this amazing journey.”

So Fat, watch out –  and as they say in the classics – GAME ON!

Kind regards from your soon to be former Host.

fat be gone

Jan 21

Yummo Fritters, fit for a Queen



I was out with friends a couple of weeks ago for brunch and I was hit with serious menu envy. They ordered the fritters which looked, and by all accounts were deliciously scrumptious.


Sunday I decided to whip up a café quality brunch that included Zucchini & Corn Fritters,  w/ hand cut bacon, free range eggs scrambled with Greek yoghurt, and avocado smash.  It was lip-smacking.  ‘No talking, we’re eating’, was the motto while we devoured our yummy brunch.

As promised on Instagram and Face Book here is the recipe  –  Enjoy.


Zucchini and Corn Fritters

I try to use fresh, organic produce as often as I can, however yesterday I only had canned corn kernels on hand.  They are always a great back up.



400grams of corn kernels – rinsed and drained

1 ½  x cups of grated zucchini – drained well

2 x tablespoons of coconut flour

½ x cup of thinly sliced spring onion

¾ x cup of boiled sweet potato

4 x eggs 700g (you can use 3 eggs whites, 1 whole egg)

Salt and pepper to taste

2 x teaspoons fresh grated ginger

Handful of fresh Basil leaves torn

1 x teaspoon Cumin powder


Rinse and set aside the corn to drain well.  Using paper towel, soak up the extra water.


Wash and dry the zucchini before grating.  Once zucchini is grated, set aside to drain well in colander. Using your hands, squeeze excess water from zucchini – allow to continue draining for a further few minutes.


In a large mixing bowl add corn, zucchini, sliced spring onions, basil, and cumin.




In a smaller bowl add boiled sweet potato, and mash.  I prefer to leave the skin on.

Add mash to larger bowl and mix through using your hands.  Add coconut flour, and continue to mix through using your hands.


Add the first two eggs, and mix through – still using your hands. Add salt and pepper. Add remaining two eggs and work through thoroughly.



Roll mixture into small balls and flatten into fritter.  You should get approx. 12 fritters from the mixture.  Allow to sit for 5 – 10 minutes in the fridge before cooking.


I use a little coconut oil in a non-stick pan – cooking the fritters two minutes each side.


Serving suggestions:

Homemade tomato relish, with a side salad.

Crispy green salad, and a dollop of Greek yoghurt on the fritters, with lime slices.

As a breakfast treat – serve with scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, or scrambled tofu.


Make sure you share your pics.  Enjoy creating some yummy fritters.


Keep believing in YOU,

 fat be gone


Jan 13

Clean living: clean eating


Clean living: Clean eating


The Google dictionary defines clean living as:




adjective: clean-living


not indulging in anything unhealthy or immoral.

“Young is surprisingly clean-living: a non-smoking fitness fanatic”



I conducted my own survey (four work colleagues in the lunch room) and asked them;

“What does clean eating or clean living mean to you?”


One of them said;

“It’s bandied around, but what I think they really mean is; not eating shit food.  (Sorry people – sometimes you just have to say it how it is).”


I spent some time researching the terms ‘clean living’, and ‘clean eating’, and asked myself;


‘Is clean eating just a new fad diet?’


Determined to delve deep into the dark corners of the internet I searched, and searched, and searched, and after what seemed like a lifetime on the internet; which in fact was only a few hours, I discovered an abundance of articles.

One article written back in October 2013 by Daniel Strudwick at highlights that over two-thirds of Australian adults are losing the battle of the bulge, and most of us get our daily energy from junk food.

I used to be one of them.

Daniel spoke with Professor Lee, who cited that the clean living gets you to cut out the junk foods, but we need to make sure we replace the junk, with sensible, balanced healthy foods.

In his article Daniel refers to   Eat for Health, an Australian Government website that offers balanced, nutritional advice.

fat be gone

I have friends that are eating clean; for them it involves no grains, others are eating no sugar or fruits, other friends are eating only raw foods five days a week, and I know others who only live off smoothies and soups half the week.


Do I think that it is all a fad?


To be entirely honest, I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just healthy eating rebranded.

What I do know is that if you and I make a concerted effort to eat healthy foods, (preferably organic or from the Farmers Markets), and try our best at keeping the ‘shit’ out of my meal plans, while working on building sustainable lifestyles, our quality of life will improve and we’ll lose weight.

fat begone

That’s my idea of clean living, and clean eating.


What do you think it all means?


Keep treating yourself well,

fat be gone



Jan 07

Don’t be afraid – losing weight isn’t easy, and I never said it was



It’s true – losing weight isn’t easy.  If it was I would never have had to start this blog; I would never have become obese and hit the scales at a whopping 160.9 kilos; and no one would give two hoots about what I have to say about losing weight.


Friends, yesterday was my first day back in the gym after a two week break – and I loved it.  I never thought I’d say that jumping on an exercise bike, or hitting the boxing bag was fabulous.  I nearly hug the boxing bag like an old friend, but I didn’t want to weird out the other people in the gym. Oh, what a long way I’ve come.

fat be gone


The message here my friends; don’t be afraid. 

It’s just over a year since I began changing my life (for the better), and even when there are days I think ‘I can’t do this anymore’, a little voice in my head keeps reminding me not to be afraid. Just take one day, one hour at a time.  Fear often overwhelms us and sets us up for defeat before we have begun.


Don’t be afraid of failing, don’t be afraid that you may fall off the wagon and start eating all that shit food again. And if you do – SO WHAT! Pick yourself, dust yourself off – FORGIVE YOURSELF, and don’t be afraid to start again.  The weight will come off, your health will improve, you will be able to move your body easier tomorrow, that you did yesterday; all because you weren’t afraid.


We can be strong together.


Keep being good to you,


fat be gone


Jan 05

Top Ten Questions for YOU!


Happy New Year everyone!

I’m excited about 2014.  I’m not sure if it’s because everyone around me is enthusiastic and motivated about the prospect of what a new year potential offers, or the fact that 2013 is simply done and dusted.  Whatever the reason, I’m charged, and ready to take on the world.

More importantly, I’m eager to keep building an awesomely fabulous sustainable lifestyle; not just for me, but one I can share with YOU!


To kick off January, and 2014 I have:

My Top 10 Questions I Would Ask You in an Interview

  1. How are your feeling at the moment?
  2. Have you managed to schedule some quality ME time each week?
  3. Have you made any New Year resolutions that you are worried about keeping?
  4. When is the last time you did something totally for YOU?
  5. What is the first thing you would change to begin your new sustainable healthy life?
  6. When is the last time you cleaned out the pantry?
  7. How often are you 100% honest with yourself about your lifestyle?
  8. Do you think you can commit to two hours exercise per week?
  9. If I asked you to, could you commit to eating five small meals a day, for one month?
  10. If you had to give up ONE thing for a month, what would it be?


I asked my gorgeous house-mate, Ying, these questions; and she has given me permission to share her answers.


fat be gone


  • How are your feeling at the moment?

At the moment, I’m feeling good. I want to be more pro-active, and have more adventures.

  • Have you managed to schedule some quality ME time each week?

Yes, but not as often as I should.  I know you tell me all the time that ME time is good for me.

  • Have you made any New Year resolutions that you are worried about keeping?

I haven’t made any, because I don’t want to force myself to do something I may not complete. However, I do wish for a happier and more successful 2014, does that count?

  • When is the last time you did something totally for YOU?

Half an hour ago (laughing) I painted my nails.

  • What is the first thing you would change to begin your new sustainable healthy life?

I would begin changing my behaviour and my attitude towards food and exercise. Living with you helps keep me motivated.

  • When is the last time you cleaned out the pantry?

(Laughing) I don’t need to, you do it!

  • How often are you 100% honest with yourself about your lifestyle?

That’s a good question.  I’d say about 70% of the time.  There is no point not being honest.

  • Do you think you can commit to two hours exercise per week?

Yes.  I could easily do that – it’s only 30 minutes a day, four days a week. Totally doable.

  • If I asked you to, could you commit to eating five small meals a day, for one month?

Yes, I could.  Especially if you cook my meals. You know I love your cooking! (laughing)

  • If you had to give up ONE thing for a month, what would it be?

I’d give up shopping. (laughing) I think I have enough shoes.  But if you mean, what I would give up for a month to build a healthy life I would say it would have to be cakes.

 So my gorgeous friends, take a leap of faith and a couple of minutes out of your day and answer my top ten questions.  I can’t wait to read your replies.



Keep believing in YOU!

fat be gone

Dec 28

A year older, 20 kilos lighter; it’s the end of a year



I envisage for centuries people have always reflected and taken stock of the year that was; right before the New Year bounds over the horizon.  I’m no different.


On and off over the years I’ve been a home-stay ‘mum’ to various young international women who made the brave decision to study in Melbourne. These young women have become ‘surrogate children’.



fat be gone

Today one said surrogate child, Jane, came to visit and share the happenings of the past few months.

Over a delightful and healthy lunch we chatted about the mini adventures we had found ourselves partaking.  Miss Jane (as I affectionately call her) is barely 19 years, yet yields the maturity of an old soul.

After Jane, and my housemate left I found I had the time to quietly sit and reflect before writing this post.



Over the last few days two people have been forefront in my mind; my sister Lesley, and my beautiful Pia.

Lesley will finish her radiotherapy on the 2 January, and I pray with my whole heart, that will be the end of that. No more cancer. No more treatments that leave her with an inflamed, red raw mouth filled with ulcers.  No more not being able to swallow a simple glass of water.  No more.

As for my beautiful precious Pia; the closest I came to having a daughter; she is no more. It’s been 10 months fat be gonesince she made the decision to end her journey.  My friends, not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, or wish I could just hug and tell her I love her, or hear her call me ‘Mummy C’  –  just one more time.   People keep telling me that time will heal the ache.  Excuse my language, but bullshit.   When someone you love, someone you would protect with your entire being is suddenly ripped from you (even by their own choosing) it hurts like hell.

Throughout this, even when the depression threaten to take hold I’ve been able to keep myself focused on building my healthy lifestyle.  And as this year comes to a close I can tell you last week’s weigh-in I finally plateaued.  It had to happen.


I see 2013 out 20 kilos lighter and a lot healthier than I began it.


As my 53rd birthday frantically waves at me I’m going to share:

53 Things You May Not Know About Me


  1. I was 24 years young when I married.
  2. I had two ectopic pregnancies.
  3. I iron my sheets (seriously try it – it feels amazing).
  4. I won an Air Rifle shooting competition.
  5. I used to be a fuller-figure model.
  6. I love the Star Trek series – all of them.
  7. I used to be a make-up artist.
  8. I ran an independent theatre company.
  9. Magenta is my favourite colour.
  10. My favourite flower is the Cymbidium Orchid.  fat be gone
  11. I have an orchid tattooed on my right thigh.
  12. My favourite movie of all time is Citizen Kane.
  13. I love fairy lights.
  14. My favourite aroma is bergamot.
  15. I collect snow globes.
  16. I love drinking tea from fine china tea cups.
  17. I have rock salt lamps in each room in our home.
  18. I don’t own a digital TV.
  19. I get my nails done every month.
  20. Blue Moon is one of my favourite songs.
  21. I find ironing relaxing.
  22. I love to sing – even though many say I shouldn’t.
  23. I learnt to paint 10 years ago.
  24. I used to design plus sized clothing.
  25. I’m absolutely terrified of going to the dentist.
  26. I love cats – especially Venus & Saturn.
  27. I love wombats – and think we should do all we can to save them before they become extinct.
  28. I still think John Mellencamp is cool.fat be gone
  29. I studied at Illinois State University.
  30. I think Viggo Mortensen is HOT.
  31. When I was growing up I wanted to be an astronaut (still do).
  32. I gave up drinking alcohol for two years.
  33. I am a survivor of domestic abuse.
  34. I love The Big Bang Theory.
  35. My eldest brother is nearly 20 years older than me.
  36. I love wearing large hoop earrings.
  37. I cannot for the life of me do ‘running man’.
  38. I once had an ovarian cyst removed that weight 1.5 kilos.
  39. I use rice flour and aloe vera (from my garden) as a face scrub.
  40. I love the Lord of the Rings movies.
  41. I wrote and acted in a one woman play about sex workers.
  42. I believe we should all practice random acts of kindness daily.
  43. I always make sure there is at least 12 rolls of toilet paper in the house.
  44. I sleep with the fan on 365 days of the year.
  45. I was diagnosed with depression (the Black Dog) 12 years ago.
  46. I have an allergy to wheat.
  47. I have a very loud laugh.
  48. I once named a cat after Che Guevara.
  49. I’m scared of heights.
  50. I prefer texting to talking on the phone.
  51. I own over 40 pairs of shoes (all in boxes).
  52. I had a pet kangaroo named Flossy.
  53. I’m not afraid to celebrate aging.


Before I go, I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you all for being supportive and sharing you stories with me.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Dec 17

Tuesday Tip – It’s the festive season, so don’t stress



It’s that time of year when we all get invited to parties, and social gatherings were we often eat and drink too much.

Some of us wake the next day with a hangover, and feeling bloated from over eating.  More often than not we promise to never do it again – that is until next time.


Today’s Tip:

Don’t beat yourself up.  If you over indulge – forgive yourself.


Start fresh the next day eating only clean, healthy foods.  It’s about being proactive, rather than reactive.

fat be gone


Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone


Dec 13

Fat, bloated, and dodging the Black Dog





Remember a couple of weeks ago I decided to give up bread for a month to see how my body reacts? After nearly two weeks of no bread, and limited wheat I  grew a little overconfident.  I was feeling fabulous, so I decided to try some bread – three days in a row – and let me tell you people, I suffered.


I got bloated, my joints hurt, and I came down with the worst case of hay-fever.  On top of that my nose glowed so red, Santa could have hired me to light his sleigh.  I have learnt my lesson.  NO BREAD! And seriously cut back on wheat products.fat be gone


I’m not sure if there’s a direct correlation, but last week the Black Dog* was earnestly nipping at my heels. My whole body language and attitude changed; rounded shoulders, wanted to spend the entire day in bed with the doona pulled over my head, didn’t want to talk to anyone.  And I FELT FAT!  Each time I looked in the mirror I was seeing someone who was the size of a house.


I did what every irrational person should do when they feel like that – fake it, oh, and cry.  After giving myself a good talking to,  I went and chatted with someone who could look at the situation objectively.


  1. I have LOST 20 kilos – it’s going to take a while to get used to that.fat be gone
  2. Everyone has FAT days – go with it.
  3. It’s great that I discovered the affects bread has on my body.
  4. My sister is being treated for cancer – of course I’m emotional.
  5. In the last year I’ve lost three people who I loved – grief jumps up and hits you when you least expect it.
  6. Lastly, I need to be proud that when I was down, I didn’t rush out and fill up on S#$T fast food or comfort eat myself into a food coma.

My name is CaAtherine, and today is Friday, 13th December – and it’s a great day!


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 The Black Dog Institute is a world leader in treating mood disorders.

Dec 03

Tuesday Tip – more Fat Facts than you can eat




Are you like me and at times find yourself becoming overwhelmed with all the Weight Loss Facts you find out in the blogosphere, on TV, in books, and every second magazine?  Some days my inbox over-flows with information.

“Eat this fat; don’t eat that fat; eat that grain; don’t eat this grain; eat that sugar; but definitely don’t eat this sugar!”


Admittedly, I have cut back on sugar, given up bread for a month, only drink organic milk and prefer to cook with coconut and olive oils. But there are some days it all gets a little too much.

At those times I have to remind myself:

“CaAtherine, trust yourself; and simply make healthy choices.”


Friends, I don’t profess to be a weight loss expert, or nutritionist; however I am a woman who decided she had to change her life – or else. And I hope through sharing my story I can help and support  you as you make better choices, and finally discover the healthier person you have always wanted to be.


My Tuesday Tip this week – especially with the lead up to the holiday season – MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES.


Trust your gut (no pun intended); trust your instinct.  If you do happen to over indulge, don’t beat yourself up over it.  Stop. Breathe. Refocus, and get on with living.

fat be gone


Keep sharing the love,

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Nov 28

Lost inches, centimetres, and maybe a little maturity



Reflecting and Measuring Up!


Today I had one of those moments where reality jumps up and smacks you up the back of the head.

In one month  I turn 53.      Seriously!                   Where has the year gone?

It  only seems like yesterday it was August, and I was lazing by the pool in Cambodia.

Is this a sign I’m getting old -er?


Someone on Twitter shared the following, which I find very apt:

“You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.”

                                                  Dave Barry


I’m not saying I’m immature, I just don’t feel my biological age.   On a great  day I (hope) can pull off early 40’s.  I sincerely hope I grow to become one of those funky nonagenarians who wears bright red lipstick with her purple framed glasses, and platinum hair. That in itself is a whole other posting in the making.

This extraordinary year, broken up with some serious peaks and troughs, has almost reached the launch date of Fat Be Gone.  I remember the life changing decision clearly.  Without a doubt, it has become one of my greatest endeavours, so far. Today this was reinforced after revisiting the photos revealing just how overweight, and sad, I was back then.

Even though the scales, family, friends, and my clothes are telling me I’ve lost weight today I grabbed the tape measure to see just how many centimetres (inches) I’ve lost.

Let’s compare:


  10 December 2012                   28 November 2013

Chest:   144 cm     (56.7 in)               138 cm     (54.3 in)

Waist:   138 cm     (54.3 in)              130 cm     (51.2 in)

Hips:     160 cm     (63.0 in)               150 cm     (59.1 in)  


WOW! Ten centimetres off my hips.  That’s amazing.  It’s proof what I’m doing is working.

After whipping out the tape measure and seeing these great losses I feel very inspired and even a little mature.

fat be gone


Check out the pics – these have all been taken over the last 12 months.  I look like a different woman!


Now it’s your turn to grab the tape measure and see how your hard work has paid off.


Keep sharing the love gorgeous people,

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Nov 26

Tuesday’s Tip – The Bread Challenge



The Bread Challenge


I’ve been testing my body over the past few weeks, and it’s become blatantly obvious my body reacts to wheat and bread.  I bloat up like a balloon.  Not just my tummy; my hands, my ankles – I’ve also noticed that my knees hurt if I each too much bread. It sounds crazy I know, but it’s true!

Blueberry oat muffins

For the next month I am limiting my intake of bread; primarily wheat. So for four weeks it is goodbye homemade bread, goodbye wheat muffins, goodbye avocado smash on toast, goodbye wheat pasta, and goodbye cous cous.


My tip this week is actually a call to action – a mini challenge.

I challenge you to give up bread for one week.  Just one week.

At the end of the week I want you to send me a

avocado toast

message telling me if you feel any different.  If the thought of having absolutely NO bread in your meal plan for a week sends you into spasm, try one of the following:

  • Only eating gluten free bread
  • Give up bread every second day – or
  • Give up bread Monday to Friday


Who’s up for the challenge with me?


Keep sharing the love,

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Nov 19

Tuesday Tip – Flat tummy doesn’t happen overnight



The most recurring question I am asked is…

“How can I get a flat tummy?”


Acquiring a flat tummy doesn’t come easy, we all know that.    For a plethora of reasons, which I won’t go into right now, tummy fat is some of the toughest to lose, especially for women.   Today I’m going to share a couple of core strengthening exercises to help you on the road to getting that flat tummy.


Even though I have lost 20 kilos I am still considered overweight, even obese. However, my core is a lot stronger, than it was a year ago.  My tummy area – though not flat – is smaller than this time last year.


I’m not going to beat around the bush – if you are fat, overweight, or obese any exercise program you begin today will help strengthen your core and eventually help you lose that tummy fat.  My amazing trainer, Amanda, is always telling me to focus on becoming stronger overall, rather than spot training.

I’ve created two short videos to show you the type of core strengthening exercises I’m managing to keep up while away from my usual gym routine.


  • Do not continue any exercise if it causes pain.
  • Ask your gym trainer to show you ‘good form’ for your exercises.
  • If you are more than 10 kilos overweight – take it easy and build slowly.
  • A little exercise goes a LONG WAY.


WARNING! If you expect to see a young,sexy trainer in the videos you are wrong.  It’s me, CaAtherine, showing you how an over-weight woman on a healthy journey gets down and does it.




Keep sharing the love,


fat be gone


Nov 18

Carrot Salad Topping Dip


It is oh, so yummy that you can use it on salads, as a spread for wraps, or with celery sticks as a dip.


4 x carrots
4 x tablespoons Greek yoghurt
1 x spring onion – sliced thinly
1 x large garlic clove – grated
1 x teaspoon ground cumin powder
1 x chunk of ginger – approx 2-3cms – grated
Zest and juice of half a lemon
2 x teaspoon flaxseed oil
¼ x teaspoon of sweet paprika
Pinch of salt (I only use organic pink rock salt)  081
¼ x teaspoon cracked pepper
Half a handful of fresh coriander leaves


Trim and wash the carrots. I use my food process to grate them. If you don’t have a food processor simply grate by hand.

If using a food processor – use the ‘S’ blade – add all the ingredients, except the fresh coriander leaves. Process on high for approx. two minutes.

If you are mixing by hand – add all ingredients to a large bowl and thoroughly mix the ingredients together.

Serve in bowl and add fresh coriander on top.

You can vary the amounts to suit your personal taste.

We use this as a dip with crackers, celery and cucumber sticks; we also use it as a salad topping instead of regular mayo.



Nov 15

Baby broccoli in your belly




I love broccoli!  It has to be one of my all-time favourite super foods.  Sometimes I like to mix it up and use baby broccoli, or broccolini in my salads.


For the past week I’ve been staying with my sister, Lesley, in Perth.  Less than two months ago Lesley, was diagnosed with skin cancer, a carcinoma.  Ready for the curve ball – on her tongue.  Can you believe that?  Apparently it’s quite common, though I’ve never met another person who has had it.


She has already had major surgery to remove the tumour, and reconstruct half her tongue.  How amazing is modern surgery?   So, I’m in Perth nurturing my sister as she gets ready to begin her six week treatment of radiotherapy.


Before I share the baby broccoli (broccolini) salad recipe I want to remind you to go and get those freckles and moles checked.  Don’t forget to slap on plenty of sunscreen when you go out to exercise.


As promised gorgeous people here is the recipe for Baby Broccoli Salad with Rice Vermicelli.


Ingredientsfat be gone

1 x bunch of baby broccoli (broccolini)

½ x red onion – sliced thinly

½ x cup snow peas – cut into julienne strips

¼ x cup shitake or brown mushrooms – sliced thinly

1 x tablespoon of white miso paste

1 x tablespoon light soy sauce

1 x lemon – juiced

2 x whole eggs – lightly beaten

1 x teaspoon of coconut oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Pickled ginger for garnish


2 cups of cooked rice vermicelli (any rice noodles – I have also made this using buckwheat noodles)



Drop the cooked noodles into boiling water for one minute, then drain thoroughly.


