In 2012 I was obese and facing an early grave...

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I discovered how to achieve
"the impossible" with my health.

Now I'm on a mission to help you create your own sustainable healthy lifestyle.

- CaAtherine Meredith

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Fat Be Gone is for people who are ready for a healthy lifestyle
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Weight Loss Programs Australia

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Healthy eating for a healthy life
When ever I chat with people about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle the number one question I get asked is: ' what is the easiest way to lose weight?' Without a doubt I tell them; 'it's all about healthy cooking for a healthy life.'
Sitting all day is killing us
As an entrepreneur who spends many hours sitting in front of the computer I do worry how many hours I clock up on my butt. There is a plethora of research out there telling us that sitting all day is killing us. WTF! Are you thinking; ‘what the hell isn’t killing us?’
All that planning needs action
Call it planning, preparation, or laying down the groundwork – whichever synonym you choose – remember the magic ingredient to your success is to take all that information and take action.

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