In a small bowl add the hot water, miso paste, lemon juice and soy sauce – mix with fork.  Set aside.


Over a medium heat, add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil to large frying pan or wok.  Then add the onions – keep moving around pan till transparent.  Add broccoli and snow peas. Stir for one minute over medium to high heat.  Add mushrooms.  Turn heat down – stir for another minute.  Add miso paste mix and stir thoroughly.(You may like to add an extra couple of tablespoons of water for a thinner sauce).


Add rice noodles to pan and turn off heat – mix noodles through broccoli mix.  Allow to sit while you cook eggs.


In a small frying pan add a small amount of coconut oil – enough to cover pan base, over medium heat.  Add beaten eggs – add salt and pepper to taste. Once egg mixture is nearly cooked, fold in half as cooking an omelette.  Cook for another minute.  Turn off heat.  On a cutting board, slice the egg omelette into thin strips.


To serve: divide baby broccoli and noodles between bowls.  Add sliced eggs on top – then garnish with a few pieces of pickled ginger.



Add 1/2 x fresh chilli with onions

Instead of eggs – use steamed tofu or poached chicken


When I make this at home I always make enough to take for lunch for a couple of days.


Let me me know how you go whipping up this healthy treat.  Send through a pic or two on Facebook or Instagram.


Keep sharing the love,


fat be gone

Nov 12

Tuesday’s Tip – Walk


Walk, don’t run.


With summer fast approaching in Australia there are a plethora of ‘get fit’ articles appearing in newspapers, magazines, and on-line. This morning I read an enlightening article in the West Australian newspaper that cites running as the best over-all work-out.  Thankfully, the author advises her readers to see a doctor before taking on any vigorous exercise.

What I would like to share is that if you haven’t exercised for a long time, or may be carrying excessive weight – walk, don’t run.  When you run, each time your feet hit the ground, they strike at around three to four times your body weight.

Can you imagine if I had started running when I first began FBG – I weighed in at 160.9 kilos (354lbs):

160.9 x 4 = 643.6 kilos of strike weight hitting with each stride.

So gorgeous people – the Tip for Tuesday is…
          Get your body moving by simply going for a 20 minute walk – three times a week.

fat be gone

9 Benefits and Facts about Walking

  1. Helps lower blood pressure
  2. Helps reduce body fat
  3. Experts recommend 10,000 steps a day to lose weight
  4. Walking one kilometre burns approximately the same amount of calories as running one kilometre
  5. In 1970, 66% of children walked to school, today approximately only 13% walk
  6. Walking helps prevent osteoporosis
  7. Walking also helps reduce breast and colon cancer
  8. Walking is a great way to catch up with friends
  9. Think about making your next meeting a ‘walking meeting’ around the office


Don’t wait – start walking today!


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone



Oct 31

Strong core, flat tummy, and a six pack



One of the most often asked questions I receive is:

“How can I lose my stomach fat, and get a flat tummy?”


At the end of the day there are no short cuts to a flat tummy.  You need to work at it – by watching what foods you eat,  including fat burning exercises, and lots of core strengthening exercises.

I subscribe to a web site called;  MIND BODY GREEN which offers daily inspirations and wellness suggestions to improve your quality of life.

Searching through their site I came across the following article that may help many of you with your core and tummy issues:

9 Everyday Ab Exercises To Develop Core Strength


1. Stand evenly on two feet. 

How you bear your body weight is critical to attaining flat abs. Poor, imbalanced posture will inevitably get the best of your six-pack.

2. Fight post-meal food comas. 

When you finish eating, battle your core’s desire to lapse into an inactive food coma. Instead, lift your navel towards your chin and pull it towards your spine.

3. Sit cross-legged.

When you’re at work, eating a meal, or watching a movie, try to sit in a cross-legged position. This will allow you to sit tall while avoiding loose ab syndrome. You’re either in the dark or your legs are hidden under a table, so forget about feeling strange (no need to feel strange about taking care of yourself). Often, I even take off my shoes to be most comfortable.

4. Use your core while doing heavy lifting.

When you’re picking up your kids, pets, boxes, or lifting work-related heavy loads, use your core strength for power rather than that of your legs or back.

5. Walk with confidence and pride as though the surface below you is unstable.

You’ll immediately grow taller and slimmer as the crown of your head rises and your gait becomes lighter.

6. When you’re cooking, suck your abs away from the counter.

7. Watch TV at home lying down rather than seated. 

It’s better to stretch out in a supine position, allowing gravity to press your abs directly down toward your body, than to let your six-pack disengage and slump while seated.

8. Strongly engage your abs during sex

Sex with core strength is a great ab workout and also a fabulous pleasure booster.

9. If you teach yoga or fitness, make sure to use your core when you assist your students. 

Not only will your abs get stronger but you will also protect your body form injury.


I have noticed a huge difference to my core since taking up deep water running and water aerobics.  If you are carrying a lot of extra weight give either one of them a go.

fat be gone

It’s not rocket science, but it’s a starting point.  Also try monitoring which foods make your tummy bloat.  I know if I eat too much wheat and bread I blow up like a balloon.


Happy ab crunching!


Keep sharing the love,


fat be gone

Oct 30

Yummy Beetroot Salad




Here is the easy, yummy, healthy beetroot recipe that many of you have been asking for.

Beetroot Salad with Sesame Seeds


Creates 4+ servings. You can eat as a main, or serve as a side.


3 x raw medium beetroots – leave skin on

2 x raw medium carrots – leave skin on

½ cup chopped fresh coriander (cilantro)

few mint leaves for garnish

2 x spring onions – sliced

½ cup sesame seeds

1 x lime – juice and zest

2 x teaspoons fresh grated ginger

1 x teaspoon ground cumin

2 x tablespoons Flaxseed oil

2 x tablespoons light soy sauce

Salt to taste


Thoroughly wash and dry beetroots and carrots. Trim before grating in food processor. Add grated beetroot and carrot to bowl. Allow to sit for 15 minutes, then squeeze excess water from mixture and drain. Add chopped coriander.


In a small bowl add grated ginger, flaxseed oil, soy sauce, zest and juice of lime, and salt.  Mix thoroughly, then our over beetroot and carrot. Mix through. Add sliced spring onions, and sesame seeds.


Stir through.  Garnish with mint leaves. Serve chilled.


Add ¼ cup grated feta, or ¼ cup of diced firm tofu.

fat be gone

Oct 17

Top 5 Reasons I Wanted to Lose the Fat




At 52 I was afraid of being taunted at the pool.

I knew I needed to get my fat body moving, and that I was limited as to which exercises I chose.  More than that; I was anxious about being seen in public in my gym clothes, let alone a pair of bathers.  We all need to start somewhere, but at the time I wanted to start when I looked a lot less fat.   That wasn’t going to happen; I just needed to do something about it.

When you are obese you learn lots of tricks to avoid facing the truth. For example, whenever there was a photo being taken I would;

a)       Offer to take the photo,

b)       Stand behind the shortest person – as I’m quite tall,

c)       Or insist on boob up only shots,

When you live in the land of denial you get good at avoidance – such as full length mirrors, mirrors in general – except when putting on make-up, un-tagging social media photos, buy looser fitting clothes, and in crowded rooms stand against the wall so no one has to brush past you.  Even having to ask for an extender-belt each time I flew wasn’t enough to prompt me to lose weight.  But in November 2012 I faced the one thing you can’t avoid – my family.

fat be gone

Before losing 18 kilos


I flew back home to attend a family event where I would be seeing people I hadn’t seen for some considerable time.  It didn’t take long for the reality of my physical appearance to register on their faces.  I call it the ‘dog poo’ look. They screw their nose up, like they have just gotten a waft of dog poo that’s stuck on someone’s shoe.  Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh, but it’s close to the truth.  I don’t even think they realised they were doing it.

It’s that “look” that flashes across their face that screams at you – “OMG you’ve stacked on the weight”. Which is supported by a; “oh, you look well.”

When I got home I looked back at photos that had been taken over the past few months, and I cried.  I cried for what I had done to myself, and how I looked to the world.  It was time to do something about it.  I set out to develop myself a lifestyle that I could maintain, that was healthy, and would see me life past 60.   I began reading like a crazed evangelist to learn how to lose the weight.  We all know there is a plethora of weight-loss and exercise books out there.

The top three I came away with were:

  1. This wasn’t going to be easy – as if I didn’t already know that!
  2. Food was important as exercise.
  3. Exercise was important as food.

Reviewing what and how I was eating was confronting, but a lot simpler to begin changing than my non-existent exercise routine.  A gorgeous friend of mine offered to take me to the pool, as it would be less taxing on my body.   I was fat – there was no denying that, and I was too embarrassed to be seen in public exercising. I cancelled on her at least three times before finally admitting I was too scared to go.  I had conjured up this imagery of people yelling and taunting me because I was too fat.  So I did what any exercise deprived person would do – I played Wii – Wii tennis in fact.  For 20 minutes a day I would play the console game, four days a week, in the privacy of my own lounge room.   I helped.  Admittedly I didn’t lose a lot, but it helped get me moving on a regular basis.

It helped in other ways – it gave me the confidence to push through my fear and go to the pool.  Since that day I haven’t looked back.  I’m not a swimmer, but I love being in the pool.  Deep water running has become one of my favourite exercises.  You will be surprised just how fast you can get your heart rate up working out in the water.  For anyone who is carrying a lot of fat, the pool takes the pressure off the body.  I use rubber dumb-bells to build resistance and increase my workout. I love it.   My core strengthened, my body moved easier when I walked, and I was enjoying myself.

I started going using the out-door pool in January this year, and during the cooler months I use the indoor pool to exercise.  In that entire time no one has yelled or taunted me, or told me I’ll too fat to be there.


My Top 5 Reasons to Lose the Fat:


  1. I didn’t want to die before turning 60 yrs.
  2. I wanted to go to the gym or pool without fear.
  3. I believed losing weight would help my depression.
  4. I didn’t want to be the FAT lady any more.
  5. I wanted a healthy lifestyle.

There you have it people.


Never be afraid to tell people why you’re creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle for YOU!


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


Oct 08

Walking the talk, eating with a fork



Yesterday was a ‘feeling fat day’ for me.  We all have them don’t we?  Then I ran into someone I haven’t seen for a few months and she was amazed at how much weight I had lost.

Various pieces of research I’ve read over time  reveled that women’s weight can fluctuate between 2 to 5 kilos a week!

And before you say anything –

YES, I know the title of today’s blog is a little ‘cheesy’, but that just reflects my mood.

YES – I will be adding more recipes to the site.


As I’ve been spending a little too much time behind the computer and motivating and supporting others as they create their own sustainable, healthy lifestyle I realised I needed to revisit my own.  As I said in yesterday’s posting I will be sharing my food and exercise with you on the site, every second day.

So, as the title of this post says – I’m going to ‘walk the talk’, and get back to being as vigilant as I was when I first started Fat Be Gone.

Monday 7 Octoberswim


30 minutes deep water running; 10 minute walk; 10 minute stretch.  I’m also going to include my daily meditation in the exercise area – 7 minutes meditation.


Meal # 1    8 oz home made juice – spinach, celery, pineapple, ginger, barley grass powder, and carrot

Meal # 2    Bowl of muesli with Greek yoghurt, nuts and dried fruit, and coffee with milk

Meal # 3    Large bowl of spicy chicken broth soup, and rice noodles (Ate out for lunch)

Meal # 4    Large bowl of green salad

Meal # 5    Chicken, with steamed potato, pea & chilli guacamole

Drinks included – two cups of green tea, and two litres of water

Tuesday 8 October


40 minutes deep water running; 15 minute walk; 10 minute stretch, and 7 minutes meditation.

Meals:avocado toast

Meal # 1    Two slices of homemade bread with avocado and lemon juice, and a sprinkle of LSA, & 2 cups of coffee with milk

Meal # 2     8 oz home made juice – spinach, celery, pineapple, ginger, barley grass powder, and carrot

Meal # 3    Three rice crackers with pea guacamole and avocado

Meal # 4    Large bowl of green salad, and 120 grams chicken

Meal # 5    Large bowl of broccoli and cashew soup, and 1 banana

Drinks included – two cups of green tea, and two litres of water


Let me know what other information you would like to know about my daily activities and eating plan.


In the meantime, keep sharing the love,

fat be gone




Oct 07

I had to buy a smaller bra size




When I started FBG I thought it would be easy (HA!) to lose close to 50 kilos in a year.

Come 12 December it will be one year since I  stood on the scales and revealed to you all just how fat, and unhealthy I was.  I’m not going to lie and tell you it has been easy – trust me – far from it.  At times I’ve felt like throwing in the towel , then out of the blue something happens to re-inspire, and re-focus me.


fat be gone

This is me when I first started FBG – 160.9 kilos


By the end of August I had lost 18 kilos (approx 39.5 lbs).  Here are three changes I’ve noticed:

  1. My boobies are bigger than my tummy
  2. I had to buy a size smaller bra
  3. My butt fits easier into our kitchen chairs



That’s not to be sneezed at I know; however, I’m still fat.  I still have a long way to go.


When I started FBG I weighed in at 160.9 kilos. This coming Friday is my next weight in, and as it’s been a few weeks since my last one I’m feeling a little nervous.


Today I had a wonderful chat with my gorgeous bestie Danielle, and she reminded me just how far I’ve come, and the obstacles  thrown at me over the year may have sent a lot of other people back to the world of junk food.  Even with my occasional deviation I have somehow still managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I don’t want to let myself down – or you.  I want to show you all that all the small steps really do add up and make a huge difference.


Stay tuned – tomorrow I’ll share the food and exercise diary.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone



Oct 03

Getting my butt out of the chair helped shed kilos



As a blogger I spend many hours sitting on my butt in front of the computer.  Couple all that sitting with my ‘day-time’ job, where  I also spend many hours either in front of computer screens, or attending meetings.  Throughout the day that adds up to a lot of sitting on the butt time.

It’s no wonder with all that sitting that many of us have big butts; we are sitting on them 7 – 10 hours a day. And that’s just at work.  What about at home; in front of the TV, eating meals, playing computer games, and reading?


When I decided to research what all this sitting is doing to our bodies I was amazed at some of the findings.


One of my favourite articles is on by Melanie Pinola: “How Many Hours You Should Limit Your Sitting To, To Avoid An Early Death.”   You can well imagine, an article with a title like that certainly pinged my interest.


Are we really ‘sitting ourselves to death’?


Pinola cites an Australian study published in the American Heart Association journal that says;

‘… prolonged television viewing was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease…’

In addition researchers from Louisiana State University and Harvard Medical School reported;

‘…results indicate that US life expectancy drops by 2 years when people sit for more than 3 hours a day…’

Three hours a day! Seriously, if that’s the case my friends we need to get off our butts and get moving people.


How many of you sit longer than three hours a day?  I know I do.  Be honest – how many hours a day do you sit at work, school, watching TV, playing games, reading?


Make the following part of your healthy sustainable life –

7 Tips to Get Your Butt Moving

At work:

  • Set the alarm on your computer or phone to go off every 55 minutes – then stand, stretch, and walk of the spot for two minutes.
  • Grab your walking shoes and have a ‘walk and talk’ meeting with colleagues or lunch time catch up.

At home:

  • During the commercial breaks stand, stretch or just shake your butt till the program resumes.
  • While playing computer games – stand and walk on the spot at the end of each game, or while the program is loading.
  • When you are reading – stand up and walk on the spot at the end of each chapter.

Set you daily goal:

  • Join the Fat Be Gone LIFT group and set up daily walking and exercise goals – on your iPhone or web browser – you will receive support from other community members.
  • Use a pedometer to track your goal of walking 10,000 steps per day.  All the mini walking breaks will soon add up.

No more excuses  – all of these tips have helped me lose 18 kilos to date.   You can do this!

Sitting is Killing YOU

Photo credit – Medical Billing & Coding

I challenge you to join me and get your body moving.

keep sharing the love,



fat be gone

Oct 01

Give yourself a LIFT!




How many of you keep saying one of the following:

  • I need to start walking tomorrow?
  • I need to start moving my body today?
  • I need to make sure I stretch every day?
  • I need to find time just to breathe?
  • I need to meditate for a few minutes each day?


I totally understand it if you keep saying any one of those things and still haven’t started.  That was me.

Do you want help to get motivated? Then I think I may have found an app to help you.  I’ve created a Fat Be Gone Group at LIFT; a habit building app that is fabulous!  You can download it to your web browser or iPhone (sorry no Android app as yet).



The beauty of the LIFT app is you immediately become part of a wider community that is supportive, while you develop your habits.   It makes staying focused on your goals easier and a lot more fun.

I have created three habits to follow in the Fat Be Gone LIFT group, but feel free to add more.  If you are just starting out I strongly suggest no more than three habits.  You don’t want to over commit in the beginning.


Below is a snap-shot of the Fat Be Gone Lift group page.

fat be gone

Once you join LIFT – begin following me and the Fat Be Gone group.

Happy habit building!

fat be gone


Sep 30

Like the Girl Guides – I am prepared



It goes without saying having a fat load of weight to lose isn’t easy.  Even after you hit some of your short term goals the temptation to welcome old habits back into the fold is a constant threat.  I know this, because I live with it every day.  The temptation is often worse when experiencing a wobbly day.

Knowing these ‘addictive personalities’ are just waiting to be invited in have taught me the importance of the famous motto: “be prepared”.

Fat Be Gone meals 21.02.2013


My usual morning routine consists of:

Out of bed around 5.30am, drink my warm lemon water, take my supplements, turn on the coffee machine, and make my breakfast. If I haven’t been vigilant, and prepared the night before, the temptation to eat breakfast on the run can rear its ugly head in the blink of an eye.  As for my second, third, and fourth meals of the day  which are usually consumed at work, need to have been packed, and ready to throw into my bag as I head out the door.




Don’t get me started about the evening meal.  If I haven’t planned ahead, then the looming temptation to ‘grab something’ on the way home yet again rears its ugly head.

Still after all these months of creating a sustainable healthy life the easy, hideous side of processed sodium filled, trans-fat and sugar laden foods still entice me with their ease and addictive personalities.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying myself by any means because you have to treat yourself each week, and this journey has to be sustainable.

When the time arises to eat out shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional grilled fish with baked chips, or homemade burger filled with a real meat pattie and salad, or open chicken kebab with salad and tzatziki.  No my friend, I do not deny myself, but it is the ugly ‘former friends’ who use to visit on a regular basis that I avoid. No more comfortable drive-thru meals in over stretched sweat pants; no more sugar loaded post-mix soda that use to convince me was thirst quenching; no more chicken nuggets that really shouldn’t be served to our children let alone adults.  I say – NO means NO.

Someone asked me recently how I manage to keep focused and stay on track.  I contemplated my answer and reflected on what strategies I had put in place.  The magically answer was two words; ‘be prepared’. Okay, it’s not a magical answer – but it’s how I make success happen.  Each weekend I get prepared.

  • Either Saturday or Sunday I sit down and work out the weekly meal plan;
  • Then check the pantry and fridge to make sure I have all I need to prepare those meals;
  • Spend about three hours preparing meals for the next three days – psychologically if you start off the week well you are more likely to maintain the effort;
  • Adhere to the routine of the meal plan – it really does help make life easier;
  • If I deviate from the meal plan – forgive myself and move on.

It has taken me a very long time, but like the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts I have learnt to ‘be prepared’.

Take the time this week to prepare yourself.  Clean out your cupboards and fridge of all that unnecessary junk food.  Give yourself a clean start.

Why don’t you take before and after pics to share with the Fat Be Gone community?


Keep sharing the love,

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Sep 29

Grab your FREE copy today!



No beating around the bush people …

I am offering the first 100 people that  me a FREE copy of Fat Be Gone: The Journey So Far.  That’s right – I’m giving away 100 copies to my gorgeous readers.

All I ask for in return is write a short review (between 100 and 300 words) what you liked or didn’t like about the book.   That’s it.  Easy.    Your personal review will help me and also give you a golden opportunity to share your thoughts first hand with me.

All you have to do to get your FREE copy emailed to you is click on the green box on the right hand side.

Included in the book:
  • Sample meal plan
  • Meal plan template – for you to print off and use to plan you weekly meals
  • Shopping list template – it includes some of the items I make sure are in  my cupboard all the time


Here is a testimonial from the gorgeous Amanda McFarland – my personal trainer:

To all of you who want to be inspired all I can say is please look to CaAtherine. 

She is a lady who’ve I’ve known for over a year and every time I see her she’s bright, bubbly and always got new ideas and full of stories to inspire me!!.  I am a personal trainer and I love what I do, I love to help people.  I think CaAtherine inspires and brightens people’s lives.  She not only shares her personal and inspiring story of where she came from but she tells her stories with honesty and sincerity. 

I cannot recommend CaAtherine highly enough.  I’ve read her amazing journey and I get excited to share it with my friends and family because I know it will only help them enrich their lives. 

Keep it up CaAtherine!!

We love your relentless spirit. Showing us that anyone and everyone can succeed and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.  You can be the best you can be with perseverance and determination.  This is what CaAtherine has and I believe everyone should take a leaf

out of her book. We love your never ending willingness to help others.

All the very best my dear sweet friend.

Amanda  xxxxxxxx

Move It 2 Lose It Outdoors


Bless Amanda and her very kind words.

I cannot wait to hear from you all and look forward to reading your reviews – good and bad.


Keep sharing the love,

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fat be gone

Sep 27

Fat Be Gone: The Journey So Far has arrived!


Without any further ado – here it is ….


Fat Be Gone: The Journey So Far – and what a journey it’s been.


Buy Now

fat be gone




Here’s the great news – I’ve lost 18 kilos so far.  Can you believe it?


And it doesn’t end there:

  • I’m still living the journey-  so the fat is still moving!
  • My core is getting stronger!
  • I can touch my toes!
  • My body is becoming healthier!
  • I cope with stress a lot easier!
  • My blood pressure is the best it’s been in ten years!
  • I’m wearing jeans for the first time in ten years!
  • I no longer waddle when I walk!
  • I’m no longer embarrassed to go to the pool!
The following is an extract from the book:

Since my 20′s I’ve battled weight issues, but it’s been the last few years of my life where I have seen the lowest lows. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with depression. I am not seeking to blame my weight on the depression, or vice versa.  What I can honestly say is that what I know to have happened in the past was an all too familiar cycle; I would be feeling emotional, so I sought comfort in food.  Then I’d get angry and upset because I had over-eaten, or eaten fat/sugar loaded junk.  So I’d get depressed again, and the cycle would go round and round. 

I got so sick of being FAT.  I wanted to be able to run without worrying about whether my legs would give out from under me.  I didn’t want to count calories. I wanted to be healthy.  I wanted to be happy.

So in December 2012, I decided enough was enough, and created Fat Be Gone.  


There have been a plethora of amazing people who continue to support and love me unconditionally through the journey.

Let me share a beautiful testimonial from Amanda McFarland, the gorgeous PT I’ve been working with;

To all of you who want to be inspired all I can say is please look to CaAtherine. fat be gone

She is a lady who’ve I’ve known for over a year and every time I see her she’s bright, bubbly and always got new ideas and full of stories to inspire me!!.  I am a personal trainer and I love what I do, I love to help people.  I think CaAtherine inspires and brightens people’s lives.  She not only shares her personal and inspiring story of where she came from but she tells her stories with honesty and sincerity. 

I cannot recommend CaAtherine highly enough.  I’ve read her amazing journey and I get excited to share it with my friends and family because I know it will only help them enrich their lives. 

Keep it up CaAtherine!

We love your relentless spirit. Showing us that anyone and everyone can succeed and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.  You can be the best you can be with perseverance and determination.  This is what CaAtherine has and I believe everyone should take a leaf out of her book. We love your never ending willingness to help others.

All the very best my dear sweet friend.

Amanda  xxxxxxxx



How can I not feel inspired and loved when I’m receiving awesome support like this.

Now it’s your turn – tell me what you think of the book, because it is for YOU I have written it.  I never thought in a million years I would be successfully create a healthy lifestyle that inspires others.  Trust me when I say – if I can do it – so can YOU!

Don’t be afraid of the success – embrace it!  YOU will love it!

I really love hearing from you – so leave comments here, or on the Facebook page. You can also follow me on Twitter – remember to use the hashtag – #fbglaunch

Keep sharing the love,

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fat be gone





Sep 26

Top FIVE reasons to read Fat Be Gone




Sitting at home chatting about the launch Ying, (the surrogate little sister) said she had been telling some people they should check out Fat Be Gone.

Ying get’s a little camera shy – so I thought I’d just show this pic I took when the washing machine broke down and we had to use the launderette.

fat be gone


When I asked her why she gave me these reasons, which I have named:

Ying’s Top Five Reasons to Read Fat Be Gone

  1. It’s not about dieting – it’s about creating healthy habits;
  2. It’s the opportunity to become part of a community that is lead by a passionate person;
  3. It is real experiences about a real person;
  4. It’s a holistic approach to a healthy life;
  5. And CaAtherine is pretty funny – she writes just like she talks.


Bless her cotton sox!  Ying has been one of my greatest supporters and champions during all the ups and downs.

I’ve known Ying for over two years, but she only moved in back in February this year – one week before Pia passed away.  During all the turmoil Ying never battered an eye lid.

Even when I’m having a wobbly day she just comes up and gives me a hug and one of her smiles, before patting me on the back and walking away.  Bless her cotton sox!

Now it’s your turn to share why you enjoy reading Fat Be Gone.

This is your opportunity to tell me what you would like me to share with you, the reader.

There is still time to register for the FREE webinar tomorrow at 10:30am AEST.

To register click here


Keep sharing the love,

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Sep 25

Acknowledge your successes while sharing the love




As I was dressing for work today I decided to try on a gorgeous fuchsia coloured top I bought a few months back, in preparation for the warmer months.  I was pleased it easily slipped on, even though it sat a little snug around the tummy.  But still presentable.  I teamed it with black pants that are about two sizes too large for me these days.

When I looked in the mirror the first thought that screamed to mind was; ‘I’M FAT’. Here’s the thing – technically I know I’m still considered over weight, but to date I have lost a lot of weight.  Yet the negative self-speak was the first that came to mind.

As I walked to the train station I muttered to myself how I need to take stock of where I am in the journey:

  • I weigh considerably less than I did back in Dec 2012 – when I started this journey;
  • I feel a lot healthier than I did six months ago;
  • I no longer waddle;
  • I am wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to fit into for years;
  • My blood pressure is the best it’s been for nearly ten years;
  • AND – I’m still on the journey – AND I’ve just finished a book sharing that journey.

We all have to take care, and time, to remind ourselves of our successes, and not allow the negative to obscure reality.

What goals have become successes for you this month?


Something else happened today to remind me how much weight I’ve lost.  I had a meeting in a lecture theatre, whereby the student chairs have the flip-up desk top.  Today I was able to sit comfortably and USE the desk top.  This hasn’t happened for a very long time.  I couldn’t wait to come home and share with you all.

fat be gone

You can still register to be part of the Fat Be Gone webinar on Friday morning at 10:30am – simply click HERE and sign up.


Keep sharing the love,


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Sep 24

Three sleeps, but wait there’s more



I feel as excited as a child getting ready for Christmas!  Only three sleeps (for me at least) till I launch my Fat Be Gone: “My Journey So Far” e-book.

The book includes:

  • Sample Menu
  • Meal Plan Template
  • And more!




Yes – I’m going to offer 25 people the opportunity to participate in a FREE webinar with me on Friday, 27 September at 10:30am AEST.  This will be an unique opportunity for me to share my personal story.

I am offering only 25 places – so register early!  To secure you place simply complete the registered form below.


[contact-form to='' subject='YES! I%26#039;m attending the FREE Fat Be Gone Webinar'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Register me for the FREE webinar' type='radio' required='1' options='YES!'/][/contact-form]


Before I go, here is the photo of Venus I promised.  The top three pics are Venus, and the bottom photo is Saturn.  Saturn is the alpha cat in our home.  She has been with me for approx 11 years. Venus was a birthday gift nearly three years ago.

fat be gone

I look forward to hearing from you and chatting with you all tomorrow.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


Sep 23

COUNT DOWN to Launch Day




I’m so excited!  It’s only four sleeps, that’s right four sleeps till I launch my first Fat Be Gone e-book.

Fat Be Gone: My Journey So Far


Can you believe these pics were taken at the end of last year?


fat be gone

In My Journey So Far I share the challenges, and successes I’ve experienced since starting the journey.

Stay tuned for more info.

keep sharing the love,

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Sep 08

Sunny Sunday, & a kitchen filled with yum




I know I keep harping on about it – but I LOVE spring!  Today was one of those perfect spring days – lots of sun, with a gentle breeze.    We found time to chill outside basking in the sun’s glory in between hanging out loads of washing, setting the bread machine in action, and chopping vegetables to add to the stock that was simmering away.

Sunday is prep day – whereby we get meals ready for the next few days, so that the start of the week doesn’t become bogged down with; ‘what shall I have for lunch today?'; and ‘ what’s for dinner?’  No. none of that in this little house.

On today’s preparation menu was:

  1. Banana Bread
  2. Linseed Bread
  3. Poached chicken in Vegetable stock  – which would result in poached chicken for the pasta dish, and vegetable soup
  4. Lemon and Basil Pasta

After posting some pics on Facebook lots of people asked me for the chicken recipe, as well as how to create the pasta dish.

I have to tell you, the pasta dish is one of the best I’ve EVER made.  I know that’s a huge call, but it is such a refreshing meal – you could eat it as a pasta salad. As promised my  friends, here are the recipes.

Poached Chicken in Vegetable Stock

I used skinless chicken thigh cutlet pieces, but you can you use what ever part of the chicken you prefer.  I recommend using skinless, and pieces containing bones as it enhances the flavour.

4 x pieces of skinless chicken (with bone)

Ingredients for Stock

1/2 teaspoon coconut oil fat begone

2 x diced brown onions

2 x diced cloves garlic

3 x diced carrots

2 or 3 x bay leaves

1 x teaspoon Massel Vegetable stock powder

5 x cups of water (approx)

1/2 x teaspoon chilli powder (add to personal taste)

2 x sprigs of fresh oregano


Add coconut oil to large pot, over medium heat.

Then add onion, and garlic. Cook until onion begins to become transparent.

Add Vegetable stock powder and 1/2 cup of water Add chicken pieces to onion mix.  Cook till lightly brown on one side – turn over.  Make sure to keep moving onion around pot, so it doesn’t stick.

After 5 minutes add diced carrots, bay leaves, chilli powder, and two cups of water.

Bring to the boil. Once boiled, add remaining water – bring back to the boil.

Add oregano. Then reduce the heat so the contents simmer for 30 minutes.

Check on contents, stirring occasionally.

After 30 minutes check that the chicken  is cooked.

Remove from pot and place on plate to cool.  Set aside.

Allow remaining stock to simmer for another 15 minutes. Turn off heat and allow to cool.

Once cold, remove the sprig or oregano and bay leaves.

You can either mix in blender, or leave chunky.

OPTIONAL:  Cook one cup of brown rice and add. Serve as vegetable soup with crusty bread.

Chicken – once the chicken has cooled, pull meat apart and shred. Set aside to use in the pasta dish.

Basil and Lemon Pasta

We love this pasta dish – the lemon makes it such a refreshing meal, that can be served hot or cold. I use the poached chicken from the previous recipe – however, you can omit the chicken entirely as the dish is flavoursome without any meat.


Use poached chicken from previous recipe

Handful of spaghetti pasta (enough for 4 people)fat be gone


1 x large bunch of fresh basil

2 x clove of garlic – chopped

1/2 x cup smooth ricotta

1 x lemon

1 x cup of bread crumbs (I made these from the crusts of the homemade linseed bread I make – you can buy buy ready made crumbs or make  your own)

1/2 bunch parsley

80 grams of pine nuts  (approx 1/3 cup)


Add 1 1/2 litres of water in to and 1 tablespoon salt – bring to the boil.

Add spaghetti  while water is boiling – make sure you stir the pasta in the water as soon as you add it – it stops the pasta from sticking together.  Put lid back on pot until it returns to the boil.

Begin timing the cooking time as per the packet instructions as soon the spaghetti has submerged in the water.

If you use whole-wheat grain pasta remember it takes a little longer to cook. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and rinse.

Leave about 1 centimetre ( approx 1/2 inch) of the cooking water in the bottom of the pot when you drain pasta.

While the spaghetti is cooking add bread crumbs, zest of one lemon, one of the diced garlic cloves, and the parsley to food processor with chopping blade – pulse for 2 minutes.

If you don’t have a food processor finely dice garlic and parsley – add to bread crumbs.  Pour bread crumb mix into paper bag.  Roll the bag with a rolling pin a few times to crush – then follow instructions below.

Add bread crumb mix to non-stick frying pan till lightly toasted.  Keep moving them around the pan so they do not stick or burn.

Once toasted, place in bowl.

Now add pine nuts to pan to toast lightly.  Like the crumbs, keep moving them around the pan so they don’t burn. Once they are toasted add to bowl with bread crumbs.

To food processor add ricotta, juice of one lemon, remaining garlic, pinch of salt, leaves from the bunch of basil. Blender on high till mixed.

Once spaghetti is cooked, remember to save a little of the pasta water in the bottom of the pot when draining.

Add the shredded chicken to the pasta water and reheat – keep stirring.

After one minute, add pasta back in with chicken.

Add four tablespoons of the bread crumb mix.   Stir through pasta.

Serve pasta and chicken mix into individual bowls.

Sprinkle another heaped teaspoon of crumb mix over pasta.

Add a large dollop of basil and lemon mix on top of pasta.  Stir through before eating.  YUMMO!

Serve with side salad.

You may find you have some breadcrumb mix left over – add to sterile, air tight jar and use with other dishes. Suggest keeping in the fridge.

I can’t wait to eat the left-overs for lunch tomorrow.

Make sure you add your pics of your version of the pasta dish to Facebook or Twitter.

Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jul 22

Is 5:00 am too early?




Happy Monday everyone!  I ask you; is 5:00 am too early?


For some reason, and since starting FBG, my body clock has decided it’s an ideal time for me to wake.  I don’t mean, I roll over squinting to check the time in the dark. No.  I’m wide awake and ready to play.  To quote that amazing woman, PINK:

I love when it’s all too much
5 a.m. turn the radio up
Where’s the rock ‘n roll?

It’s a little hard to ‘rock n roll’ when everyone else is still snoozing.  So I’ve started to meditate.  Nothing fancy, just sitting still, breathing, and being in the moment.  My brain  usually goes into over-drive as soon as I’m up and about.  The mediation is my way and slowing all that down, and (hopefully) create less stress.



It’s only been a couple of days and my brain is still in top gear.  But I have to say I’m loving the peace and stillness at that time of the morn.  There are only two issues:

  1. Currently it is winter and a little chilly,
  2. All I think about while I’m meditating is cranking up the coffee machine.


I envisage it’s going to take time.


In the meantime, I’ll keep breathing, enjoying the quiet of the day, maybe throw in a couple of stretches before brewing that first cup of heaven of the day.


How do you spend your first 30 minutes of the day?  Are you busy organizing other people? Always running late, and missing breakfast?  I would love you to share.


Now for some rock n roll….x

fat be gone

Jul 21

A Snow Angel and a Walking Stick


Hi gorgeous people!  How has your week been?


Mine has been awesome, as my BIG brother and his wife have been visiting. My Bro has never seen snow, so on Friday we did a road trip so he could do a snow angel.  It was hilarious!

fat be gone

I was a little nervous being in the snow, in case I damaged my knee again.  It’s driving me a little cray cray as I can’t get back to the gym.  Plus winter has arrived and it’s been bitterly cold, which makes me want to eat lots of heavy style foods.  Let’s face it, a green salad isn’t as exciting on a rainy, stormy night.


This afternoon I ventured out on my first walk.  It was awesome!  And I managed to do it without the walking stick.

fat begone









Guess what?  My e-book is getting closer to being finished.  The editor has given me some re-writes to finish before I launch it.  I’m sorry it’s taking a little longer than I thought – but it will be worth the wait.


What amazing plans do you have this week? Gym? Swimming?  I would love to know what type of exercise you are planning.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jul 03

Getting back to basics




Okay, I’m ready to get back to it.  The past few days have been a dark cloud hanging over me, but enough is enough.


Today wasn’t a walk in the park by any means.  It was more of a, one foot in front of the other type of day.  That sort of approach made today easier to get through.  I managed to eat four meals from my plan and did 30 minutes in the gym.


Tonight I even threw in a ten minute walk for good measure.  I have read lots that a gentle walk after your evening meal is good for the body.  It can’t hurt, that’s for sure.


fat be gone

Gym bag loaded for the morning

Tomorrow’s lunch is packed, as is the gym bag.


I would love to know what type of exercise is motivating you on your personal journey?


Remember to keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jul 02

What happens when you stuff up



I’m going to just come right out and say it – I stuffed up. Today I was told I simply ‘fell of the wagon.’


When I met with the counsellor today she told me what I’m going through is normal.  Normal.  Well, I n ever thought I’d ever fall into that category.  However, it would seem it is normal to ‘fall off the wagon’; metaphorically speaking.


I’ve been focused on creating a healthy lifestyle for just over six months, and during that time I’ve dealt with the loss of my precious step-daughter.  I suppose something had to give.  Grief is one of those emotions that you just can’t lock into a time frame.  Grieving sucks. You never know when it’s going to jump up and slap you.   It is unrealistic to say; “I will stop grieving in three months.” Totally unrealistic.  At the time a dear friend said to me; “that you start to live a different kind of normal.”


What I can tell you is that I didn’t go off and over-indulge in the drive- thru, fast food cuisine.  The problem has been that I just haven’t been able to focus on eating or preparing meals from my usual meal plans.  It takes a lot of energy to be organised and remain focused on eating the right foods, as well as getting my butt to the gym.  I can honestly tell you this is just a small hiccup that I can work through as I recoup and get organised.


Tomorrow is always a new day – and  for my tomorrow I have my lunch packed for work, and my gym bag packed. Already a woman on a mission.


I would love to hear how you all have been travelling on your strive for a healthier lifestyle.  What do you do when you ‘fall off the wagon’?


Also, I have realised it’s not sustainable to load a posting every day.  As of tomorrow I will be posting blogs each Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Thank you to all the new followers from Facebook – I’d love you to drop by and say hi.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone





Jun 26

When the experts confuse me


Happy Hump Day everyone!


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I’m a smart woman.  Successfully completed uni, I work in education, run my own business, and can hold my own in any situation.  There are those moments when my brain feels as if it’s overflowing with information with it’s very own check-list.  But all-in-all I’m going to say; “I’m a smart woman.”



Having said that I find I get confused when the experts (weight loss) share conflicting information.  For example, I recently read mixed messages from a well known TV  Dr, who has a very successful  show that focuses on all health issues.  I will admit to the occasional viewing of his show when I’m home, especially when he is chatting about weight loss.  Usually I find his words of wisdom encouraging.  However, I’m confused because he stressed that strict dieting (sorry for using the “D” word) or fasting isn’t healthy.


Today I read an article where he promotes a seven day, crash diet (sorry again), that should see you lose ten pounds.  Seriously people.  How can this be good for us?  I know that many of us want the fast track to losing weight.  I used to be one of them.  But what happened to me is what I’ve learnt has happened to many others – no sooner had I lost the weight, that I stacked it right back on.  So began the YoYo effect.


My own Dr V reminds me each time I go to weigh-in: “this is a marathon, not a sprint.”  I could give you many other similar cliches including – “slow and steady wins the race.”  This approach is working for me.


I still have days when I look in the mirror and think I haven’t lost much, and that my butt still has it’s own postcode. Then I run into people I haven’t see for a couple of weeks and they generously tell me how much I’ve lost, and how healthy I’m looking.Mirror


Are you confused?  I went back and re-read the article to make sure I understood what the wonderful Dr was saying.  Yep – the articles still said “Seven Day Crash Diet” (sorry again about the “D” word) and “Lose Ten Pounds.”  Every day we read online and in magazines these types of articles.


Let me know what  you think. All I can tell you is that even though I get frustrated I’m going to keep running ‘my marathon’.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


Jun 25

The World is Getting FAT



By the way, that’s not my opinion, rather that of the OECD – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  In their 2010 report; Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat they reveal that 500 million people worldwide have a body mass index 30 or above.  The Better Health Channel cites 20-25 to be a healthy BMI.


The Australian government have been bantering around the idea of hitting us with a Fat Tax on fast-food.  Seriously, that is not going to make a difference.  They raised taxes on cigarettes and people still smoke.

 fat be gone

I don’t profess to having the answer to this epidemic; surely educating the young people in schools is one of the best places to start? Adding another tax is only going to drive fast food manufacturers to cut more corners and add more preservatives?
A good  friend of mine who comes from Malaysia went to a wedding on Sunday and  a couple of people told her she was fat.  I couldn’t believe it.  She is lucky if she weighs 48 kilos wringing wet.
It got me reflecting on people’s perceptions and what individuals consider to be fat.  In some cultures a rubenesque or fuller figured woman is desired much more than a size 8 woman.   For me it is all about being healthy, whether that it is a size 12, 14 or 16 is really irrelevant.  As long as my blood pressure is normal, my muffin top has diminished, and I can last on the cross-trainer for longer than 20 minutes I’ll be happy.
fat be gone
For now I’ll keep working on my healthy lifestyle and ridding myself of the ‘muffin top’ and normalizing the blood pressure.
Keep sharing the love,
fat be gone

Jun 24

What did I learn today?


Happy Monday everyone!


I’ve just dropped my best friend and her sister at the airport.  They arrived Saturday morning to surprise their elder sister with a whirl-wind visit.   It’s been fabulous to see them all together.

fat be gone

Today has been a little cray cray at work – not just because it’s Monday, but due to a couple of projects I’m working on.  Right in the middle of a two hour meeting I had a  realization; it’s too easy to fall back into old habits – even when you have been working hard on creating fabulous new ones.


Over the past week I realised I still need to stay vigilant, and keep on top of my goals. Time to refocus and get motivated!

I’ve learnt:

  • I can do it
  • When I fail I learn
  • I am the only one accountable for my actions and choices

I need to re-group – refocus on the meal plan – up the ante at the gym.

fat be gone

What are you going to do tomorrow?


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jun 22

Out for Dinner


It’s Saturday evening and I’m heading out for dinner.


My best friend and her sister flew in this morning from Perth and a group of us are heading out for a catch-up and a meal.   Heading out for dinner should never be an issue.  Most places these days offer healthy options.  If there isn’t anything on the menu that ticks any of your healthy meal choices – simple ask.  I’ve never been one to hold back and ask for special dishes.


If the restaurant doesn’t accommodate your requests – then you know not to return.  Easy.


Anyway, I need to go and throw on a frock and some lippy.  Have a wonderful Saturday night!



Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jun 21

Full Moon is coming and so is ME time!


Happy Friday everyone.  Tonight  look outside – that glow emanating through your window is not from the street lights, but from the near full moon.   It looks beautiful.


Full Moon

It’s Friday, which meant I got to have some ME time.  It’s so important isn’t it – ME time.  I love it.  Sometimes I spend it curled up on the sofa re-watching one of my many Star Trek DVD’s, reading a book, or doing nothing.  Just nothing – lazing and gazing out the window.  Why am I talking about ME time on a blog about losing weight?  It’s important, that’s why.


Yes, this journey is all about ME. But how many of you can honestly say they get to spend one to two hours a week just doing what they want to do without any interruptions?  I have made it priority since starting FBG to find quality ME time each week.  It helps reduce stress, which helps lower my blood pressure and that can’t be bad.  Even 15 minutes a day for YOU is worthwhile.


By simply starting with 15 minutes a day of ME time will help refresh and energize you.  It will help give you clarity, reduce your stress, and believe it or not, it will start to make you a lot more organized. Going to the gym doesn’t count.



  • Decide how long ME time you are going to schedule per day/week
  • List five things you want to do during your ME time
  • Put ME time in your diary – schedule it as a A1 priority
  • Say NO to any requests that clash with your ME time
  • DO NOT feel guilty about creating ME timebubble-bath


When I first started scheduling ME time I was so overwhelmed, that I couldn’t think of anything to do.  So to help you get started, here are five suggestions for ME time:


  1. Draw or paint
  2. Listen to your favourite music, while having a bubble bath
  3. Lay on the grass and cloud watch
  4. Take yourself to a cafe and do a crossword or read your favourite book
  5. Give yourself a facial – lay on the bed with your feet up listening to soothing music


Any of these can launch a 15 minute ME time.


Let me know friends how you go scheduling ME time and what you activity you treat yourself to.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


Jun 20

Minor set-backs do not mean you have failed


Happy Thursday everyone.


Today’s message to you all is – just because you have a couple of minor set-backs, don’t give up – you haven’t failed.


It’s been a tough few days.  I’ve been tired and a little grumpy.  I suppose the hormone activity currently raging through my body isn’t helping.  As a result I’ve not been as strict with my exercise and eating plan as I should be.


It’s not that I’ve been hitting the world of drive-thru, take-away fast foods, or secret eating chocolate bars.  I just haven’t been as rigorous or adhering to my meal plans as I should.   The biggest slipup has been eating way too much extra bread.  I suppose I should be happy that I didn’t smother it in butter.


Eggs with mushrooms and avocado

Eggs with mushrooms and avocado

Even though I’ve managed to get to the gym three times this week I still feel like a fatty boomba.  It’s the first time I’ve felt like this since starting FBG.  The other thing that I’ve noticed is the pain in my knees.  I’m feeling like an old woman.  The chilly Melbourne weather isn’t helping either.  Good grief – I just need to stop whinging.


Tomorrow is a new day.  Up early and off the gym, then a healthy breakfast, all before my 9:00 am meeting.


So my gorgeous friends, I’m off to bed to get my well-deserved eight hours shut eye.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jun 19

Day 52 = Hump Day


Happy Hump Day everyone!


I know, I missed posting last night.  I do have a great excuse, we had awesome dinner guests and I didn’t want to whip out the laptop half way through the meal.

fat be gone

Dinner was  yummo!  Mixed grain buns, homemade chicken burgers, with cooked tomato and onion, and various salads.     We made the burgers by mincing chicken thigh meat, with onion, garlic and chilli flakes.  The meat was minced the day before to allow time for the flavours to work their magic.  Instead of cooking them in the traditional manner, we created mini burger patties and cooked them in the oven on baking paper.

The burgers were a success.  The company and dinner conversation was fabulous and stimulating.

Tonight was a very simple meal of rice and chicken.  I can tell you my friends that I’m not long from my bed.  The chilly predicted temperature of 3 degrees is a damn good reason to curl up with the laptop and a DVD.

Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone

Jun 17

The not so secret women’s business



Happy Monday my friends.


Yes it is Day 50, and I haven’t posted for four days.  No, I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens, or carried away by a knight in shining armour.   The fact of the matter is I’ve been extremely tired, which has seen me struggling to keep my eyes open after dinner.  I thought I was coming down with something.

fat be gone

Saturday afternoon I received the surprise of my life: men you may not be interested in what I’m about to share. Then again, if you have partners and mothers you may learn something that will make you a little more emphatic.


My friends – remember I’m 52 years young – I got my damn period!  This is the third time this year!  I am supposed to me skipping down the menopausal road of happiness – not having to run down the street to purchase ‘feminine hygiene products’ on a Saturday afternoon. Good grief.


When I mentioned all these changes to the Dr V she said, something along the lines of;

“maybe you’ve found a way to reverse the aging process.”

Seriously? Great if I have, but do I still have to have “this situation” each month?  I’d rather have a root canal.  Well, maybe not a root canal – I imagine all the women out there can empathize with me just a little.


At lunch last week, a couple of girlfriends told me I was looking younger. Bless our girlfriends. I have to say I have noticed  that my skin is looking healthier; not just my facial area.  I’ve always moisturized my face and body, so maybe, along with all the healthy eating, and exercising  it’s finally paying off.


Ladies, learn from me – especially if you are carrying extra weight and want to have children; start eating healthy TODAY!   Don’t put if off any longer.  Maybe I wouldn’t have had two ectopic pregnancies in my 30’s if I had taken better care of myself.


Even though today was hectic I still managed to find 30 minutes to hit the bike in the gym.  I’m really proud that I have stuck to my commitment to exercise a minimum of four times a week,  between 30 to 50 minutes each time.  With winter settling in and taking hold it is tempting to eat heavier foods.  So I’m not  enticed by the stodgy foods  I am creating lots of healthy soups, and having a small bowl as part of my meals.


fat be gone

Chicken and vegie soup

Well my friends, it’s time for me and my uterus to to curl up with the wheat bag and snuggle in for the night.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone




Jun 13

Losing the mojo



Before I even get into today’s posting I just have to say how wonderful it was to catch up with my gorgeous friends for lunch today. In particular, my friend Jenny and her gorgeous daughter Jane – I just adore her! fat be gone


Today was certainly  Day 46 and it seems that I have another case of Thursdayitis.


Each week I’m noticing that by the time Thursday evening arrives I seem to have lost my writing mojo.  Maybe it’s because it is nearly the end of the week, or maybe my brain wants to go into sleep mode so it can process all the updates.


So tonight my darlink friends this will be short and sweet.


Exercise today was 20 minutes interval bike  training, 6 minutes x-trainer, strengthening exercises – 3 sets x 15 reps of lat pull downs, dumb-bell flies, triceps pull-down, and 15 minutes stretches and ab work.


fat be gone

I’m still working hard on eliminating sugar and fructose from my eating plan.  Breakfast this morning was awesome –  bacon (yes bacon!), paprika eggs & mushrooms. I’ve been using small bread & butter sized plates for my breakfast , tonight, my dinner.  It’s amazing how fast the stomach becomes full.


If you find you are over-eating try reducing your plate and bowl size.  You will find that it does make a difference.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jun 12

Change as good as a new breakfast


Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!


I just have to say – Sarah Wilson I am LOVING your cookbook! 


It’s Day 45 and my third day of cutting back on the sugar and fructose.  The major difference  has been the change in breakfast.  It means I have to be extremely organised the night before, which isn’t a bad thing.


As I mentioned yesterday, while  reading Sarah Wilson’s Cookbook I discovered a Breakfast Casserole recipe, and  decided to create my own version.  Which I have to say was Yummo!


fat be gone

I minced my own chicken to use in  the Breakfast Casserole which also contains sweet potato and egg whites; served with a side of mushrooms.   I made enough casserole for four brekkies.  To make sure I don’t over eat I serve breakfast on  bread & butter plates.


The change in breakfast is definitely leaving me fuller longer.   Usually by 8:30 am –  9:00 am I’m looking for Meal # 2 – today I was still feeling sated longer.   Moreover, I’ve discovered my renewed love for cooking.  Each day I set myself mini challenges to see just healthy, low-fat and sugar free I can create.


The longer I am on the FBG journey the more I realize healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or complicated to prepare.   I strongly recommend you experiment.    Also, I would love you to message me and share your favourite healthy meal.


Today’s exercise included 20 minutes interval training, 6 minutes x-trainer, and 15 minutes stretching which includes ab work.


Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone




Jun 11

New way to start the day


Happy Day 44 everyone!


Yes, it is day 44 of my 66 Day Challenge to set up some great habits.  As I mentioned yesterday I am looking at  removing fructose from my eating plan for two weeks.


Today’s brekkie was fantastic.

fat be gone


Mushrooms with oregano  and garlic sprouts and scrambled eggs.  Cooked with a little coconut oil.  So filling and delicious.


Definitely felt fuller for longer today.  It will be interesting to see if that sensation continues.


Tomorrow’s breakfast, based on a recipe from Sarah Wilson’s Cookbook, is already prepared.   Stay tuned for that.


Exercise was 20 minutes interval training on the bike, and 6 minutes x-trainer, finishing with 15 minutes of various abs exercises on the mat and stretches.


Looking for to curling up with my book on this chilly night.


How are you going with your eating plan this week?  Are you finding it is becoming easier?


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone



Jun 10

Sweets not so sweet


Hi my gorgeous friends,


Day 42 was a public holiday for us living in Melbourne – sweet!


For the not so sweet  I’ve been reading the Sarah Wilson book, “I Quit Sugar” and the effect sugar has on us.   You should take time to check out her blog Sarah Wilson - lots of great info.

fat be gone

How many of us reach out for that sugary fix late in the afternoon?  I used to be one of those people.


Sarah’s book reminded me just how much sugar is used to make low-fat food taste appetizing.


I went and re-read just how much sugar is in the cereal I’ve been eating each day for breakfast.  A little scary I tell you.  David Gillespie who wrote  “Sweet Poison”   says:

“…eating a cereal like Kellogg’s Just Right and a glass of apple juice for breakfast will add up to almost half a kilo of sugar by the end of the week.”

Check out his blog How Much Sugar


It is totally a personal choice to cut back or give up sugar, and I’m not saying you need to.  This is what I’ve going to  attempt over the next couple of weeks:

  • Keep  sugar to a minimum over the next couple of weeks.
  • Read all product labels to check sugar levels
  • No fruit for two weeks
We often use sugar as a stimulant – the problem is the more we have the more we want. The same with salt.
Let me know if you too are planning on cutting back on your sugar and how you feel after a few weeks.  Remember to drink lots of water and green tea.
Keep sharing the love,
fat be gone


Jun 09

Day 42 – and another to go!



Hi gorgeous people!


Yes,there is another day to go of this long weekend.  Which also means another day for me to work towards my goal.


When beginning an epic journey goaling setting ensures you remain heading towards your desired outcome.  You must regularly re-examine these goals at least once a month to keep on track.  I can tell you first hand, it is amazing to be able to say, “Yes, I did it!”

Of the goals I set the following were included:

  • 10 kilo loss – get new photos highlighting progress
  • 30 kilo loss – updates photos
  • 50 kilo loss – full photo-shoot highlighting progress


I delayed my 10 kilo milestone as I felt the difference wasn’t noticeable.  Today, after losing 15 kilos I got to spend the day being pampered and photographed.  Louise, from Foxy and Fabulous – let me tell you, she is!  This woman really knows how to make you feel a million dollars and have fun at the same time.

fat be gone

I can guarantee the new photos will reveal a healthier woman than appears in these photos – stay tuned!


Even though I have set other goals I believe the photos will give us all the opportunity to see the success as I keep heading towards my target.  It’s human nature really; we all need evidence to validate our accomplishments.  My friends, I am no different.


There are days when I look in the mirror and still see the fat, unhealthy woman who started FBG back in December.  As I sit writing this, I know damn well that unhealthy individual is slowly disappearing.  But sometimes the mind plays tricks on us.  This is why I planned the photo-shoots with an expert, and to make sure I get to see the ‘new’ me as I become healthier.


How many of you have taken the time to set goals – either by time or weight range, to help keep you on track?  You can keep them private, in your journal or share them with you FBG weight loss buddy.


Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone




Jun 08

Day 41 – Hello long weekend



Hello my gorgeous friends.


I can’t believe I almost forgot that it is a long weekend here in Victoria.  For me that means an extra long weekend. Woo hoo!


Sorry I’m haven’t planned anything overly exciting to do, or booked a ticket to an exotic island.  I’m staying put in Melbourne, and making sure I rug up well.


Today I read this article –    The 4 Most Common Cardio Mistakes and How to Fix Them

I have to say it gave some great tips.  Let me know what you think.


Too often I find the advise in these types of articles a little perplexing, and not aimed at the average person.  Average person – I never thought I’d put myself in that category.

fat be gone

Too often I read articles in fitness magazines that don’t seem appropriate for the newly motivated.  Especially if you are carrying more than 20 or 30 kilos above your ideal weight range; I don’t know about you, but lunges and squats when you are 36 kilos above your weight range is certainly not recommended.


The suggestions in the article are adaptable. Though I don’t envisage I’ll be running down the local sidewalk any day soon, let alone the treadmill in the gym.


The message I take away is we need to keep pushing ourselves – don’t become complacent.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


Jun 07

Day 40 = I stink!


Happy Friday everyone.


Today – I stink!


I’ve spent most of the day curled up in bed sleeping.  Why?  I have the beginnings of a cold.  Stinking like vapour rub, and looking very unattractive – as one does when curled up in bed, covered in vapour rub,- I’ve not been very active.  Needless to say there was no exercise for me today.


Tomorrow is another day.


Yesterday I read a wonderful article about Joan, from a town in Ireland called Dundalk; which is situated in County Louth and has an approx. population of 32,000.  In 1983, while visiting Central Park, New York,  Joan saw how people connected while running and walking. Returning to Dundalk Joan started her first Meet and Train group for women.  At the same time she arranged for a bus load of runners to be delivered.

fat be gone

What I loved about this article is the simplicity of how Joan brought a group of women together to not only inspire, but to help improve their health.

You can read the full article HERE

Joan says:

“The Women’s Mini-Marathon is very special to the women of Ireland,” Joan said. “It helps people in communities in so many parts of Ireland to connect – to walk and run and to talk. You can never underestimate the social value that group training for an event like the Mini-Marathon delivers. Group training, either walking or running, is a great antidote for loneliness. When you are active, you can deal much better with loneliness or depression – you feel more alive and connected too.”

Joan’s story embodies the power of connecting with others to keep motivate while exercising.


As for me, I’m going back to bed with the vapour rub and a hot lemon drink.


Let me know if you love exercising with a couple of friends or on your own.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jun 05

A new addiction for Day 38


Hi gorgeous people,


I have a new addiction; celery sticks.  Weird I know. It is definitely a much healthier addiction to have than chocolate, fried foods or crystal meth.


Look at what I found at the bottom of the shopping bag - and NO, it's not mine!

Look at what I found at the bottom of the shopping bag – and NO, it’s not mine!

It got me thinking back to the dark days when, after a bad day I would plough my way through a 200 gram block of nut chocolate, followed by a 500 ml soft drink.  That would be dinner. Then I would wonder why I felt sick and miserable.  At my lowest, I’ve been known to shove down a double meat burger, large fries, and large soda.  Then find room for a caramel sundae.  Good grief!  How in the hell did I do it?  Why did I do it?


I know why; I was depressed.  I would eat because I was depressed; then I would get depressed because I was fat, so I’d eat for comfort.    How did I manage it?


When I reflect back on those days I feel nauseated.  There is no way I could stomach now.  Seriously, I haven’t had soft/soda for months.  As for the burger and fries – the only burgers these days are the ones being served in my own kitchen.

fat be gone

MORE Celery sticks!

Someone asked me at what point did I realise that I would never go back to my old habits?  To be honest, every day I need to work at it.  It just isn’t about eating great, healthy food and exercising; it has to be a whole mind shift.  That is what I work on each and every day.  And if that includes my new addiction to celery sticks, then life can’t be too bad.


I would love to know which food have become your latest addiction?


Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone





Jun 04

Happy Tuesday and Day 37 everyone!


Happy Tuesday  and Day 37 everyone!


You know those days when you hit the gym and everything just seems to flow – today was one of those fabulous workout day’s.

Today’s Exercise: 

  • 20 minutes exercise bike, ranging from levels 3 to 7 – averaging 24 kph
  • 7 minutes  x-trainer, level 2
  • Strengthening and  resistance exercises – 15 x 3 reps
    • Lat pull downs,
    • Dumb-bell flies
    • Tri-pulldowns
    • Chest press
  • 15 minutes stretches


It helped that there were only about four of us in the gym – and the workman were again being gracious and had downed tools during my workout.

fat be gone

This week I’m being vigilant about what snacks I take to work.  My snack of the week is celery.  I love celery sticks.


My top five tips for eating celery :

  • Celery is mainly water
  • Celery is a great source of fibre
  • Celery sticks are handy to carry any where
  • Approx 40 grams of celery = 3.5 calories
  • Celery is full of vitamins A, K and C


Five great reasons to make celery your new best friend.


Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone








Jun 03

Day 36 … Dear Monday




I really do love getting up early.  I do.  It’s just that when Monday comes around it just seems to be a struggle to get motivated.  Once I get on the move I’m fine.


Today, as soon as I stirred my body towards the kitchen for my early morning hot water the rest of the day just seemed to flow.  There was plenty of time for my usual breakfast of cereal and organic milk, before heading out the door to see what Monday had on offer.

fat be gone

I couldn’t believe my luck; nearly every green light, lots of parking spaces to choose from, and an extra warm greeting from a couple of colleagues, that included hugs all round.    Everything from then just flowed easily.  Even the workman had put tools down during my lunchtime visit to the gym.  (The gym is extending the workout area, so the past week has been filled with the cacophony of power drills and hammering).


The afternoon passed uneventful.  I arrived home to discover dinner had been taken care of.  Cauliflower Soup and homemade burgers for dinner.  YUM!


If Monday was a person, each time it came to visit I would usually greet it with a serious eye roll and a false smile.  Today though  Monday surprised me.  In honour of a stress free start to the week I have written Monday a letter:


Dear Monday,

I know we have had our differences in the past, and usually I  try my utmost to ignore you. But I have to say today you were more  congenial and accommodating than usual.  Yes, it did surprise me, and I do like surprises. 


It must be a challenge for you only getting the opportunity to visit once every seven days.  What you need to remember is that you are not our only visitor.  There are your six siblings who also visit on a weekly basis.  If you could take that into account next week when you come knocking on my door at 5:30 am, I would really appreciate it.  At least put on a smiley face, and give us all a warm hug. 


Yours sincerely,

A happy Monday participant.


Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – Cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 x slice of date bread and coffee with milk

Meal 3 – Small bowl of Fennel salad and tuna

Meal 4 – Handful of celery sticks and a can of tuna

Meal 5 – Small bowl of Cauliflower Soup, homemade chicken burger patty, salad and one small bread roll

Exercise - 26 minutes exercise bike – 9 kms, 6 and half minutes of x-trainer, and 15 minutes stretch that includes sit ups.


Until Tuesday comes to visit – keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

Jun 02

Happy Sunday = Day 35




The weather man told us that it was supposed to rain all day.  Turns out he was wrong.  There is something comforting lazing in the afternoon winter sun.    It reminds me of long Sunday drives in the country with mum and dad.    fat be gone


Winter also reminds me that we can easily be tempted to over eat. How many times have you heard something along the lines of:

“You always put weight on it winter.”

“We need to put weight on in winter to keep warm.”


We don’t need to put weight on in winter.  We can still go for walks, go to the gym, and find some sort of exercise to keep our bodies moving.   We don’t need to eat extra food to put on weight to keep warm – wear more clothes!


Trust me; in the past I’ve used those excuses.  Any excuse will do when you can’t be bothered eating well or motivating yourself to workout.


For those of us experiencing the beginnings of the winter chills, let’s make an extra effort to keep the body moving, and eat healthy foods.    My gear is ready for tomorrow’s session.  My meals are planned and packed.


I’ve just spent two hours in a motivational session with five amazing young people.  The five of them are from five very different walks of life.  However, they all have one common thread: they are determined.  As their mentor I am charged by their enthusiasm and energies.  Spending time with amazing people reminds you how amazing life is.

fat be gone

Day 35 is an amazing Sunday.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone



Jun 01

Friday night’s big decision…



Not posting before I go to bed each night leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.  I made a promise to post each day – but sometimes life doesn’t necessarily get in the way, it sort of waves at you from across the room  to distract you from you should be doing.


Yesterday was a day filled with lots of those moments.  I’m not complaining, because it was a great day.  After a fabulous day, which started with a 7 am breakfast meeting and finished with friends coming over for dinner, I needed to make a decision.  To post, or not to post at 11:30 pm?  I tried writing, but I could hear my bed cajoling me from the other room.  The bed won.  Hence no Friday posting.  I figured most of you would be out kicking up your heels, or having fabulous family night with the kids.  Apparently a couple of people remembered that it was weigh-in day and wanted to know where my latest weight loss post was.  SORRY!


Yes, I did have another loss.  Dr V is over the moon with my progress and reminds me each month that; “it’s a fat be gonemarathon, not a sprint”.  I know this, really I do.  But this month I was hoping I had done enough to lose four kilos.  It wasn’t to be.



In four weeks I have lost  2.8 kilos.  My total weight loss to date is 14 kilos.  Every loss counts I know, but I was hoping it was just a little more.  Not to worry.  I have five weeks till my next weigh-in and I’m determined to smash it!


I think my body needs me to ramp up the exercise a little more, and I need to cut out some of the fruit toast and homemade sausage rolls I’ve been having.


At least I’m still moving in the right direction.  Each and every weigh-in has been a loss, so I have nothing to complain about.


Quite a few people have been sending me messages asking for my help to lose weight.  Thank you for reaching out and all I can do is share with you what I have been doing.  I’ve been writing an e-book with will be available very soon on my website.  In the meantime, here are my top five tips:



  1. See your doctor and get a check-up and get their support – explain to them what you are about to do.
  2. Ask a friend to be your weight loss buddy – it doesn’t matter if they don’t need to lose weight; you need to have a ‘go to buddy’ to celebrate the good times and someone to support you through the rough ones.
  3. Write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink for four weeks.
  4. Exercise for 30 minutes a day.  It can be a simple walk about the block, dancing to the kids Wiggles video, sitting on an exercise bike – anything, as long as you are moving.
  5. My number five tip – Make whatever you do SUSTAINABLE – it should be about a lifestyle choice.

My bonus tip is – remember you are NOT ALONE on your journey – everyone here at Fat Be Gone is here to support you.

Keep sharing the love,

 fat be gone






fat be gone

May 30

Day 32 – the only thing to say is – DUKKA!



Today was pretty uneventful.  Not a lot to share.  Though I did make Cauliflower & Coconut Soup, and Dukka.

fat be gone

I love using Dukka on salads, chicken – anything really. I will add the recipe over the weekend.


Last night I added a couple of recipes –


Chicken Schnitzel

Mushrooms stuffed with Buckwheat and Spinach


Time for this lady to go to bed.

Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

May 29

Day 31 – ‘better than a slap in the guts’



I was fortunate enough to be born to parents who were in their forties and already had three other children.  My eldest brother is 19 years older than me, and he might be mortified to know that when people come to visit and see my graduation pic (taken when I was 32yrs)  ask; ‘oh, is that your Dad? He looks young.”   I love the look on their faces when I tell them it’s my eldest brother.  I then tell them I have another brother who looks like Willi Nelson – just not quite as old.  Then there is my ‘big sister’ who is only 159 cm (I’m 170 cm).  Bless.  I love my siblings.


fat be gone

a VERY OLD pic with Dad on my wedding day

As I kid growing up and hanging with my Dad I learnt lots of Aussie slang. Some, I soon found out, shouldn’t be used in front of young children.  But that was our Dad.  If things didn’t go to plan Dad would say:

“Better than a slap in the guts with a wet Mullet.”    (a Mullet is a fish).

Another of his favourites was:

“Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.”


Possibly you are wondering why I’m talking about some old Aussie slang that my Dad used to banter about?


My gorgeous friends – this week has been an emotionally challenging one. When it gets like that I often think back to some of the valuable advice Mum and Dad gave us.  I also look for things in my life that simply make me smile.  Reflecting on our Dad and his colourful vernacular certainly does that.


You have to agree, life is certainly better without a poke in the eye with a burnt stick or a slap in the guts with any paraphyletic creature.  Another of his favourites was:

“everyday above ground is a good day.” Simple and true.


When the emotions stir I find I need more sleep, or I’m less organised than usual.  Today I didn’t stick to my food plan. Breakfast started okay, as did meal two.   I didn’t blow it by buying a family sized chocolate or consuming any fast-food chain burger and fries.  However I did buy lunch, which can be a little dangerous.  I bought a turkey and cranberry panini with cheese.  Which isn’t too bad on it’s own.  My sweet tooth took over and I had a Florentine.   Now I’m so damn thirsty.  So much sugar and salt.  Lesson learned – make sure you pack your lunch the night before.


fat be gone

Even on a bad day I can so no to these

Today I smashed it on the exercise bike – 27 minutes (I think it was just over 9 kms), and 6 minutes on the x-trainer.


Remember to find someone you can buddy with; a best friend, brother, sister, mum – anyone that will support you through this amazing journey.


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone





May 28

Day 30 – think about a mini challenge



It’s Day 30 of my 66 Day Challenge.  I know that can be daunting for some people.  If it is you may be interested in this article I read:

Motivation with a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

By setting yourself goals and small targets will definitely help move you in the right direction.  However, I cannot stress enough – BE SENSIBLE with your goal setting and the amount of weight you want to lose.fat be gone


More importantly – DO NOT STARVE yourself.  Eat healthy foods; drinks lots of water; and exercise.  Dr V keeps reminding me; ” this is a marathon, not a sprint”.


How many of us have taken the fast track approach only to stack back on the weight, plus an extra couple of kilos?


Today is all about reminding myself why I started this journey and just how far I’ve come.  I keep believing.


Keep sharing the love,


fat be gone



May 27

Day 29 … watch out for the wobbles



It’s Monday; now that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.


What does Monday mean to me?

  • The beginning of a new work week
  • Back to the gym
  • It’s a new calendar week


Usually I look forward to all three; okay, maybe  the second two a lot more than the first.  Today, simply put  was a wobbly day.  Not sure if the after effect of the full moon is still playing havoc, or the ‘black dog’ trying to take hold, or the fact I had a lousy night’s sleep.  All I know is it’s just been wobbly.


Usually a visit to the gym gets the endorphins flowing and helps me push through.  As does a visit to the hairdresser, which I made time for after work.  Neither of those had any affect  today.  I came home and cried. As I cried I noticed Saturn and Venus curl up next to me on the lounge.  Bless the love of our furry children.  Either that or they were hungry.


But don’t despair my friends – there is a silver lining.


In the past I would have said, ‘to hell with it! I’m not cooking tonight'; then ordered takeaway.  This would have fat be goneresulted in a fit of remorse, and an extra hour on the exercise bike tomorrow.  The good news is I didn’t do that.  Instead I came home, cried.  Created a wonderful meal of poached chicken breasts with lime and coriander, and steamed mushrooms stuffed with buckwheat and vegie melody.  Sounds bloody awesome doesn’t it?


The key point  is that even though the wobblies are still hanging around, and  will most properly see me curl up in bed to watch a DVD after this posting – I didn’t screw up.  I stuck to the good meal choice.  I’ll admit it was a challenge.  If I had screwed up the only person I would have sabotaged was me.  Tomorrow I can hit the gym again with my head held high knowing I didn’t indulge in those horrible, yucky, sugar, salt and trans-fat load calories.


In case you are wondering, I’m going to curl up and watch an old favourite – Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.


Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – Small bowl cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – 2 Slices fruit toast and coffee with milk

Meal 3 – Small bowl of chicken meatballs with tomato and mushroom sauce

Meal 4 – Green Tea

Meal 5 – Poached chicken breast, steamed mushrooms with buckwheat and veggie melody


Exercise:  28 minutes exercise bike, 7 minutes x-trainer, 10 minutes strengthening exercises, 15 minutes stretching


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

May 26

Day 28 – How often did mum tell you to eat breakfast?


I can hear mum’s voice telling me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Sorry mum, I’ll a little slow on the up-take, but I finally get it.  I’ve finally learnt to love breakfast and make time for it.


Various research reveals that those of us who take the time to eat breakfast within a couple of hours of waking are more likely to not over-eat.  How many of us make excuses NOT to eat breakfast?  Do any of these sound familiar:

not enough time; I can’t eat as soon as I wake up; I don’t feel like eating first thing; I’d rather sleep in, than eat breakfast; I’m trying to lose weight and breakfast is the easiest meal to skip.

ALL those excuses are just that – EXCUSES!   Take control and make an effort to eat breakfast at least three times this week; then four times next week.  You will be amazing at how fast you become accustomed to that first meal of the day.


Five Reasons to Eat Breakfast

  1. Boost your metabolism and energy levels
  2. Improve your mood for the rest of the day
  3. Can help reduce hunger later in the day
  4. Eating breakfast makes you less inclined to overeat
  5. You are more likely to feel like exercising after eating breakfast


If you are wanting to lose weight you need to make sure you make healthy choices.  Two jam donuts and coffee aren’t really a wholesome selection.   fat be gone

Five Healthy Breakfast Suggestions

  1. Poached eggs on rye or grain toast with avocado
  2. Barley and/or oat based cereal, sliced banana or blueberries, 1 x teaspoon of LSA, with organic milk
  3. Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt, and 1 x teaspoon of LSA
  4. 2 x slices of grain toast with smashed avocado & feta, with lemon juice and sliced tomato
  5. Porridge made with water, add cinnamon and sliced banana


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


May 25

Day 27 is happy Saturday


First I’ll share with you my Hat of the Day… well it was more of a beanie, than a hat.

My gorgeous sister made it for me a couple of years ago.  I love it.

fat be gone

When it comes to eating and exercising over the weekends I need to tell you I am not as vigilant as I am Monday to Friday.  Often the exercise is going for a simple walk and doing the house work.  You can get a serious work-out vacuuming and mopping floors.  Never under-estimate the benefits from daily activities.

This journey is all about creating a sustainable lifestyle. I want the habits I develop to be part of my healthy lifestyle, not cause me stress by feeling guilty for indulging myself with a treat, or not going to the gym on Saturday morning to smash out 30 minutes on the bike or x-trainer.

On the weekends I’m often catching up with friends for brekkie or lunch.  I’ve certainly noticed a difference in my meal choices when I’m out.  Often I wake early and still have a small bowl of cereal, which contains oats and barley.  The  benefit being the oats and barley are filled with fibre, and are low GI.  I find by having the cereal early, before going out I eat less.

I’ve also learnt never be afraid to ask for specifics when ordering. If you have a local cafe you frequent you may find they will be more accommodating.     When ordering poached eggs I ask for rye or gluten free toast, not buttered and only one slice.  Instead of bacon, these days I tend to order a side of mushroom or smoked salmon.  One of my favourite brekkies to order is smashed avocado with lemon juice and smoked salmon.   I’ve even been known to ask for a Caesar Salad with the dressing on the side and no croutons.   Never be afraid to ask – the worse they will say is no.

Today I only had three meals:

Meal 1 – Cereal with organic milk

Meal 2 – Out for lunch at favourite cafe – Coffee with milk, baguette  with  meatballs and salad

fat be gone

Tomato and mushroom sauce

Meal 3 – Chicken with tomato and mushroom sauce, and green tea

That my gorgeous friends is Saturday.  I hope you had time to spend it in a way that made you happy.

Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone

May 24

25 going on 26… wish that was my age not post days



I bet you wondering what happened to the Day 25 posting?  I fell asleep.  Last night I curled up in bed to watch a DVD and fell fast asleep by 7:30 pm.  The next thing I knew it was 4 am.  That’s what happened to Day 25.


Now to Day 26.


Today was a gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne, and I got to enjoy it.  No office time for me today.  Time to sit and read the paper while sipping coffee.  No need to rush.  There was plenty of time for me to enjoy preparing our meals for the next few days.  What is on the menu you ask:

  • Chicken meat balls in tomato and mushroom sauce;
  • Chicken nachos
  • Chicken burgers
fat be gone

Persimmon fruit

We had the nachos for dinner – yummo!  I made persimmon salsa, avocado & ricotta with crushed nuts to add to the nachos.


You will see I don’t use grated cheese.  Aside from the fact it is high in fat, I don’t enjoy eating it anymore.   The avo and ricotta cheese mix adds the creamy text you would normally get from the cheese.  I’ll add the recipes and pics to the web site.

fat be gone




Actually, I’ve got a few more recipes I need to add to the site; they should be loaded by Sunday.  Fingers crossed.


Today’s exercise was a simple walk – in the sunshine, which was delightful.


Now, I’m about to curl up on the sofa and watch Star Trek, starring Chris Pine.  I love the Star Trek movies – the new ones and the oldies.  What I love more is a lazy Friday night in.  Hope you have a wonderful night what ever you get to do.

Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone


May 22

Happy Hump 24 Day



Wednesday is always Hump Day!  I actually love the middle of the week.  It’s that feeling that you know the weekend is just around the corner.  Also it’s a great day to wear another hat.   fat be gone


Today, I decided to go for a walk  instead of going to the gym.  It made a nice change.  Instead of sticking the headphones in my ears and cranking tunes to keep me motivated during my workout I just walked with my own thoughts.


Earlier in the day I had been chatting with a friend who was sharing her story of anxiety and how she doesn’t have time to exercise, or how she can never just sit down and relax.  We chatted about the challenge  of ‘being in the moment’.  I asked her to practice an exercise I had learnt  while reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now“;

The next time you get up to walk you need to focus on nothing else except how your body moves as you walk. Be aware how the ground feels under your feet; when you step how does your heel feel as it makes contact with the ground; how far do you stretch your leg as you stride; do you lean forward as you walk, or lean back.

As I walked today, alone with my thoughts, I very soon became aware of my feet  as they made contact with the pavement;  How I would pull up, and walk straighter, with shoulders dropped as I moved.  Usually we walk distracted, focused on what we need to do next. During this exercise you need to simply be ‘in the moment’, and no where else.


Try it, and let me know how you go.


Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – cereal and organic milk  ( I usually have this between 5:30 am and 6:30 am)  fat be gone

Meal 2 – 2 x slice rye toast with ricotta cheese and coffee with milk

Meal 3 – Chicken meatballs in tomato & beetroot sauce, with buckwheat and spinach

Meal 4 – Small bowl salad

Meal 5 – Brown rice, tofu and steamed vegies


Keep sharing the love my friends,

fat be gone



May 21

Day 23 – time flies when you’re having fun



THANK YOU everyone who has been sending lovely messages here and on Facebook.  It really means a lot to me.


I’ve decided to wear hats to work this week.  Why?  Just because I can, plus I’m feeling  more confident. As my body keeps changing I’m really seeing the results.  I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit me in months (years), and it’s a great feeling.  It’s almost time to buy a new bra.  With all that happening you have to start feeling and acting self-assured.fat be gone


Previously I’ve shared how my body is moving easier.  I’m not waddling like an over-sized duck any more.  My thighs don’t rub together as much (or squeak when wearing jeans).  There is nothing more embarrassing walking down a quiet hallway and all you can hear is the fabric squealing as your chunky fabric clad thighs rub together.  Thank goodness corduroy is out of fashion!  (Click here is you don’t know what corduroy is) Though I must confess my favourite pair of jeans when I was in my late teens were a dark brown pair of corduroy jeans.


What I’m trying to say is we need to embrace the changes when they begin happening.  Even when I’m having a challenging day (or as some of us call them – ‘wobbly days’) I at least try and make sure the hair is done and I’ve got some bright lipstick on before heading out the door.  How can you not feel fabulous wearing red lipstick?  Sorry guys – you may not want to wear the red lipstick, but you can still make an effort.


Don’t worry, I still LOVE curling up in my sweat pants and sloppy sweat shirt on the sofa.  If you had seen me Sunday you would have run a mile!  But that’s what we do in the privacy of our own homes.


Yes, I made it to the gym today.  It was only for 30 minutes; and I worked it.

fat be gone

Chicken meatballs in tomato & beetroot sauce, with spinach buckwheat & mixed vegies

Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 x small tin baked beans, and coffee with milk

Meal 3 – Cous cous and meatballs, and grated beetroot

Meal 4 – 1 x Banana

Meal 5 – Buckwheat with spinach and mixed vegies, Chicken meatballs in tomato and beetroot sauce (YUM!)


Keep sharing the love,

fat be gone




May 20

Raining Days and Mondays = Day 22



I know I’m always commenting on the weather.  It’s just that it really does affect how a lot of us feel during the day.  It also influences what, if any, exercise we decide on.  Today the sun tried on several occasions to brighten our fat be goneday.  Alas, the rain, and thunder, won.   I don’t mind rainy days; especially if I am home curled up on the sofa watching Star Trek movies for the umpteenth time.  Today I needed to go to the office.


To brighten the day, I declared it Happy Hat Day!  and proceeded to text the following pic to all my friends.fat be gone


As the day progressed I kept tossing around lots of different reasons NOT to go to the gym.  Can you believe I was looking for excuses?  Just because it was raining I was looking for reasons not to go and exercise.  All of a sudden the light-bulb came on and I realised I was trying to self-sabotage my lifestyle.


In less than ten minutes I had my gym clothes on and was marching my self towards the gym – in the rain.  I’m extremely fortunate that there is a gym and in-door within 500 metres of my office.  I really have no excuse not to go and exercise, do I?


You will be happy to hear I smashed 20 minutes on the bike and 7 on the x-trainer.  Not bad for someone who was looking for reasons not to go.


I mentioned yesterday I had created a meal plan for the household this week.  Coming home and knowing dinner was prepared, as is the food for tomorrow’s meals certainly gave me reason to smile.


My next weigh-in day is looming: Friday 31 May.  I’m not worried, as I know I’m still heading in the right direction.  Even if I did feel like bailing on the gym earlier today.


How is your journey panning out?  Are you happy with the direction you are heading? Keep focused – we are all here for you.


Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 x small tin Baked Beans and Coffee with milk

Meal 3 – Bowl Fennel and Cos Lettuce Salad, with grated Beetroot, Pumpkins seeds and lime juice

Meal 4 – 1 x small tin Tuna and 1 x slice of Soy & Linseed bread, and Green Tea

Meal 5 – Homemade Schnitzel, homemade tomato salsa, ricotta cheese, salad of raw Spinach and grated Beetroot with Flaxseed oil and lime juice



Keep sharing the love,

     Signature _ V3




May 19

Day 21 … sleepy Sunday


I love Sundays.  There is something magical about them.  Even though I tell myself I’m going to sleep in late, some how it very rarely happens.  This morning was not going to be a sleep-in kind of Sunday.


Waking early did have it’s advantages today as I needed to go to the laundrette – our washing machine is still waiting for the technician to return with the required parts (that are still on order).  There is something hypnotic watching ones intimates go round and round the dryer.


We were supposed to have visitors come over this afternoon.  But at the last minute that had to cancel.    This meant I had time to prepare meals for the next days.  This is what I’ve prepared for the next few days:


  • Chicken meatballs in tomato & spinach sauce,
  • Fennel and cucumber salad,
  • Grated beetroot with lime juice,
  • Chicken schnitzel

I love being organized.  It means I have meals ready to go; snacks ready to go; I’m ready to go! It also means I don’t have to think.  In addition to preparing the meals, I’ve created a meal plan for the house this week – stuck up in the kitchen for all to see.


fat be gone

It’s time for this lady to hit the pillows.


I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday sleep – where ever you are.


Looking forward to sharing with you tomorrow.


Keep sharing the love,



May 18

Day 20 – and a stupid choice



First I have to send a BIG Happy Birthday to David – happy 45th you gorgeous man!


Today has been a great day, until we went to grab a DVD to watch tonight.  Saturday is traditionally ‘treat night'; which can mean anything from eating out, whipping up homemade fish and chips, or grabbing take-away.  In a weak moment -we grabbed hamburgers.

Why?  It was right next door to the DVD store, I was cold, and wanted to get home.  My friends, I am now paying for that choice.  My gut feels terrible, I’m extra thirsty from all the preservatives, and overall I just feel yuck!

Obviously my body is much happier with all the healthy selections I’ve been making, that tonight’s choice has been too much for it.  LESSON LEARNED.

fat be gone

Keep sharing the love,



May 17

Day 19 … TGIF


For those of us working Monday to Friday – it’s that awesome time of the week – FRIDAY!


If I was a 17 year teenager I may be walking around singing this song….


However, you are more likely to hear me singing this oldie…



What does any of this have to do with losing weight?  Everything.  You know how I’m always going on about being able to tap into happy and positive energy?  Well, listening to music makes me happy.  I bet you have certain songs that affect you as soon as you hear them.

I have four play lists on my ipod of ‘happy’ music that also motivate me during my work-outs.  You need to select songs that motivate you.


I also want to share with you a pic of a beautiful gift my gorgeous friend Yolanda gave me today.  Bless her.  fat be goneAnother of our senses that can conjure up strong emotions is smell.  The aroma of this beautiful candle makes me think of summer.


What makes you think of summer?


Share the love my friends,






May 16

Day 18 – sorry, no light bulb moments today




It’s true – it’s been a ‘light bulb moment free’ kind of day.

I’m always on the lookout for articles about weight loss.  Some are written medical experts; journalists interested (or forced) to write about the phenomenon of obesity; some I find it online newspapers.  The following article fits into this category.

Online newspapers citing weight loss stories is not ground breaking news I know.  What I found fascinating is this article was in the Times of India.  Yes, India.  Having never been to India, I am going to go out on a limb here and say I ‘m guessing this type of article is aimed at ex-pats living in India.  Click HERE

Regardless of where the article was posted, I did find it encouraging.  The article offers sound advice, such as;

Don’t miss breakfast

Eat often

Don’t weigh yourself everyday

fat be gone

Just because I haven’t mentioned in a while – don’t forget – DRINK lots of water

A little indulgence goes a long way

Speaking of indulgence – tonight was take-away food night.  Chicken Teriyaki and Vegetables (no rice).  I asked them not to add extra salt.  The waitress looked at me as if I was alien.  She was also concerned I wanted to eat the meal, minus the rice.  Bless her concerns.

Now I’m home, and about to have a hot shower to warm up.  It’s been a typical chilly Melbourne day – and winter is still on her way. Brrrr.

Keep sharing the love,




Food Facts for Today:

Meal 1 – Cereal and milk

Meal 2 – Coffee with milk, and 2 x slices fruit toast

Meal 3 – 4 x vegie Rice Paper Rolls

Meal 4 – 2 x Sushi Rolls – with chicken

Meal 5 – Chicken Teriyaki and steamed Vegetables

Exercise: 27 minutes on bike, 7 minutes on x-trainer, 10 minute stretch

May 15

16 going on 17



I’m not going to lie – when I got into bed last night, and just as I was dozing off I was suddenly hit with a terrifying thought;

“OMG! I forgot to post Day 16!”


Two minutes later I was snoring my head off.

fat be gone

Yesterday was a BIG day in our little home; Ying had her Graduation Ceremony.  We are all so very proud of her.  She, along with many others she had studied alongside the past couple of years walked across the stage to receive their testamur.  As I sat amongst the parents, partners, children, and friends of those celebrating the end of this particular journey I thought about the parallels I now find myself on.

In the begging we, the students, and I were excited about the journey we had decided to throw ourselves into.

There is a deadline, and a desired outcome: the students want a degree, I want to lose 50 kilos.

After a few weeks we discover the journey has its peaks and troughs.

We soon learn we can not do this without support.

The students, they experienced assessments, exams and tests.  Me, I have my own assessments and tests – not just as academically driven.

After a few hiccups we all (hopefully) achieve what we set out  to achieve.


For now, I can bask in the glory of Ying’s graduation and my mini achievements.  I just don’t get to gown up for mine.

What achievements are you proud to share with us?


Share the love and achievements,



May 13

Day 15 – priceless support



I don’t mind that it was Monday.   I do mind when I’ve only had five hours sleep though, and want to pull the doona back over my head and sleep for another few hours.  Then I remind myself, I can always curl up in bed early tonight.


I’ve shared with you in several posts that I’m working on creating positive energy to boost my success levels.  When I’m tired those levels tend to drop, but I can still see that the glass is ‘half full’. Without sounding cliched, there is really much to be grateful for.  It is that gratitude and those things I remind myself of each day.  fat be gone


At the moment our little home is filled to the brink.  Ying’s mother and sister have come to Melbourne to be at her Graduation tomorrow. It’s wonderful being around people who obviously love one another very much, and want you to be part of that.  Having wonderful people around is, and has been a major contributing factor to the success I’ve experienced so far.


As you continue on your own journey make sure you reach out to embrace the support and love from those around you.    Find out exactly you can count on when the going gets tough.  That support is PRICELESS!  And we all damn well need it and DESERVE it.


Keep being amazing as you share the love,




Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – Fruit toast and flat white coffee

Meal 3 – Home-made meatballs in tomato sauce

Meal 4 – We went out for dinner tonight – a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese: Rice paper rolls, small bowl of steam rice, steamed vegies, Lime & Lemongrass Chilli Chicken

As we were going out for early dinner I decided not to have a late afternoon snack.

Exercise:  Yes I did make it to the gym today – 25 minutes on bike, 6.5 x-trainer and 15 minute stretch.

Stretching is so important – regardless of what exercise or how long I’ve exercised I make sure I get in a great stretch session.



May 12

Day 14 = Happy Mother’s Day



The following words are often heard being expressed by me; ‘people amaze me all the time.’


This weekend two dear young friends wanted to make sure my heart was filled with love on this day.  They individually bought me beautiful gifts and cards, with notes that brought tears to my eyes.  My friends, you never know when and where special people come into your lives.  In this instance, they have taken the form of two young people, from very different backgrounds and cultures than mine; in the form of surrogate children.

Today I feel truly blessed.fat be gone


I’m not going to tell you I strictly adhered to my regular eating plan, or exercise schedule today.  What I will tell you is this; I spent time with people who love me unconditionally, who made me smile and laugh, then made me shed a tear or two before making me laugh again.    These things are so very important to me – more important than going for a 20 minute walk.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the current mum’s and future mum’s – where ever you are in the world.


Share the love and hugs,



May 11

Lucky 13



Happy Saturday friends.


Happy birthday to my beautiful friend Mica!  We have been friends for 19 years and I love her today as much as when I first realised she was becoming my bestie.


fat be gone

It is also Hairy Nosed Wombat Day (check out their Facebook page HERE)



Not sure what the weather was like today where you are, but we had plenty of sunshine.  A perfect day to sit in the sun and catch up with girlfriends for brunch; then afternoon catch up with another couple of friends; before rounding off the day with a lazy, casual dinner.


When it comes to the weekends I’m not as strict with my eating; having said that I don’t rush out and eat take-away burgers, chicken and chips.  I manage my meals without missing out.  In the past eating out used to be about the food.  I love food; great food.  I still love food, I just make sure the focus is about catching up with friends and I make good choices.  Of course there are days when I say – I’m going to have chips on the side.  Yes, I do.  What I’ve learnt is which cafes do the best, and don’t over flow the plate with chips.


Creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is exactly that: sustainability.  When choosing certain foods, I choose to  moderate and don’t deny myself.  When we cut specific foods/treats out of our meal plans, that’s when we can fall off the band wagon and start secret eating and/or binge eating.


And that my beautiful friends is a WHOLE other story.


Food Facts Today

Meal 1 – even on Saturday at 6:30am – cereal and milk

Meal 2 – Brunch out at cafe – poached eggs, smoked salmon, vegie fritter, avocado, mushrooms (I didn’t finished it all); & 2 flat white coffees (we were there for nearly three hours!)   fat be gone

Meal 3 – Home made mini cranberry muffin (made by me!)

Meal 4 – Chicken, beetroot salad

Only four meals today – I think that’s more than enough.

Exercise:  20 minute walk


Share the love,



May 10

Day 12 and Friday is on my mind



For those of us who work the (relatively) normal, Monday to Friday routine all love it when Friday comes around.    My friends, I’m no different.  I love the weekends.  It’s time to catch up, and chill with friends, read, ride a bike, maybe see a movie; or simply do nothing at all.

fat be gone

How many of you can say they feel absolutely no guilt when doing nothing at all?  It’s something I am learning to do.  The dishes can wait, so can the laundry; as can all the other household chores demanding attention. Finding time to simply just stop and  breathe is not a luxury – it’s something we need to include in our every day lives.


I’m not talking about meditation; though I have to say if you can meditate definitely practice it.  Taking time out of our hectic day to watch the ‘dew drops on the rose petals’ is important for us all.   I bet you are thinking what the hell does taking time out of your busy day have to do with losing weight?  It’s all connected.  If we are stressed we are not going to eat or sleep well, and more than likely not feel like exercising.  We all need time out.


We need to think of it as self-care.


Keep sharing the love,



Food Facts for Today

fat be gone

You will notice that today I only had four meals. Why? to allow room for a Friday night treat.

Meal 1 – cereal and milk

Meal 2 – 2  Slices of fruit toast and a flat white coffee

Meal 3 – Home-made sausage roll

Meal 4 – Chicken marinated in cracked pepper and lime, boiled sweet potato & pureed spinach, and grated beetroot & carrot with ricotta.

Friday night treat – 1 x Magnum ice cream

Exercise: 30 minutes bike, 6 minutes x-trainer, and 15 minutes stretch session.






May 09

Legs 11 – actually, it’s day 11



Happy Thursday friends.


Don’t you love it when Thursday comes around?  At the end of the day you realise it’s only one more sleep till Friday – woo hoo!


Walking to the gym today I realised just how much easier I walk.  When I was carrying the extra weight I would waddle, rather than stride easily.  Another plus to this journey.


Tonight I worked back, which meant that dinner would be about an hour later than normal.  In the past, I more than likely, would have picked up take-away on the drive home.  Friends, you would have been proud.  I reheated left over soup and then whipped up a bowl of various salads and seeds.  My gorgeous house-mate says my cooking (and reheating) is improving all the time.


One of my favourite things to do is curl up in bed, and read before turning off the light.  My friends, that’s where I’m heading as soon as I load this posting.

Share lots of love tomorrow – it’s RaOk Friday,


fat be gone

Broccoli Soup

Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – cereal and milk

Meal 2 – Large flat white coffee and two slices of fruit toast

Meal 3 – Spinach and Broccoli Soup

Meal 4 – 1 x tin tuna and 1 small bread roll

Meal 5 – Bowl of Broccoli and Spinach Soup, bowl of green salad, grated beetroot, & serving of Chicken & avocado salad

Exercise: 30 minutes bike and x-trainer & 15 minute stretch session


May 08

Day 10… Happy Hump Day



I hope you have all had a Happy Hump Day!

Not sure what Hump Day is?  Well, it’s Wednesday – half way through the week – we are now over the hump – get it?

Not a lot to share today – though it was filled with meetings that hindered my meal schedule.  The morning schedule went a awry, but I didn’t drop my bundle and hit the junk.  Instead, I refocused; came home and whipped us up a healthy, nutritional meal.

Now, I’m off to curl up on the sofa and watch a DVD – and maybe a cuddle from the cats. Have I told you about Venus and Saturn?  I’ll save that for another day.

fat be gone



fat be gone



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Today’s Food Facts:

Meal 1 –  cereal and organic milk – (I bet you all think I’m beginning to sound like a broken record)

Meal 2 –  Flat white coffee (did I mention previously that I have lactose free milk in my coffee?)

Meal 3 – 2 x slices fruit toast

Meal 4 – Large salad

Meal 5 – Chicken crumbed fillet & Field Mushroom stuffed with brown rice and spinach (YUMMY!)

fat be gone

Exercise – Had a day off from exercise today

May 07

Day 9 – excuse me I think that’s my avocado?



I envy you if you woke up in a city or town where it’s not so chilly in the morning.  I usually don’t mind the cooler weather; it’s just a little off putting when you have decided to go for a early morning swim.  Bless the heated in-door pool.

While everyone else in the pool is churning through the water, clocking up their kilometres of laps,  there is me; deep water running with the water dumb-bells.  Let me tell you friends, they certainly give you a work out.


fat be gone


Preparing my meals for the work day can look as I’m organizing enough food to feed a footie team.  But when you have to eat three meals during the day you need to be organized.  That would is the key – being organized.

Planning ahead actually saves money and time in the long run; and that can’t be all bad can it?


I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping.  It would be a perfect arrangement in my life if someone else took the list and the food miraculously appeared in the fridge and cupboards.  Alas, I don’t see that happening in the near future – so off to the grocery store I ventured.  As I only had a few items to buy I grabbed a small basket and travelled into the store.  I picked up a couple of items before heading over to the deli counter to hand select some chicken.  While waiting I placed the basked on the floor.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I see a basket sitting at the feet of another shopper I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume the items in the basket are ones they have selected to purchase. Right?  Apparently not.  As I’m reaching up to collect my selection of chicken some middle-aged crazy decides to help themselves’ to my avocados.  When I challenged them (him) they smiled and told me there were plenty of others on the shelf.

My friends, in the past I would have taken this individual to task; today all I could manage was a ‘throw your head back & laugh out loud’ reaction.  Seriously, what could I do?  I would like to think that my avocado selection was first class and I must come across as an avocado connoisseur.

Have a delightful Wednesday my friends, and keep sharing the love.



Food Facts for Today

Meal 1 – you guessed it! Cereal and organic milk – by the way I use full cream milk, not low fat.

Meal 2 – 1  x slice of fruit toast  & flat white coffee

Meal 3 – 1 serve of steamed rice & chicken with mixed vegies

Meal 4 –  Large green salad & grated beetroot

Meal 5 – 1 x chicken fillet & salad & 1 small soy and linseed roll



May 06

Day 8 – and it’s magical Monday



Happy Monday everyone!  The beginning to a new week.  The sun is shining, and the birds are singing.


The thing about Mondays – they are just that – Mondays.  I don’t mind them.  My dad always said, ‘that every day above ground is a good day.’ So I figure, if I wake up on a Monday morning, with a roof over my head, food in the cupboards,  a job, and  a handful of close friends, life is pretty good.


You may have guessed by now I have a bit of a curious mind.    Between Facebook, Twitter, subscribers and Google +, there are over 3000 followers.  (thank you all!) So, following on from my curious mind comment I would really love to hear from you so I can share what you are looking to find.


I would love to know:

  • How did you find Fat Be Gone?
  • Are you on your own personal healthy lifestyle journey?
  • What type of things would you like me to share (other than my own personal journey)?

If you are not comfortable commenting on the blog you can email me direct at …

In the meantime – be good to yourself,




Food Facts Today

Meal 1 – Cereal and & organic milk

Meal 2 – Vegie burrito wrap

Meal 3 – Homemade sausage roll

Meal 4 – Broccoli Soup

Meal 5 – Poached chicken, Fennel & Cos Lettuce salad with grated Beetroot & yoghurt007






May 05

Day 7 – easy like a Sunday morning



Thank you everyone for your kind words after yesterday’s posting.


Sunday mornings – I love them.  A little extra time to laze in bed before starting the day.

Having said that, I was up  having cereal at 7 am.  Then it was off to waste a couple of hours sipping coffee and reading the papers at our favourite café.

Sunday is the day I usually get myself organised for the week ahead. Today was no different; I whipped up a large pot of Broccoli soup and enough Fennel and Cos lettuce salad for the next few days.  You can find the Broccoli Soup recipe here…


fat be gone

Broccoli Soup

I love that meals for the next few days have been take care of.  Now I just need to pack my gym bag (can’t forget the bathers) and I’ll be ready to go in the morning.

One thing did happen today that surprised and excited me.  I decided to try on a pair of red jeans I had bought six months ago, and had never fit.  You can imagine my surprise when they zipped up with no effort.  It won’t be long (hopefully) that these jeans will be too big and I’ll be able to donate them to charity.

fat be gone




Have you ever bought an item of clothing as incentive to lose weight?


Today’s Food Facts

Meal 1 – Small bowl of cereal & organic milk

Meal 2 – Large flat white & homemade sausage roll (thanks Sue!)

Meal 3 – Homemade lemon and walnut muffin & green tea

Meal 4 – Bowl of Broccoli Soup

Meal 5 – Poached chicken, fennel & cos lettuce salad with grated carrot, grated raw beetroot, cucumber and lime juice

Exercise: Sunday is a day off – but I did manage lots of exercise cleaning the house


Keep sharing the love,


May 04

Day 6 – a wobbly day



Today’s emotions took me totally by surprise.  The morning started well – then about 11:30 am it went down hill fast.

I decided to give the house a good clean and move some furniture around.  All of a sudden the tears started and didn’t stop.  It’s two months tomorrow that Pia (my beautiful step-daughter) passed away.  So between the dusting and re-arranging the lounge room I’ve been sobbing.

Late this afternoon, and out of the blue, my beautiful friend Rose knocked on the door for a cuppa.  She got a lot more than she bargained for. Bless her.  It’s amazing what a hug can do for the soul.

Needless to say food hasn’t been my priority today. Tomorrow is another day.  No need to for me to feel disappointed or emotionally beat myself up.  Today was a shitty day – that simple.

Now, I’m about to curl up on the sofa, watch a movie and knit.  Looking forward to Day 7.


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May 03

Day 5 … it’s a live!



What a beautiful day. I got to spend it with amazing people.  I also got to exercise and eat awesome, healthy food.

Today my gorgeous friend Dani flew back to Cambodia after a flying visit to Melbourne to catch up with everyone.  I’m usually the one you see at departure gates with tears rolling down their cheeks – and that’s before anyone has said goodbye.  However, today was different.  I know my gorgeous friend will be back in three months.  Dani is returning to Cambodia, as she is volunteering her time out in the Provinces helping communities develop an emergency transport system.  So I don’t mind saying ‘see you later’ to a bestie who is helping make a difference.

fat be gone

Of course I made time to exercise.  Just some bike and x-trainer – an easier exercise day.  All in all, it’s just been a ‘nice day’.    Even nicer because it is Friday – yay!

Who will you be spending time with tomorrow?

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Today’s Food Facts:

Meal 1 – Cereal & organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 x flat white coffee & 1 x slice banana bread

Meal 3 – Spicy chicken burrito (no sour cream or cheese)

Meal 4 – Banana

Meal 5 – Home-made tandoori chicken, green salad with cucumber, coriander, spring onion, avocado, spicy rice,

Exercise: 25 minutes bike & 8 minutes x-trainer & 10 minutes stretch



May 02

Day 4 of 66 … talking a walk on the wild side



It may not have been wild, but today’s exercise was a good old fashion walk in the sunshine.  Melbourne surprised me today with some glorious sun. So I took up the opportunity to soak up the rays and Vitamin D; absolutely delightful.

Last night I attended a Business Women’s Network event – which I loved.  There is something very rousing surrounding yourself with inspirational people.  After the proceedings there is plenty of time to chat and build relationships.  One of the women, who I’ve met on several occasions, shared that even though she had not commented on the blog, it was inspiring her.  She went on to tell me of her renewed love of swimming.  In a couple of months she had lost six kilos. Amazing!

Today, as I was driving to the office I reflected on this conversation.  Arriving at the office I ran into one of my wonderful students and stopped to chat.  I’ll call him Big M.  Big M, has made a commitment to lose weight, and is visiting the gym at least four to five times a week.  He is looking fantastic.  Big M looked me in the eye and said;

‘All the times we have talked have inspired me.  You inspire me.’

Friends, I was taken back.  All you can do is say, thank you – and mean it.

Both these encounters reminded me that we sometimes miss just how much we affect others, without realizing it.

fat be gone

Today’s Facts

Meal 1 – 1 x cup cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 x chicken and avocado sandwich & 1 x flat white coffee

Meal 3 – large salad with cucumber, sunflower seeds, grated beetroot, poached chicken

Meal 4 – 1 x small tin tuna & 1 cup lettuce

Meal 5 – Had dinner with friend’s home: 1 x small grain bun (no butter), chicken burger patty, side green salad and side serve home-made potato salad

Lots of water

Exercise: 40 minute walk in the sunshine – instead of listening to music I used this time to listen to an audio book – Dale Carnegie’s, ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’.





May 01

Day 3 of 66… a little wet behind the ears




Literally – today I decide to jump in the pool for some deep water running.  In the beginning, the pool work was the primary exercise that motivated me to keep going with Fat Be Gone. With summer done and dusted (here in Melbourne at least) for another seven months, I had eased myself into the warmer, and dryer climate of the gym.

fat be gone

Revisiting my old friend, the pool, I soon discovered I had become stronger and was moving faster.  For the first time I genuinely noticed the positive changes that have transpired. I am seeing (and feeling) the pay-off with my own eyes.  You really can, especially when all you are wearing is your bathers.

After showering and returning to my office I reflected on how happy I was feeling, and wanting to hold on to that feeling.  Obviously the endorphins flowing through my system were helping, but acknowledging my own accomplishments was making me happy.

Being happy; I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, and how can I maintain that positive energy?  Have you noticed that many of us are waiting to be happy? Anecdotal feedback is that it’s impossible to be ‘happy every day’; you still need to have down days.  Do we?

To quote Amy Cuddy;

‘Why can’t I fake it till I become it?’

If I can manage to keep smiling as I walk up three flights of stairs and still feel happy, imagine what you can achieve.  Try staying in a bad mood when you sit there smiling for five minutes?  I dare you.

I bet you are thinking – ‘why the hell is CaAtherine going on about being happy on a blog about losing weight?’  Good question.  For me, the why is simple…

‘If I maintain a happy disposition will success (i.e.: weight loss, business) come easier?’

Let me know what you think.

Keep sharing the love,



Facts for Day 3

Meal 1 – (you guessed it!) 1 x cup of cereal and organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 x chicken sandwich

Meal 3 – Large salad – lettuce, cucumber, sunflower seeds, peppers, poached chicken, lime juice, grated beetroot (YUM!)

Meal 4 – Homemade sausage roll and salad, & 1 x Anzac cookie

Exercise: you know it was deep water running – 30 minutes and 5 minutes stretch.  I’ve been including incidental exercise: walking up three flights of stairs to my office, walking up the stairs after I leave the pool.  Note: very rarely walk down stairs – at this stage still too much pressure on the knees.



Apr 30

Day 2 of 66



I suppose it’s only natural that day two falls on a Tuesday.  But I guess that’s what happens when you start your 66 day challenge on a Monday.

Today was a good day.  I got to spend it with people who I admire, and inspire me.  More importantly I got to spend quality time with people I love unconditionally.

For my dinner guests tonight I whipped up a healthy feast of poached chicken strips, that had been marinated in lime juice, ginger and spring onions.  The sides were green salad with sunflower seeds and marinated peppers; homemade beetroot relish with chilli and coriander; ground peppercorns with lime juice; and sweet potato salad with yoghurt & spring onions.  Healthy assortment of yummy foods.  Even if I do say so myself.

Each day I usually post a pic taken during my gym visits.  As I’m the one taking the pics I tend not to include myself.  One of my dinner guests said I have to ask someone to take a pic of me crushing  the x-trainer during my next gym visit.  Stay tuned.

fat be gone

fat be gone

It’s late and this little lady needs to get some well deserved sleep.  Before I go, here are my daily facts:

Meal 1 – cereal with organic milk

Meal 2 – 1 flat white coffee & small savoury muffin

Meal 3 – large lettuce and cucumber salad & three boiled eggs

Meal 4 – 1 banana

Meal 5 – See dinner menu above

Exercise: 40 minutes of bike and x-trainer, 15 minute stretch.  The lift was out in the building so I did three flights of stairs about three times.  Oh yeah!

Share the love people,



Apr 29

Day 1 of 66




For the next 66 Days I’m going to blog about my daily food intake, exercise, and stuff that gets me through the day.

Why am I doing this? Aside from the initial desire (and necessity) to lose 50 kilos in one year, I realised this journey is becoming so much more.  It is genuinely becoming a life changing experience.

My life… your life … is filled with experiences past, present and future.  All that information, awareness, and accomplishments shape my (your) reality.   Reflecting on recent happenings I recognized that I wanted something in me to change; needed to change.

I am determined to focus on being happy in the present, being grateful for the positive, and practice (as often as I can) random acts of kindness.


Research shows that when you (and your brain) are happy your performance levels increase, positive outcomes are easily achieved, and success is (pretty much) assured.  And that can’t be all bad.

Put simply – when I’m happy everything else seems easy.  Do you agree? I would love you to let me know your thoughts.

Share the love,


fat be gone


Today’s Facts:

Meals included: (+ three litres of water)

Meal 1 – cereal with banana

Meal 2 – 1 x slice fruit bread

Meal 3 – Small bowl baked beans

Meal 4 – 1 x large green salad with sunflower seeds

Meal 5 – Poached Chicken with salad

Exercise: mix of bike, x-trainer and weight bearing exercises, & stretches = 50 minutes


Apr 28

Moving into unknown territory



As well as losing fat and getting stronger, there seems to be other changes happening.  Some I’m not so happy to report.   (Men – you are about to get an education you didn’t count on).

I know I fall into the ‘change of life’ category, and my hormone tests over the past couple of years have revealed I’ve reached the stage of peri-menopause.  What does that mean?

Menopause is knocking on my front door.

That’s fine, I’m happy for it to happen.  I’ve passed the age of wanting to have a baby, and think of the money I’ll save each month.   To menopause I say – ‘bring it on’.  According to several sources menopause has happened when you have not had a period for 12 months.  Fingers crossed for me women – I’m hoping this is the year.

fat be gone

The Better Health Channel cites the following symptoms that women may experience: (men if your partner or mum is heading into this somewhat unstable territory – I ask you to be extremely kind)

  • Hot flushes
  • Aches and pains
  • Crawling or itching sensations under the skin
  • Forgetfulness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Tiredness, difficulty sleeping
  • Urinary frequency
  • Vaginal dryness


If you are wondering why am I sharing all this; well for those of you entering the ‘change of life’ territory you need to be aware of what is happening to your body.  It is often cited as a time that women find they may begin stacking on the weight, as well as losing weight a greater challenge.

fat be gone


My friends, I’m determined to blow that out of the water.  If the hot flushes I’m experiencing, along with the insomnia think they are going to slow down my weight loss, then they have another thing coming.  I’m even more dogged to kick the menopause symptoms to the kerb.

Whose with me?


This week I’m going to blog daily my food intake and exercise achievements to keep myself (and some of you) motivated. It is eight months today (the day of posting) till my birthday and just under eight months till I need to lose another 40 kilos.

Look forward to hearing from you as we share this week’s journey.


Keep sharing the love,



Apr 24

And the loss is ….



Yes is was weigh-in day and there was a loss. Phew!

After the past few weeks I’m so happy with the results.  So is Dr V.

As I was leaving Dr V hugged me and said that she could  finally get her arms around me.   Bless Dr V.

I’m not going to waffle – here it is:

The latest loss: 4.3 kilos – that’s a total of 10.9 kilos


Life is getting easier, as is my commitment to the gym. Five days a week you will find me in the gym pedaling and cross-training the fat away.  I’m even enjoying sit-ups.  If you had said to me six months ago I’d feel antsy if  I wasn’t able to get my daily exercise fix, I’d tell you to have your head examined.

fat be gone

So my friends – it’s back to the gym to keep it moving in the right direction – off my butt!


Keep sharing the love,




Apr 21

The measurement of weight is nigh


Yes, the weigh-in is this week.


I’m not worried.


Really I’m not.  Honestly. .. Well, ok maybe a little.


Having said that, this past week has seen me smashing it at the gym, re-focused on what foods I’m eating, and making sure I’m heading in the right direction.  I can’t ask for much more than that, can I?


The worse thing that will happen is I’ll get on the scales and they’ll scream out in agony as I crush them under foot.  I know, I’m being ridiculous; the only one shrieking will be me when I see how much I’ve lost.  I know I have lost more weight, as I have two pair of pants that are swimming on me.


There is no point in projecting what the outcome will be.  All I can do is keep working my butt off at the gym and eating the healthy meals I’m creating.  I can control those things.


So my friends, till next we meet I wish you happy days investing your time in creating your sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Share the love,



59 days




Apr 11

It’s Been a Tough One





fat be goneNext week is weigh-in, and I know I’m not going to be as happy with the results as I normally would.


The past month has been extremely tough.


I lost one of the most important people in my life; my step-daughter  – Pia; through tragic circumstances. Suicide. I still can’t believe it. Losing someone you love is bad enough. But when they are young, and have so much to offer the world there is only one word that I believe is appropriate – devastating.


I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but people do ask if ‘we’ saw it coming. If you knew Pia you would never have expected it. So the answer is no. No, we never saw it coming. All I know now is that her family and friends have to grow and journey on without her.  That my friend is devastating.


Whenever someone dies people, with all with good intentions, tell you that time heals the loss. A month down the track and my heart is as heavy as the day I was told my precious girl was gone.


My friends and family have encouraged me to stay focused and on track with my weight loss journey.  Though it’s been bloody hard, it has been the one area in my life I’ve have felt control over.  Having said that, my eating plans have not been as wholesome as they should; but I’m not going to beat myself up over that.


Exercise has been my saving grace.  Each day I make time to walk, go to the gym – to do something.  I keep telling myself that it will help release the endorphins – those hormones that make us feel good.  I think my endorphins are currently working overtime.  At least I’m exercising.  I have returned to an old habit of setting the timer on my phone for 50 minutes – so that every 50 minutes I move away from the computer and stretch.


What happens now?  I’m not giving up.  Pia wouldn’t want me to.  More importantly, I don’t want to.  I AM going to be able stand on the scales on 1 December 2013, hold my head high and say – I did it! I lost 50 kilos.


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Apr 02

3 Tips Tuesday #12 is out now!


I’ve decided to create a 3 Tips Tuesday video every two weeks.  This will give me time to create some other inspiring videos for you all.


Let me know what your favourite healthy tips are, so we can share with all the other readers.


Have an awesome, healthy day.


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Mar 31

Kicking the challenges



THANK YOU to all the new Facebook followers; the page has hit 1000+ followers. I can’t believe that so many people are really interested in my journey.


The past couple weeks have been bloody hard, to say the least.  Whenever we lose someone close, through tragic circumstances it leaves you feeling as if you have been kicked in the guts.  Since getting that dreaded call, there have been too many days filled with tears and angst.  I returned to Perth for two weeks to be with my family and surround myself with love and support


Being away from home saw me face the challenges of not being able to stick to my usual routine.  I tried my best to keep up the healthy eating and water intake.  The exercise took a bit of a back seat.  There were the occasional walks and a couple pool sessions, but not as consistent as usual.


Since returning back to Melbourne I’m catching up on life and getting ready to get back on the band wagon.  I’ve come too far not to keep going.


While I was away and in good faith I launched the 66 Day Challenge, which I had been planning for weeks, thinking it would help keep me on track. Through the grieving process I’ve been distracted and believe I need to restart my 66 Day Challenge.

fat be gone


Join me as my 66 Day Challenge starts Monday, 1 April till Wednesday, 5 June 2013.   The 66 Day Challenge is about creating healthy sustainable habits.


I’m inviting you to join me.  Do you have bad habits you want to get rid of out of your life?  What are they?


  • Too much sugar?
  • Smoking?
  • Over-eating junk food?


Join me over the next 66 days and build some new amazing habits.


Share the love,


Mar 20

3 Tips Tuesday #11



Here is the latest 3 Tips Tuesday that invites you to participate in The 66 Day Challenge





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Mar 18

When life gets tough…



This post is one of the hardest I envisage I’ll ever write.


On 10 March I lost someone in my life through tragic circumstances.  Getting that call telling me they were gone was one of the worse experiences ever.


Since then I’ve returned home to Perth (Australia) to be with my family. There is nothing like the love and support of your family.   The past week has been one of the toughest I’ve experienced.  But, some how I’ve managed to stay about 70% on track.  Focusing on sustaining the healthy choices has been a welcomed distraction.  I’ve even managed to get out and go for a couple of walks.  Not the usual exercise, but I’m still moving.

the 66 day challenge

Life does go on.  Even when the times get tough.  My family keep reminding me how proud of me they are, and  how far I’ve come and that I can’t through all the hard work away.  Instead of hitting  fast food, hamburger and post mix soda, I’ve tried to make good choices.  But there have been days when I think I can’t be bothered or think I’m craving ‘something’.  Half the time it’s because I’m feeling sad or just don’t know what to do with myself.


Have Fat Be Gone to focus on is my strength and saving grace.  Life moves forward.  I need to take one day at a time and move along with it.


I have made a big decision – it would be so very easy to not launch The 66 Day Challenge tomorrow. But that’s not going to happen.  I made a commitment and I’m sticking with it.


Be brave and commit, and pledge to The 66 Day Challenge – you can do that by clicking on the signup in the side bar.  I will send you emails every couple of days supporting you and helping you stay on track. You don’t need to share what you are giving up – just make the commitment and know we are all in this together.


The 66 Day Challenge runs from Tuesday 19 March till Thursday 23 May.


Stay strong and let’s embrace those new habits over the next 66 days!


Share the love,




Love you always my Pia

Love you always my Pia

Mar 14

Dani tells us that 7 year olds are good enough




For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading the writings of Danielle, allow me the opportunity to introduce you.  Danielle is the author of, “It’s Mengel, not Mongrel”

Danielle often guest posts at Platform of Women

Now that 7 year olds aren’t good enough

This week the internet-world has become a bit obsessed with the story of a mother discovering a hand-written list of dieting must-do’s on her 7 year old daughter’s bedroom floor. (Read the full story at mamamia)
I mean honestly, it’s a God damned travesty that in our world 7 year olds are subjected to worrying about how they look; 7 year olds should be worried about important 7 year old things like what’s in their lunch box that they can trade or who is, in fact, “up” in their game of tag and exactly how many fairies there are at the bottom of an average garden in suburbia.
Seven year olds should not fret about how others see them and, more shameful still, it is society (read: US PEOPLE – YOU AND ME) that is putting these ridiculous notions in their heads that they’re ALREADY not good enough. Imagine that we are creating a generation of children who will boast having body issues and eating disorders for longer than they will have been able to write their own name. It’s a disgrace. We’ve got it all upside down and we need to shake this globe up and set things right!

I remember when I was a kid and I first started thinking that I didn’t look “right”. I was probably about 11 and, having been a superstar member of the Wallumbilla swimming club (see my first ever post on this blog for more hilarity/mental scarring resulting from being a childhood swimmer!), I had spent most of my young life half-clothed wearing a swimming costume. And I can’t say what it was exactly that started the ball rolling; maybe it was seeing older girls huddle at the end of the pool, arms shamefully crossed over their stomachs, maybe it was my mum phasing out the obligatory “after training choc wedge ice-cream” (the nerve!), maybe it was watching too much Press Gang and Beverly Hills 90210 with Kelly and Brenda spending weeks on end in crop tops and cut-off denim shorts. Whatever the catalyst, slowly but surely it dawned on me – I did not look right. My thighs were too big and thick and my tummy definitely had rolls when I sat down. Sure, I swam fast and I was super strong, but that didn’t matter – what mattered was that all of a sudden I had wear a towel or shorts from the change rooms to the side of the pool and had to somehow find a way to stuff the little armpit roll into the chest piece of my swimmers (you KNOW the inexplicable roll I’m talking about). What mattered now was NOT what whether I won a race, but how I would manage to lift myself from the pool and make it to my towel without anyone seeing me.  This emergent panic also spread through my peers, probably on the back of the childhood plague known as “boys germs” and, personally, I had received the message loud and clear – Danielle, you can be as talented as all get-out, but girl that’s not enough.

And you know, this message, it plagues people their whole lives. Even now, in my early 30’s, I find myself having to give myself a mental slap because I am convinced that I’m not enough – for new friends, new bosses, new boyfriends or new adventures. People often say things like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and for years I was convinced that that was just something people say to reassure fat people, second only to “you’ve just got such a pretty face”. But why is it “beauty” that I aspire to? There are so many qualities that we, as a society, should be valuing before looks. Why aren’t we saying “brilliance is in the eye of the beholder” or “general fucking awesomeness is in the eye of the beholder”? Yes. Probably because it sounds ridiculous… there’s no such thing as a bad idea here friends! You get my point, I hope.

I might add, at this point, that I’m all for healthy bodies. But health isn’t measured by how “hot” you look – we all know that logically, but a little voice deep down often convinces us otherwise and sets the bar a whole lot higher than being healthy and happy. Of course, your insecurity might not be about weight either – we all know there’s a smorgasbord of issues out there to choose from! Unfortunately, it’s a rare thing for someone to genuinely believe that what they have and who they are is brilliant and is enough. And if you’re one of those people, I say “congratulations – please teach us all, young and old, how to believe the way you do”.


Time to spread some positive vibes friends,
Dani xxx

Mar 12

Can you believe it – # 10


It’s been ten weeks since I loaded my first 3 Tips Tuesday.  I can’t believe how the time has flown by.


Have you seen the link for The 66 Day Challenge?  Check it out. I would love you to pledge your commitment to take up the challenge.    Want to know more?  Check out The 66 Day Challenge page or watch this week’s 3 Tips Tuesday for more information.



BIG thanks to everyone for all their support this week – it really means a lot.


Share the love,





Mar 07

I went there …. a little place we know as Struggle Town




I knew it had to happen sooner or later.  Hitting the streets of Struggle Town at the three month mark isn’t too bad.


How did it happen?  A combination of a few facts: my first BIG weekend away and first party since starting, maybe pushing myself a little too hard in the exercise department last week, and a niggling knee injury that’s annoyed me at night.


Struggle Town


Honestly, if that’s all I’ve got to complain about I really need to have a good look at myself.  It could be a lot worse; I could have totally dropped the bundle and gone hard core on the Tims Tams.


Lessons learned:

  • Take my  own advice – suck it up and get over it!
  • Don’t push myself too hard – that’s how injuries happen
  • I am so much more in control of my cravings
  • When challenges come up I don’t throw in the towel and hit the fast food trail.


There is a changing of the guard in our home this week – one home stay daughter is moving out, as another moves in.   One of the pluses is the home stay daughter moving in has been with me before, and is going to do her own cooking.  This means less temptations and being able to refocus on me.  That may sound a trifle selfish, but I feel as if I need to be to get myself back on track.


I’m taking a couple of days off from the exercise, even the pool, to give the knee some rest.  Then slowly back into it over the weekend.


On Saturday morning I’m bypassing the right turn into Struggle Town and hitting the Farmers Market to stock up on organic vegies.


Tell me, have you had any struggles lately?  Did you find yourself wandering down the wrong way?  How did you turn yourself around?  I would love to know.

In case you missed it – here is 3 Tips Tuesday # 9




Keep sharing the love,




Mar 05

Yes – it’s here again!



Yes – it’s 3 Tips Tuesday #9

WOW! Can you believe this is the ninth week or 3 Tips Tuesday.  I love it.


On the weekend a gorgeous friend of mine, who I don’t see very often shared with me that she loves seeing the 3 Tips each week and the honesty of the blog.  Jane – thank you!  Your feedback really made me feel pretty amazing.


If there is something in particular you would like me to research for you, just message me here or email me privately at

I answer all my emails – it may take a couple of days, but I will respond.


Have a fabulous week – and now enjoy this week’s 3 Tips Tuesday…




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Feb 24

Early like a Sunday morning



Yes, I was – up early on a Sunday morning.  But it didn’t take much to lure me back to bed for a couple more hours of relaxation and napping till the rest of the house stirred.


I promised you all I would share the pisc of what I consumed over the week.  Today is my last photographic sharing  of the creations I cooked and consumed.  It’s been an interesting exercise that has certainly re-enforced the amount of food I eat.


fat be gone 24.02.2013


I envisage that you can almost predict my morning routine – supplements and cereal – today with prunes and organic milk.











fat be gone 24.02.2013


Sunday usually sees me preparing meals for the next few days.  Makes life flow a lot easier.


Today I shredded the last of the poached chicken and added potato salad. I served it on a side plate (smaller than an entree plate).


Second lunch was beetroot salad made from white and red beets I picked up at the Farmer Market yesterday.





fat be gone 24.02.2013


Today was a coffee free day – can you believe it!  But I still drank three litres of water.  Exercise was – ready for this – an hour on the Wii.  It was the perfect way to get the body moving, but remain in the air-conditioning.


Evening meal was a chicken wrap, with some of the potato salad, and side serve of beet salad.



That’s it my friends. I’m thinking of continuing taking the pics to help keep me on track.



Tomorrow is Monday – which means it’s back to the office.  I’m also going to up the exercise this week to see how I go.  I’m hoping to do four days of 20-30 minutes on the bike/X-trainer and then a 30 minute session in the pool.

I’ll let you know over the next four days how I go.

Keep sharing the love and let me know how you are going on your journey.







Feb 23

Saluations Saturday



Salutations Gorgeous people!


It’s been warm here today – which means the pool was a priority, as is air-conditioning.  Bless the air-cond.


Saturday is always a, ‘catch up’ day.  This involves lazy brekkies with the girls, which means eating out.  Today was also Farmers Market day.  A fabulous opportunity to buy fresh, organic food.  You REALLY can taste the difference. One of my purchases was five varieties of tomatoes. Looking forward to whipping up a salad with them tomorrow.


fat be gone 23.02.2013

Brekkie today was at the Abbortsford Farmers Markets.  As a treat I had scrambled eggs, avocado, sausage, and something I haven’t eaten in months, haloumi cheese.  In hindsight, I shouldn’t have had the cheese.  Apart from being too salty, it didn’t sit well.  Lesson learnt.  Brekkie wouldn’t be complete without my morning coffee.








With the heat today I reckon I’ve drunk about four litres of water.


fat be gone 23.02.2013


The regular supplement intake – which I never miss.


Lunch was a homemade chicken wrap – the chicken had been poached in the meatball sauce I made on Friday.  I also sprinkled LSA over the lettuce.









fat be gone 23.02.2013


Can you guess what second lunch was?  Yes – another chicken wrap.


I wasn’t overly hungry when it can to dinner – but I know how important it is to eat something.  So I had a small bowl of the meatball and mushroom, with kale.  I quickly boiled up rice noodles.


That’s it for the today.


After smashing it for 40 minutes in the pool today, this lady is having an early Saturday night.


Oh, how I remember those all night parties I used to dance at.


Hope you have had an awesome Saturday – where ever you are.


Share the love,



Feb 22

Fabulous Friday!



Yes, it certainly is – FABULOUS Friday.


Today was a day of meetings and, being out and about.  Yet, you will be proud I managed to stay on track with my food.


Friday is usually my exercise free day.  After pushing it for four days I like to give my body a break.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the pool – and let me tell you, with 33C forecast for tomorrow, the pool will be a welcome relief.


So my gorgeous friends – here is what I have consumed on this Fabulous Friday.


fat be gone 22.02.2013


Started the day with my supplements, as per the norm.


Today I added fresh mint to my water.










fat be gone 22.02.2013


I really love my morning cereal.  Maybe it’s the added LSA or the organic milk, but I never tire of it.


How is this for a coffee?  It was awesome!









fat be gone 22.02.2013


Lunch was a meeting lunch at a great little cafe called “Curious Goose” (for those who live in Melbourne – it’s on Sydney Rd).  I had a soft taco, chicken wrap.  It was friggin awesome!  I have to confess – ten minutes after eating this I had another.


Dinner was a bowl of homemade tomato and mushroom sauce, with chicken and kale.  I added one tablespoon of rice.






That my friends was Friday.  Tomorrow I’m off to the Farmers Market to pick up fresh vegies and have brekkie with one of my gorgeous friends.  Of course I’ll be snapping away.


Till then, keep sharing the love.





Feb 21

Thundering Thursday!



Thursday was Terrific.


You should hear the thunder storm that is erupting over my home.  Even the cats have taken refuge under the bed.  I hope I don’t get hit by a power surge!


Today was Orientation Festival day at work. What did that mean?  My usual schedule ALMOST went out the door. However, I managed to stay pretty well on track.  Even getting in 30 minutes in the pool.



Fat Be Gone meals 21.02.2013


Brekkie was a blueberry smoothie – with organic milk and LSA.  Of course the supplements were on the menu.

What can I say – bless my morning coffee.  I have a flat white – but what I have started doing is having them add extra hot water before adding the milk – every little bit helps.








Fat be gone lunch and dinner

I only had time for ‘one’ lunch today – so I made it count.  Lots of cucumber, beetroot, tuna and corn.


Dinner was yumo! The chicken was poached in coriander and lime juice (are you seeing a theme here?). The salad was iceberg lettuce, cucumber, lime juice, a sprinkle of LSA and grated fetta.  What you see in the pic was for two people.


Before you ask. Yes, I had my three litres of water today.







I’m finding it an interesting exercise in keeping the food photo journal.  It really brings it home, exactly what I’m consuming.  With technology ever-ready, at our finger tips, it’s such an easy thing to do.  Try it.  Set yourself a goal to take the pics of ALL your meals for a week and see what you come up with.

Keep sharing the love,






Feb 20

Happy Hump Day!



Back Fat GONE!

Dare I say when you are obese or extremely overweight many of us can develop that ugly ‘back fat’ that looks unattractive, especially when wearing a t-shirt or bathers.  For those of you that wear a bra will know how uncomfortable it gets when the back fat spews over the bra.


The past couple of weeks I’ve noticed my body shape has, and is changing.  This morning I realized a lot of my back fat is GONE!  Not only that, I had to use the tightest hooks for my bra (sorry guys).  I’m  guessing it won’t be long till  I’ll be back in some of those bras that were shoved in the bottom drawer hoping to see the light of day again – ‘one day’.


My body is changing. The new lifestyle is beginning to show results.  I can’t tell you how bloody excited that makes me feel. It boosted my confidence so much I even smashed out an extra ten minutes in the gym today to celebrate.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s not always smooth sailing. There are still days I still struggle with the eating demons. For example, every morning at the office I used to have my morning coffee accompanied with a white chocolate, macadamia cookie, or fruit toast with butter.  Then there are the bad days when I finish late and really can’t be bothered cooking.  The temptation to drop by the fast food chicken shop or one of the local kebab shops is ever real.


What’s the difference now?  You. The blog. And seeing the results.


If you are on your own journey I say to you – push through it –  keep going – you can do it.


On the days when it all gets too hard email me, vent a message on the blog or the Face Book page.


Fat Be Gone is here to help and support us all.


Now for some show and  tell… today’s meals.


Fat Be Gone Meals

The supplements include Vitamin D, Iron, a multi & Vitamin C powder.  If you are feeling flat, see your Dr for a blood test before spending money on good, quality supplements.

Brekkie was muesli, banana, a dessert spoon of LSA (ground Linseed, Sunflower seed and Almond) & organic low fat milk.

First lunch was left over meatballs (even more yummy!) & brown rice.

Second lunch was Warm Beetroot salad with Cannellini beans.






Fat Be Gone dinner 20.02.2013

Dinner was chicken poached in lime juice and ginger, Warm Beetroot Salad with lots of celery.


Even though I haven’t shared the pics I did have my morning coffee, and over three litres of water today.  I think I drank two of them in the gym.



That’s it for today.  Keep being good to yourself, and remember;

Share the love,














Feb 19

Terrific Tuesday!



I have to tell you all that I’m actually impressed with myself today.  Not only has the video for 3 Tips Tuesday gone live today, but I’ve been happy snapping my meals and managed to get them all loaded.  As well as all that, I got in some quality gym time – 15 minutes on the bike, then 10 on the cross-trainer.  Followed by a good 10 minute stretch.



Can you believe we are at # 7.  Woo Hoo!  Let me know if you are enjoying 3 Tips Tuesday.  I’m having fun creating them for you.



Now, as promised here are my Tuesday meals.  The one pic I didn’t take, again, was that of the water bottles.  They are always with in handy reach to make sure I get in at least two to three litres a day.


Terrific TuesdayBrekkie was the standard, but instead of blueberries I added banana.  A girl can’t get by without her morning coffee and supplements.  The orange in the glass is Vitamin C powder – not OJ.


Terrific TuesdayEarly lunch was rice noodles and left over meatballs.  Yum again.  Then the Green Salad with Lime and Mustard dressing.


Terrific TuesdayI don’t usually have rice at night – let alone twice in one day.  But today I did – Steamed Brown Rice, and Spicy Chinese Lamb.

That my gorgeous friends was Terrific Tuesday.


Share the love,







Feb 18

Marvelous Monday!



Remember how I said I would share everything with you?   Well, this week I’ve decided to up ante and share a photo diary of all the food and drink I consume.


I knew I was consuming lots of food – but I have to tell you, seeing the photos surprised even me.  Ok, it is a lot of food – but it’s spread over a long period of time.  I usually eat breakfast between 6:00 am and 6:30 am.  Then the cycle of eating (approx) every three hours begins.


Looking at the pics I realised you can’t determine exactly how small the bowls are – so tomorrow I’m going to take a measured pic to show you.


Let me know if you find this interesting, helpful or just plan boring.


Share the love,




Fat Be GoneThis was brekkie, my supplements and morning coffee.

Fat Be Gone


Fat Be GoneI always have a jug of hot water – yes hot water on my desk – I have developed a habit of drinking hot water.  Also have a litre bottle of chilled water.  Each day I manage to get through three litres.

Mid morning was poached chicken, then lunch a mini salad and tuna.



Second lunch was a salad – no more protein till dinner.  Dinner was yumo!  Organic pork meatballs, cooked in a tomato sauce (all made by me!).  Served with another salad and rice noodles.  What you see in the photo was for two people.

I will be adding the meatball recipe later in the week.

Feb 15






I know I say it a lot, but I REALLY am EXCITED!

Launching this give-away is my way of saying THANKS to you for supporting me on the Fat Be Gone journey.

Orgreenic Non-stick Frying Pan

TWO people, each  have the opportunity to win one of the Orgreenic 10 inch Frying Pans

I love this pan!  I have been using my pan for over three months and I find it amazing.

It is ceramic, non-stick – you can cook without oil.  Though I have to confess, at times I still use a little olive oil or coconut oil as I like the flavour.


          Fat Be Gone Giveaway


You have till 12 midnight Wednesday, 20 February (Australian EST) to submit your comments.

The two lucky people will be announced on Fat Be Gone 12 midday, Friday 22 February.


Check out the video review of the Orgreenic at Epic Review Guys



Feb 13

3 Tips Tuesday # 6


Sorry everyone – I had a couple of issues loading the video yesterday; but, as they say – ‘better late, than never’.


Before I get around to share the video I want to respond to a big question that many of you are asking;

 “… what exercises can I do to get a flat tummy?”


I spoke with my trainer and he said there are no ‘spot exercises’.  What you need to do is strengthen your core with strengthening exercises. Such a Pilates, or other core specific exercises set my your gym trainer.

On You Tube I found some Core Exercise for Beginners  that you may find useful: click here

The next piece of advice my trainer gave was to increase your cardio – this will help reduce the tummy fat, as well as give you an all over work out.


All in all – I’m sorry to say – there are no short cuts!  We just need to put in the work.


Even though I’m a long way from having a flat tummy, I can definitely feel my core getting stronger.


Have a great day – enjoy the latest  3 Tips Tuesday.


I would LOVE you to take the time to drop by and let me know how you are doing on your personal journey.




Share the love,





Feb 08

Counting the kilos


I can’t believe I was actually excited about stepping on the scales today.  Most of my life I’ve avoided them like the plague; embarrassed they would start screaming out in agony as soon as I stepped on them.    If you had asked me six months ago would I be eager to count kilos, I would have laughed my butt off!


Maybe because I only use them (scales) to measure my results every few weeks, or maybe because I can see  and feel the differences happening to my body.  There’s a definite shift in me; my attitude about food and exercise.


Now, my latest measurements:

  • Chest   140cm – loss 4cm
  • Waist    131cm – loss 7cm
  • Hips     155cm – loss 5cm

tape measure


Dr V gave me the blood results and said that my Iron and Vitamin D levels were rising. Phew!  I need to stay on the supplements for a few more months.  But I’m happy the levels are rising.


Ready for it – I lost another 2.5 kilos!

That’s a total loss of 6.6 kilos.  In the old scale that’s 14.55 pounds.

Dr V is happy, and more importantly – so am I.  She reminded me, ‘this is a marathon, not a sprint.’

Both Tony (PT), and Sarah (Natural Therapist) are happy.  All, in all – everyone is happy!


I’ve noticed lots of little changes. For example; my arms actually hang down by my side, my ‘tuck-shop’ arms are getting smaller, and I am doing up my bras on the next hook.


Thanks everyone for all your awesome support.  It really does mean a lot to me.


Now tell me; how are you going on your journey?  I really do want to know.  If you don’t want to share on the comment, you can email me at


I know just how challenging this journey is. You have to remember, here at Fat Be Gone you are not alone.


While being good to yourself, remember to share the love.









Feb 06

The secret is out: “Why obese people don’t lose it”



When I started this journey I promised myself I would NEVER use the ‘D’ word  –  diet.




Firstly, is has the word ‘die’ in it. Secondly, I am NOT ON A DIET.  I am working on creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


This is not a quick fix, filled with short cuts.  The new lifestyle and habits I discover won’t end in eight weeks, three months or one year.  It’s FOREVER – my forever.


Today, my gorgeous friend, Danielle, sent me an article from The Age newspaper – it’s how scientists have discovered the reason behind why obese people may not be able to lose weight when dieting, due to a brain circuit.


Why obese people don’t lose much weight when they diet – 

Click the link to read The Age article.

‘Scientists have pinpointed exactly why obese people don’t lose much weight when they diet.

Researchers at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research have found that a chemical known as the Neuropeptide (NPY), which stimulates appetite, plays a major role in controlling whether the body burns or conserves energy.’

Essentially , the scientists at the Garvan Institute in Sydney have confirmed what others have been saying for a long time – starving yourself sends signals to the brain that stops obese people losing weight.


The following is a quote from Professor Herbert Herzog of the Garvan Institute:

‘Imagine you are driving a car, and the harder you press on the accelerator, the harder an invisible foot presses on the brake. That’s what happens when obese people diet – the less food they eat, the less energy they burn, and the less weight they lose.

Obesity is a modern epidemic, and the challenge will be to find ways of tricking the body into losing weight – and that will mean somehow circumventing or manipulating this NPY circuit, probably with drugs.’

You can read the full article here: Garvan Institute -The brain circuit that makes it hard to lose weight

Professor Herbet Herzog

Professor Herbet Herzog


After reading both articles essentially the message I’ve taken away is that – dieting is bad, and doesn’t work.  To lose weight you need to eat food.  It’s about the choices we make.


A couple of weeks ago on 3 Tips Tuesday I shared the 80/20 rule: weight lose is 80% about the foods we eat, and 20% about exercise.  I know it seems such a simple concept, but after all these years the penny finally dropped.


The articles are great reads, and the research will go a long way to help society and medical professionals understand the struggles faced by obese people.  I just hope they don’t start pumping people full of drugs to ‘fix the problem’.


What are your thoughts about the discovery?  What difference do you think it will make?


Keep sharing the love,




Feb 05

It’s 3 Tips Tuesday # 5


Hi gorgeous people.  I have to be honest and tell you I’m loving sharing the tips with you.  Most of the time I record them on my own, but I think I may have to bring in some special guests to share them.


This Friday is my next weigh in.  Can you believe I’m really looking forward to it?  I’ll also have the results back from my latest blood tests, so I can share those with you.


Have a wonderful day – where ever you.  Share the love!


Now, here’s # 5 of 3 Tips Tuesday.




Feb 03

Hidden challenges – when you least expect


Last week was a little surprising, in as much I didn’t see the challenges coming – even though some of it was already in my diary.


I started some postgraduate studies which involved a ‘burst week’ of classes.  Now, for the past few weeks I knew the four day of classes were coming but didn’t anticipate the affect it would have on my eating.


The schedule of the classes clashed with the eating program I had been working hard to establish over the past few weeks.  Instead of being able to eat my small meals every three hours I found my schedule being thrown out the window.   As a result I found myself  over eating.  By that I mean, at lunch time I was eating a larger meal than usual.  Then when it came to the evening meal, I found myself ‘starving’ as I hadn’t had my 3pm mini meal.



Revisiting some old favourite meals


I didn’t go out and eat a shit load of junk food, I just ate more than usual.  The lessons learned:

  • make sure you plan ahead
  • make sure you take note of your schedule and work around it


This week is weigh in with Dr V and results of the follow up blood tests.  I’ll be posting those results for you all on Friday evening.


As Monday launches me into a new week I’m feeling confident. I’ve already prepared lunch for the next two days, dinner is half prepared and brekkie is ready to go.    I’m also going to try and exercise every morning before work – hitting the pool for some deep water running.  Thanks goodness the pool is on the campus where I work.


I would love you to share how you plan your week?  What exercise do you have planned this week?

Share the love,




Jan 29

It’s 3 Tips Tuesday # 4


It’s a little late in the day – but it’s still Tuesday!





Keep sharing the love…x




Jan 28

Day 59 – and what I’ve learned



That’s right people, it has been 59 days since I launched Fat Be Gone, and my journey to lose 50 kilos.


To date,  I’ve lost 4.1 kilos, and only 45.9 kilos to go. My next weigh in with Dr V is on Friday, 8 February; and yes, I’ll be posting results that afternoon.

It has been seven days since my little blow-out and mini emotional break-down. The only time I’ve cried since then was watching Ita win Australian of the Year. I love Ita.   Though I have to tell you I am one of those people who cry at anything half soppy on the TV or in a film. While watching Life of Pi a couple of weeks ago by movie companion was funneling tissues my way, as I sobbed like a baby.  If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Saturday was my day not to worry about food. Now this doesn’t mean I head off down to the local fast food joint and stuff myself silly with burgers, fries and pretend ice cream sundaes. No, it’s the day where by I don’t eat 100% from my kitchen.  I usually join gorgeous friends for brunch or lunch, while out and about. Fortunately I was with health consciousness friends who were prepared to share large meals, as we cafe hopped our way across town.

Check out the difference in these pics….

59 days


After 59 days you would think that I had learnt something new.  I’t’s not earthy shattering new, but here is what I’ve learnt so far:

  • Getting healthy is about the 80/20 rule – it’s 80% what food you eat, and 20% exercise.
  • I can still make smart choices even when I’m out.  I’m even brave enough to ask for egg white omelets.
  • It’s not easy – but it’s worth it.  A gorgeous reader sent me an email telling me I made it sound easy – people I can assure you it’s not!  Each day I need to remind myself this is my choice – my choice to create a sustainable, healthy life.  As Tony, the PT reminds me; “if it was easy, everyone could do it.”
  • I can do it.  I can, and I am making positive changes to my life and I’m reaping the benefits already.  This may not sound like a major feat – but I realised as I was walking down the street my arms now hang by my side.  Something they haven’t done for a while.
  • Last but not least – I’ve learnt – learning, there will always be “negative Nelly’s” out there and I need to ignore them.  The person who matters the most is ME – and it’s the positive self speak and support of those who really care that keeps me going.

To those of you who constantly show me unconditional love and support – YOU ROCK!  Some of you I know personally, others of you are becoming my online mate.  I can tell you, your support is so valuable and really matters.


Keep sharing the love,


Jan 21

What happened to Happy Monday?


On Monday morning I’m a perky morning person that most people what to poke in the eye.

Today started off perky, with an easy drive to the office, followed by a couple of happy Tweets and Facebook messages; all before my 8:00am coffee.


All the while there was a niggling that I couldn’t shake. To keep motivated I kept my positive self-speak up while getting into the flow of the day. But by lunch time I knew what was happening. The old Black Dog was trying to get a look in. All day I’ve been fighting him off. What gives me the shits – I have no reason for him to be hanging around.

After lunch a beautiful friend dropped by for a quick visit and a hug. Just what I needed.

Before coming home I hit the gym for a 30 minute work out and stretch. Surely the endorphins will kick in and make a difference?

It didn’t happen.

On the drive home, and for no apparent reason, I started crying. By the time I got home I just wanted to curl up in bed and watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory. At 52 years young it’s (hopefully) not that time of the month. Apparently at ‘my age’, it’s the bloody menopause – and I’m not happy! If it is the Black Dog trying to grab hold; well he’s in for a fight. I am not going to succumb.

I’m really sorry – but I weakened – I over ate. I made myself chicken burgers. Healthy option, yes. But I over-dosed on the bread and cheese. No chips.

I have learnt (the hard way), because I’ve been eating smaller meals my stomach doesn’t cope too well with the excess. Now I feel like kaka.

Instead of skulking off to comfort eat I’m sharing with you.

Monday didn’t finish as happy as it started; and tomorrow is another day.

Share the love,


Washington DC Wind in My Hair

Jan 18

Chin,chin, chinny, chin chin


Sounds like a line from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, doesn’t it?

It’s the first thought that came to mind when I looked back at these photos.

Chin, chin

Check out all those chins? I can assure you they have reduced to a ‘relatively’ normal chin.

Remember how I promised you I would share, ‘warts and all’?

Well, the over the counter iron tablets have been blocking me up like a peak hour traffic jam. It’s not been pretty – and damn uncomfortable. Even drinking three litres of water a day hasn’t been easing the situation. So tomorrow, the gorgeous Natural Therapist, Sarah, is setting me up with an iron tonic, vitamin D, and a multi vitamin to help my energy levels – till the iron kicks in.

Dr V is happy with the change. However, at my weigh in last week she shared her concerns with the low levels of my iron and vitamin D. I’m now scheduled for more blood tests in two weeks – just to make sure.

Before taking on a new eating and exercise program PLEASE see your Dr and get a check up. Better to be safe, than sorry.

Have a gorgeous day – and don’t forget to share your experience with me. I’d love to know how you are doing on your journey.

Share the love,


Jan 15

3 Tips Tuesday # 2


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Enjoy the latest 3 Tips Tuesday. Send me a message and let me know what you think about the tips I’m sharing.

Share the love,

Jan 11

And the Winner is…


… me!  Yes, I’m a winner.


Why?  Each day I keep moving forward on my healthy journey I’m winning.  More importantly, I’m losing fat, and I’m developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  All of this makes me a winner.


Another reason I’m very happy is today was WEIGH-IN Day.  I knew I had been putting the work in, so I just hoped the scales would smile kindly at my efforts.


It’s only been just over a month,  but I’ve noticed my core strength is returning, and the ‘black dog’ hasn’t been trying to bite me on the bum.


Take two minutes to watch the video and find out exactly how much I’ve lost.

Be good to you!



Jan 09

Three Tips Tuesday – yay!



Have you noticed on Monday you are all gun-ho, then by Tuesday you start wavering on the brink of ‘what the hell’?

To help keep me on track I’m going to share three motivating tips each Tuesday.

I would love you to share with me any great tips that you use to keep moving forward.

Without any further ado….



Don’t forget to share your tips.





Jan 07

Rediscovered my Old Love



It’s been a challenging week.  I had a few social outings and had to make some tough decisions.  It would have been too easy to order the old favourites that included chips on the side. No way.   I am on a mission to gain back my healthy body, and nothing – not even a bowl of chunky chips with mayo on the side is going to sway me.

I try and order the freshest items on the menu; which usually involves lots of salad or vegies (no dressing, with lemon on the side please).  But I have to confess – I had a weak moment – actually two weak moments, on separate days.   I wanted coffee, and I wanted it cold.  Icy cold.

I indulged in two ice coffees! NO cream – just one small scoop of ice cream.  I know it’s not the end of the world, but I was trying to keep off the excess dairy for the next month; just while I’m developing good habits.   I have to tell you, I’m proud of myself for not throwing in the towel or beating myself up (too much) over two iced coffees.  Actually, now I’m writing about it – what the hell.  Proves I’m human.

Like the rest of Australia, Melbourne has been experiencing some scorcher days.  When it’s like that I certainly don’t feel like busting it at the gym. Last week I rediscovered how much I LOVE exercising in the pool.  I LOVE IT!

Take a minute to watch my latest video.  Then share with me your favourite exercise (regardless of weather).

Hope you are all taking care and being good to yourself.




Dec 31

Talkies…. Also known as the video Welcome



It’s been a challenging 30 days.  But I keep taking one day at a time.

What I am excited about is the first video welcome.  Hope you enjoy the brief welcome and I look forward to sharing a lot more in 2013.

Happy New Year – and remember … ‘what happened 2012, stays in 2012.’


Dec 20

YES! I lost weight while kicking the BLACK DOG



Today was weigh-in and follow up with Dr V.

Before I share the results I have a little secret I want to share.


When I started Fat Be Gone I promised myself, and you, I would share warts and all.

For years I’ve been struggling with an aliment that affects lots of people everyday; ‘the black dog’ – depression.  Most of the time you would never know.   Like many who suffer, I’ve got good at hiding it.

There, I’ve said it.


According to the latest Beyond Blue tv commercial, 3 million Australians suffer from depression or anxiety.

Why share something that is so personal?  You may not realise it, but you are an important part of my support network, and if I can’t be honest with you – well, who can I be?

I believe the more people talk about their mental health issues, the quicker we will find acceptance.  As it says in the 2012 Mental Health Commission, ‘Report Card':  “It is not about ‘us’ and ‘them’, it’s about everyone”.

Over the last ten years I’ve used it as an excuse to seek comfort in food.  But no more.  Dr V and I have talked long and hard about the vicious cycle I have experienced;

eat – get depressed – comfort eat – get depressed – eat some more – get stressed because I comfort ate – eat some more – and so on…

I’m not saying this is typical for everyone – it’s just my experience.

As my health, and lifestyle improves so will my mental health.  As the weight drops I’ll be able to exercise more, which will help release the endorphins. This can help modulate diet, enhance immune, and help reduce the affects of stress.  If you want to know more about endorphins there is a plethora of info on the web.

Over the past week there have been a few challenges that have thrown me a few curve balls, which added extra stress.  But I have to tell you, I’m so bloody proud of myself. Not ONCE did I seek solace in a packet of Tim Tams, order takeaway food, or guzzle soft drink. Woo Hoo!


Some special meals for ‘one’. Some meals from the week

Here are three of the meals I whipped up this week


Blueberry and skim milk shake for brekkie.

Stir fry vegies with brown rice for lunch.

Turkey Lettuce Pockets for dinner.






   Here it is people – the results you have been waiting for:

Current weight:  158.8 kilos = 2.1 kilos loss! 

Blood pressure: 120/90 (apparently that’s in the normal range – that made me HAPPY!)

Cholesterol: 5.2 (it’s borderline, but still good – the Dr was happy)

Sugars: Great! No diabetes (this is awesome! – early diabetes is often associated with obesity)

Now, the not so good:

Iron levels: 10 (this is at the extreme end of the scale – Dr wasn’t happy)

Vitamin D: 28 (the normal is 76 – Dr definitely not happy)

If you read my Facebook posting this week you will know I had a ‘dizzy episode’ at the checkout.  Dr V said she wasn’t surprised after seeing those results.

What does this all mean?  I will need to take Vitamin D and Iron supplements, spend 15-30 minutes in the sunshine each day, and keep up the exercise.

Overall, I’m proud and happy of what I’ve achieved so far.  One day at a time right?

I have a favour to ask you – I was wondering if you could send me any healthy recipes for ‘one’.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Big hugs,





Dec 11

I weigh how much? Are you %$#@ serious?



I thought that’s what I would screech at Dr V during my weigh in.  Although, I believe I could have be forgiven if an expletive had escaped my lips. However, you will all be pleased to know it didn’t.

As I walked over to the scales I was wondering if they would start flashing an error message and moaning in agony.  I breathed a quiet sigh of relief when they didn’t.

Without further ado, here are my statistics as of 10 December 2012:

    • Height 172 cms
    • BMI 54.4 (Body mass index)
    • Weight 160.09 kilos 
    • Chest  144cm
    • Waist 138cm
    • Hips 160cm

That’s it.  All out there for the blogosphere to see forever. Big step forward on this adventure.


Now to wait for blood tests results to make sure my cholesterol level is acceptable, and check if diabetes has reared it’s ugly head – the results will be revealed next Wednesday.  Stay tuned.


Dr V was perturbed more by the fact that I had put on 18 kilos since the beginning of August.  Bloody hell!

Even I was a little surprised about that.   I know there is no excuse – BUT – over the past few months I know I’ve taken comfort in food.   I know, I know, we all have stress in our lives.  I’m not going to try and justify it.

Though I will  tell you I know why I did it.  Isn’t  that part of the journey of recognizing the triggers, and then deflecting them?

Enough is enough.


So, what happens now? Follow the sensible eating plan, and  get moving.  Don’t go all out and start hitting the pavement hard as if  preparing for the next  Honolulu Marathon.


Just do something.


So I got moving; I played 30 minutes of WII tennis, 15 minutes of exercise bike.  Please don’t suggest I use WII Fit. I can’t.  Want to know why?  The ‘WII fit board’ says I’m too fat. Go figure.


I appreciate the Festive Season has taken hold and it’s not a good time for many to be concerned about their weight.  But, I would love to hear from people who are on a similar journey.


It doesn’t matter if you have 50 or 5 kilos to lose; it’s all relative.  Share your experience here and help inspire others.







Dec 05

Reading matter


I love books. I have three bookcases filled with them.  I also love reading books on my iPad.

But, what I’ve discovered is I have a lot of books about the following:

  • Living longer,
  • Eating for my blood type,
  • Eating to look younger,
  • Scientifically proven diets,
  • Gluten free diets,
  • What to eat to live to become a centenarian.

And yet, I’m currently overweight.

What does this tell me?  You can read all the books in the world, but unless you take action you’ll still be fat.






Sep 06

YES! Fat Be Gone is here!



THANK you for following Fat Be Gone.

I have a secret to share – I’m fat.  Obese. Overweight. There I said it.

Wish losing fat was that easy.

My name is CaAtherine and I turn 52 this month. (28 Dec in case you were wondering)

That means I’ve lived in Melbourne for ten years and gained approx 50 kilos – well at least I think it’s 50 approx kilos.  The reason I don’t know exactly how much weight I’ve put on is that the scales I own only register a MAXIMUM weight of 150 kilos. DAMN!  When I stood on them this morning the only reading I got was, ‘error’.  I half expected lights to start flashing and bells to begin ringing, and the scales to start screaming at me; “get off me your fatty!”  Thank goodness that didn’t happen, but it still wasn’t a good start to the journey.

All my life I’ve struggled with my body.  I can tell you there have been times I’ve wanted to ruby tackle it to the ground and kick it in the guts. But I knew it would do much good. Over the last ten years I’ve battled the yo yo of weight issues.  Judging by my current physical status, not with much success.

With my 52nd birthday looming, I decided enough is enough.

Next Monday I’m seeing my doctor to make sure everything is ‘okay’ and (gulp) find out my exact weight. It’s a scary thing to face – knowing exactly how much you weigh.  I could wallow on the fact that my scales aren’t able to confirm my current weight, but there’s no point.  I have to be honest with myself, and to you, so off to the doctor I must go.

That is what Fat Be Gone is all about. Honesty.  Accountability. With me and you.  Some may say I could be honest in private; yes I could.  But I’m hoping my journey here will help support and inspire others who have been struggling.  You don’t have to feel you are alone.

Here is what I’m going to do about all this:

  • Share what happens as I  lose 50 kilos in 12 months (1 December 2013),
  • Chat to experts about weight loss,
  • Work out what works best for me.
Take a couple of minutes and share some of your experiences with me – both good and bad.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a happy day.








Sep 04

How often do you wish your emotions and hormones would take a long walk off a short plank?


How often do you wish your emotions and hormones would take a long walk off a short plank?      Often – seriously I do.

You may have guessed I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts. All the while I can hear that ‘little voice’ in my head telling me to, “let it go through you and you’ll okay”. Sometimes I wish that little voice would take the very same long walk.

I’m not sure about you, but when someone says to me I should keep my emotions in check I roll my eyes to the back of head and walk away. I’d say 60% of the time I can keep them under wraps. Then without warning they find a way to expose themselves at very inappropriate time.


Now couple that with menopause. Yes, the BIG M. I’d say 90% of the time menopause and I exist quite happily in this symbiotic state. Every now and then they escape. If you ever see me coming at you with crazed eyes – run. It means that the hormones have reared their unattractive head and I’m not looking to reason with anyone.


Okay – maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Actually I know I am. And that’s okay – isn’t it?


Here are 26 things I did while all this was happening?
1. I cried.
2. Got a cold.
3. Stayed in bed.
4. Took lots of vitamins.
5. Drank lots of green tea.wish your emotions and hormones would take a long walk off a short plank
6. Cried again.
7. Tried eating healthy.
8. Didn’t order take-away home delivery.
9. Watched bad day-time TV.
10. Knitted.
11. Missed exercising.
12. Played brain numbing games on my iPad.
13. Forced the cat to cuddle me.wish your emotions and hormones would take a long walk off a short plank
14. Took more vitamins.
15. Ate two punnets of strawberries.
16. Ate too many macadamia nuts.
17. Cried a little more – which pissed me off. So I cried again.
18. Let someone’s stupid comment about my weight upset me.
19. Slept some more.
20. Forced the other cat to cuddle.
21. Played more brain numbing games on my iPad until I remembered I had downloaded two awesome apps that teach me about anatomy.
22. Drank more green tea.
23. Still tried to eat healthy.
24. Took MORE vitamins.
25. Forced both cats to cuddle.wish your emotions and hormones would take a long walk off a short plank
26. Kicked the cold’s butt!

I keep reminding myself that this journey is about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Dealing with the emotions and hormones is as big as part of that journey as is the eating and exercising.


As the calm returns I realise I should be extra proud of myself as didn’t lose dignity in a large bucket of fried chicken. I went with the flow, and kept reminding myself how far I’ve come. Which we all know can be bloody challenging when you feel like kaka.


My friend, while all this was happening, I huge realisation jumped up and hit me over the head:


My Fat Be Gone journey isn’t just about getting rid of the physical ‘fat’. It is also about the ‘fat’ that builds up and smothers our emotions, our spirit, and the essence of who we truly are.


Remember my friend – you are not alone … there is someone else out there who is also wishing their emotions would take a running jump of a short plank.


Keep sharing the love,







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